Daytona 24: Michael Shank Racing post-race quotes

Michael Shank Racing--Rolex 24 At Daytona Quoteboard: Mike Shank Team owner "I said to someone about twelve hours into this thing after we had all those set backs that it'd be amazing for us to even get a top ten, and even though we had even...

Michael Shank Racing--Rolex 24 At Daytona Quoteboard:

Mike Shank
Team owner

"I said to someone about twelve hours into this thing after we had all those set backs that it'd be amazing for us to even get a top ten, and even though we had even more problems after that, we did it. We had both cars running at the finish and that's a testament to the job my guys did preparing the cars and never giving up no matter what happened for twenty-four hours. We had super driving from all our guys. The six car probably passed the leader two or three times-- we had fast cars but we just didn't have the luck this time around."

"One thing I wanted to focus on improving this year over last was our performance in the garage. Every time we went behind the well the guys did a great job for us. We really, really improved on that over last year. So I am pleased with that, but of course we were hoping not to get so much experience with that this year."

"I started thinking about what we could do in Mexico City with about eight hours left to go in this race..."

Helio Castroneves
No.60 Fresh From Florida Lexus/Riley

"I had a great time, but the last stint (with no engine cover on the car) wasn't much fun! A lot of things happened that were just out of our control."

"When the 99 car hit us from behind, we couldn't attach the engine cover back on to the car, so we had a really bad aero situation and the car was really loose. It cost us downforce and really hurt us on the straights, which had been our strength all day."

"But the 24 was a good experience and hopefully I will be back next year. I learned so much, and think there are a lot of things I would do different next time so it was good to get this experience. I rested when I had the chance, so after 24 hours I feel tired for sure, but not destroyed. My conditioning is pretty good."

"Independent of the results, it was a good race. This is a young team, with lots of good people on it. They are all workaholics who love racing and those are always my kind of people."

Mark Patterson
No. 60 Fresh From Florida Lexus/Riley

"After being down in 41st like we were earlier, a top ten in this race is no shabby accomplishment. From here, we want to target podiums and wins this season and we know with Michael Shank Racing and Lexus, we can do that. We've seen what Lexus has done for us all day and night, and we're looking forward to that kind of partnership all season."

(On his lap 232 bus stop accident)

"The left front tire went down just as I was braking for the bus stop, so it had no problem going left, but I couldn't get back to the right at all so we ended up in the dirt. It was real shame because we lost a lot of time getting back to the pits and back on our way. But it was an outstanding effort from all the guys to keep this car running and we just kept working our way up the order."

Oswaldo Negri
No.60 Fresh From Florida Lexus/Riley

"This is a great result with all the trouble we had all weekend. It was a big roller coaster all week from having a track record time in practice then right after that crashing in qualifying and then moving up to the front then having all the problems we did and then taking ninth place on the very last lap. Really fantastic. These guys never gave up and there isn't a team out there with more heart than these guys."

Sam Hornish, Jr.
No.60 Fresh From Florida Lexus/Riley

(On the 2007 Rolex 24 At Daytona versus his previous start in 1999)

"The competition is so much closer than it was back then. With the World Sports Cars, we were a lot faster than the GT cars, but now the difference is a lot less, so you really have to do a good job timing your passes to get through traffic."

(On being reunited with Michael Shank Racing for the first time since his 1999 Toyota Atlantic season with the team-One victory-Chicago)

"It's been fun working with the team again, it's too bad we weren't able to do better, but we were in the wrong place at the wrong time a couple of times today. Everyone's working really hard to do the best we can. I definitely want to come back and do it again. If we had a couple less problems, we'd be right there up front no question."

AJ Allmendinger
No. 6 Michael Shank Racing Lexus/Riley

"I was spoiled last year, racing in my first 24 and we didn't even have a hiccup. We have to take the positives out of this- even at the end, our car was one of the fastest and with how many times we got hit, it wasn't the handling that was good, that was all motor."

"Big credit to Mike Shank and his team. These guys are bad ass and just don't give up. At least the car is going home in one piece which is impressive after getting hit as many times as we did."

(On going from tenth to first in his first stint and building a 12 second lead)

"It felt good, I was feeling so confident with the car and myself and I wasn't pushing at all but had no problem getting to the front and staying there. I love doing this and anytime Mike wants me to do this again, I'll be there no matter what track."

"I'll stay up 24 hours and bust my ass driving, but it's not half as much work as what these guys (pointing to the MSR crew making repairs in the garage) do, they're really bad ass."

Henri Zogaib
No. 6 Michael Shank Racing Lexus/Riley

(On crossing the finish line for the first time in the Rolex 24 in his adopted hometown with so many friends and relatives on hand to see)

"It was fun even though I didn't have as many gears in the car as I was hoping! I am amaze the car still rolls, but it was very fulfilling to finish here, and obviously the next step is to try to aim for a win.

"AJ, Ian, and Paul did a spectacular job. Mike and his crew were on it all week, and we had a very fast car and the Lexus/Riley is really a great package to be working with so we will keep building from here."

Ian James
No. 6 Michael Shank Racing Lexus/Riley

"Its disappointing because we had a car that could win here. We showed some great speed and consistency with the car. A few things went wrong but we know we could have been fighting at the front. That's racing.The good thing is this is clearly a great package, and the Mike Shank cars were running near the front all week, so I'm really looking forward to getting to the sprint races."

Paul Tracy
No. 6 Michael Shank Racing Lexus/Riley

"It's disappointing to finish like this just because our car was so fast but we just ran into problems. It's frustrating to be up front two years in a row but to run into trouble right off the bat. But I'll just have to come back next year and try to have some better luck."

-credit: michael shank racing

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