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Brumos Racing Counting on Davis & Keen to Build on Watkins Glen Legacy

Jacksonville, FL: When Brumos Racing made the move to GT competition for 2011 with a Porsche 911 GT3, they also returned the team’s operations to their original Jacksonville, Florida, home base. Brumos may have been born in Florida, but much of its history can be traced directly back to the Elmira, NY, area and Watkins Glen. The area was the boyhood home of the late Bob Snodgrass, former Brumos owner, who learned to love racing in this childhood there. Although his pursuit of motorsports took him far from Elmira in the years that followed, he always considered the Glen to be his home track. Following his death in 2007, Watkins Glen honored his memory by naming the Glen’s Steuben Crystal winner’s trophy in his honor. The Robert F. Snodgrass Memorial Trophy resides most of the year in the International Motor Racing Research Center in Watkins Glen, an institution that Snodgrass helped to found.

#59 Brumos Racing Porsche GT3: Andrew Davis, Leh Keen
#59 Brumos Racing Porsche GT3: Andrew Davis, Leh Keen

Photo by: Luis Betancourt

Although he grew up far from Elmira, Hurley Haywood also considers the Glen as very special. Haywood, who was inducted into the ‘Legends of the Glen’ Hall of Fame last year, said, “Brumos has a great history at Watkins Glen. I began racing there in 1969 and still hold the track record for most wins. My first career win was at the Glen back in ‘69, and I have raced there almost every year since. I got my start in a Porsche 911 and I am thrilled that Brumos has come full circle and we are again racing a Porsche 911.” Haywood, who has retired from full-time driving and does not plan to do a stint in this year’s 6 Hour race, has no concerns about the young Brumos drivers following in his footsteps, saying, “I think Andrew and Leh are perfectly capable of running six hours between the two of them. Of course, if there was some unexpected condition that would warrant a third driver, I would be happy to stand in – I love driving at the Glen any time!”

Keen is, in fact, already following in Haywood’s footsteps, having earned his first professional career win at the Glen. He followed up that 2005 victory with another at the Six Hours of the Glen in 2009, en route to that year’s GT Championship, returning to Victory Lane again in 2010. “The Glen is one of my favorite tracks on the Rolex Series calendar,” he said. “I have had some memorable races there and since my first pro win was at the Glen, how can I not love it? I am particularly looking forward to returning this year driving the Brumos Porsche – the #59 just seems to especially fit in at the tracks where Brumos has seen so many years of history.”

Andrew Davis confesses to being intrigued by the racing history of Watkins Glen, calling it one of the most historic racing towns in North America. “Thinking of the drivers that have graced the paddock of the current circuit over the past decades, it is an awe inspiring place,” he said. “However, the most amazing aspect of the Glen to me is the layout of the original track. I make a point of driving my rental car around the old circuit every time I am there just to remind myself how thrilling it must have been to drive back then. There were no luxuries like we have today!”

As Brumos Racing celebrates its history at Watkins Glen, it also looks to the future with confidence in its new generation of drivers. Davis and Keen, having just taken the #59 to its first podium in Brumos’ new era of GT competition, would love nothing more than to honor the Brumos legacy by earning the Robert F. Snodgrass Memorial Trophy for their team in 2011.

Sahlen’s Six Hours of the Glen will take place on the Watkins Glen 3.4 mile long course on Saturday, June 4th , 2011.

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