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Brumos Racing Feels Right at Home at Barber Motorsports Park

#59 Brumos Racing Porsche GT3: Andrew Davis, Leh Keen
#59 Brumos Racing Porsche GT3: Andrew Davis, Leh Keen

Photo by: Luis Betancourt

Jacksonville, FL: With a racing legacy now spanning six decades, Brumos Racing has certainly seen its fair share of racetracks. Having competed on a variety of courses across the country, the team has developed a special relationship with a few, which either by proximity or family ties, hold a special place in the heart of the Jacksonville, Florida-based team. Although Barber Motorsports Park is in only its 9th year of operation, the Birmingham, AL, track has already become one of those special destinations for Brumos.

When the pristine park opened its gates in 2003, it hosted the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series for its inaugural race – the Porsche 250 – and Brumos Racing was there, debuting their

  1. 59 Porsche-powered Fabcar DP in the newly created Prototype class. A Brumos #59 Porsche has returned each year since that time and stands alone as the only team to have competed in every Rolex Series race held there. This year the historic Brumos team is eagerly anticipating their first outing at Barber in their new Brumos #59 Porsche 911 GT3.

2009 Rolex Series GT Champion Leh Keen looks forward to a return to Barber, the first race of the season to be held on a true road course. “I really do enjoy the challenge of road courses,” he said. “They have always been interesting to me, and Barber is about as interesting as a course can get! It is such a unique track, but of course, it’s hard to enjoy the scenery and sculptures because the track is also very busy. We will have a pretty low terminal speed because we seem to always be in a corner, so tire conservation will be very important.” Keen, who grew up in middle Georgia, finds Barber special for more than its location. “Barber was one of my very first podiums in GRAND-AM competition back in 2004,” he said. “I was also on the pole there in 2009 and I hope to be able to deliver some great results for Brumos in 2011.”

Barber is about as interesting as a course can get!

Leh Keen

For Andrew Davis, the ties to Barber also run deep. Davis, along with Brumos Racing legend Hurley Haywood, is an instructor for the prestigious Porsche Sport Driving School throughout the year there. “It’s kind of a second home for me,” Davis said. “I’m from the Atlanta area and I spend quite a bit of time at Barber every year instructing, so I have lots of laps around the track. Unfortunately, in a series as competitive as ours, there is really no home-field advantage that lasts, because all of the other drivers get up to speed very quickly. For me, it’s fun to have such a Porsche-friendly environment, but most of all, it’s one track where I always have a lot of family and friends on hand. This year it will be really special, as Barber will be the very first race that Layne, my 4-month old son, will attend. In 2009 when I won at Barber, it really meant a lot, having such close ties to the track and the area. I know Leh and I are really going to be on our game this year and we are ready to put the Brumos #59 Porsche GT3 out in front at Barber.”

That is not to say there won’t be challenges ahead for the Brumos team. In a weekend shared with the Indy Car Series, practice time is limited and added tire buildup on the track adds a further degree of difficulty, making it more critical than ever to roll off the truck race-ready. The team recently spent two days testing to be better prepared to meet the challenges that Barber presents. Brumos team members all agree that there could not be a more fitting way to mark their 9th year with Barber Motorsports Park than to celebrate their first GT victory of the season at the Porsche 250.

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