CB Motorsports, CCE to enter Daytona 24

CB Motorsports and Chase Competition Engineering To Enter Rolex 24 hours at Daytona in a Pontiac-Chase Daytona Prototype Getting all the way through the Rolex 24 hours at Daytona can be a grueling experience but sometimes just getting to the...

CB Motorsports and Chase Competition Engineering To Enter Rolex 24 hours at Daytona in a Pontiac-Chase Daytona Prototype

Getting all the way through the Rolex 24 hours at Daytona can be a grueling experience but sometimes just getting to the race can be just as difficult. For Chris Bingham and Robert Chase, the trip is about to become a bit less stressed. After several aborted separate attempts by both Bingham and Chase to get back to the action, the two have decided to join forces to take on the daunting task of running around the clock.

CB Motorsports and Chase Competition Engineering are pleased to announce that they are entering the Chase CCE-001 Daytona Prototype in the 2005 Rolex 24 at Daytona. The Pontiac powered car will be running under the CB Motorsports / Chase Competition Engineering banner, with crew support provided by Zip Racing. Sponsorship for this effort will come from Matte Leao and Spike Energy Drink, the manufacturers of an energy drink. Matte Leao is immensely popular in South America.

The trio of Bingham, Chase and Zip Racing Crew Chief Paul Chabris last combined talents to run the Chase at the Virginia International round of the 2004 season. (A problem with the bolts providing support for the gearbox knocked them out of starting the California round.)

Robert Chase heads up Chase Competition Engineering (CCE). CCE is one of only seven constructors approved by the Grand American Road Racing Association. He is determined to put his chassis out on the track to demonstrate the potential of his design in an effort to attract buyers to his chassis rather than to one of his competitors. Chase wants to showcase his car in the best possible light.

Chase: "I am so looking forward to this race. I think our car is going to be fast on that track. We have done a lot of aero work on the car and we have a date set to go back into the wind tunnel right after the Rolex 24.

"We think the aero balance is where it should be for Daytona, and that the car will be fast there. At California, we had a structural failure in the gearbox brought on by the studs we had in there but we have resolved that problem. We have gone through the car from front to back. We have gone through everything.

"Our drivers for the 24 hours will be Chris Bingham, Steve Ivankovich, Johnny Miller and Roger Scotton. I am convinced that if they can just keep the car on the asphalt, and off of pit lane, we should have a good showing."

Chris Bingham is a two time champion in the Grand American Road Racing GTS class. He has a Lexus-Riley Daytona Prototype on order that is due to be delivered in a few months. When ready, this new car will be campaigned by CB Motorsports. While awaiting delivery, Bingham is looking to get some championship points on the board. He has worked with Robert Chase before and he sees this pairing as a way to support both his and Chase's goal to make a positive impression on the competition.

Bingham: "We ran the Chase at VIR in October. That was really the first time I was back in a competitive racecar after my injuries. It felt great to have a steering wheel in my hand and a fast car underneath me. I am excited about working with Robert, Steve, and Roger, and I think we have a good shot at both finishing the race and placing well.

Steve Ivankovich is a native of Chicago, Illinois and is the owner of Zip Racing. He finished second in the GT class at the 2002 California Rolex Series event and has campaigned a Porsche 911 in the American Le Mans Series in the past.

Johnny Miller lives in Johnson City, Tennessee and has been a premier driver in the Trans-Am series, running in a Rocketsport Racing Jaguar with Paul Gentilozzi. He finished the 2002 Trans Am season in fourth place overall in the championship standings. He was voted the BBS Most Improved Driver of the year in 1998, and Rookie of the year in 1996.

Roger Scotton is a Brazilian born racing driver and the CEO of Matte Leao North America, as well as the President of Roger Racing Inc. He is a former Brazilian Karting Champion, who he has continued to achieve success both on and off the racetrack. Mr. Scotton was a front-runner and winner in the Builder Barber Dodge Formula and finished 1st place in his class at the Moroso Speedway 24 Hours event.

Mr. Scotton has been involved in many community and charitable causes. He has helped the Humane Society raise money, together with WSV and Y-100. His race suit was auctioned and raised an additional $2,000. Nearly $80,000 was raised from this event. He also participated in giving kid's toys and hope in the Miami Children's Hospital, along with, helping the Ventura Mall police officers raise money for the children of police officers, whose lives were lost in the line of duty. He has even been involved at the local level helping kids from a local high school raise funds.

Mr. Scotton will look to both win the race and provide help for the victims of the South Asia Tsunami. Through the "Speeding For Help" pledge program, he hopes to receive pledges for each lap he completes to raise money for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. For more information, visit www.matteleaousa.com/donationsTsunami.asp

About Matte Leao:

Matte Leao is a 100-year-old company from Brazil that offers a super-charged energy mate drink. Matte Leao USA and Roger Scotton of Roger Racing Inc recently announced the introduction of Matte Leao Beverages to the United States. Scotton obtained the exclusive rights from Leao Junior to distribute Matte Leao within the US.

Matte Leao is a health beverage from Brazil that was introduced to the world by the Guarani Indians of South America. "Yerba Mate" contains natural ingredients that help keep its drinkers healthy and energetic. More than just a drink, "Yerba Mate" has long been a cultural phenomenon throughout South America. In traditional Mate use, the drink is often shared among close friends and family.

Scotton: "We think the most important aspect of this beverage is its tremendous health benefits and low cost. This beverage has been readily accepted by the ethnic market and has all of the health benefits that consumers would want in a non-carbonated drink."

-matte leao-

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