Trident Racing managed to honour its home crowd

The GP3 Series successfully completed its 2012 season on the last weekend at Monza, and Trident Racing managed to honour its home crowd with the podium finish scored by Giovanni Venturini. The Italian-based racer took a valuable third place in Race 2 ad the end of an eventful day.

Both Venturini and Vicky Piria showed some great potential in the two races, but the overall balance of the weekend has been heavily influenced by the struggles suffered in qualifying.

3rd place Giovanni Venturini
3rd place Giovanni Venturini

Photo by: GP3 Media Service

Venturini managed to end up into the points zone in Race 1 by scoring 8th, while Piria also put on a great recovery.

In Race 2, she was punted out by one of her opponents right at the start, while approaching the first chicane, and retired on the spot.

With the end of the 2012 season, the GP3 Series is now ready for its off-season.

The Autumn tests will be crucial in order to prepare for the next year of racing.

Giovanni Venturini

“It's been a good weekend. In retrospect, I can say that I could have achieved more, but overall this round has been pretty fine. I paid the price of some though luck in qualifying when I could have ended up in the first or second row. Instead, I made a small mistake and lost my best chance for a clean, fast lap.

In the second lap I found myself blocked in traffic, wounding up in row 5. In Race 1 I didn't have a great start: thanks to slipstreams I was able to pass but I kept being caught on the following lap. I got two position back, and at that point my goal became to hold onto 8th place to have a chance to start on the pole for Race 2.

I accomplished this goal and led the first five laps. I was followed by Fumanelli and Abt and I hoped that their battle would have kept them from attacking me. Eventually, Abt won his duel and draft passed me in a couple of laps. In the end, I hoped to stay behind him and keep Ellinas at bay, but he proved in great shape.

Eventually I scored a third place finish and with that it came the joy of being on the Monza podium in the same day of the Italian Grand Prix. I'm proud to have confirmed the team's constant growth at Monza. Joining a new championship during the season hasn't been easy, but now I know that, with the right preparation, we would have battled for the front".

Vicky Piria

“The home round of the series is always special, and I can't hyde that I had great expectations at Monza. Unfortunately in qualifying, during the best moment, I haven't been really lucky and that took its toll during the races.

Vicky Piria
Vicky Piria

Photo by: GP3 Media Service

At the start of the session I had clocked a good 13th lap with the first set of tires, but when I put the second set on, I couldn't draft my way through traffic, a key aspect at Monza.

So I had to start from the 12th row. In Race 2, despite an rear end issue which made the car unstable under braking, I moved back from 23rd to 16th.

Race 2 ended up in an unfortunate way as I was hit from behind at the very first braking. I'm really disappointed because this season I had ended all my races except for Race 2 at Hockenheim when I suffered from a bad crash.

This time though I cant blame it on myself. I think that this 2012 experience will be key for the future and I can't wait to be back on-track for the offseason tests”.

Source: Trident Racing

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