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Race 2 quotes from race winner Manor's Adrien Tambay, second place man ART's Alexander Rossi and third place man MW Arden's Miki Monras. GP3 Series: Adrien what an amazing race. You started 27th on the grid. Adrien Tambay: Yes, actually 27 is...

Race 2 quotes from race winner Manor's Adrien Tambay, second place man ART's Alexander Rossi and third place man MW Arden's Miki Monras.

GP3 Series: Adrien what an amazing race. You started 27th on the grid.

Adrien Tambay: Yes, actually 27 is a good number, it's my lucky number. The start was great and I made a few positions, and then the pace in the dry was good, but I got hit by Daniel Morad and I thought my race was over and the car wouldn't be in one peice but it was fine. Then the rain came -- I was still overtaking people in the dry and moving up the classification -- then after that it was about staying on track and pushing and pushing to make up time.

GP3 Series: So whose decision was it to stay out on slick?

Adrien Tambay: It was mine. Actually it was our decision. My engineer said it's fine to stay out because we had nothing to lose as I'd already missed the first opportunity to pit. So then after it didn't make sense to pit because I would have missed so many places so I stayed and tried hard to stay on track which was really hard. After I was watching a bit on the screens to see where the other drivers were because it was very wet in hthe middle sector and the ;ast sector but in the first sector i was fast because it was stll dry.

GP3 Series: And you held on despite some unbelievable pressure from Rossi.

Adrien Tambay: Yes, I stayed calm and I know Alexander very well and we have raced together before I know he is a fair driver so there was no problem. He is looking after his championship and knew I had nothing to lose as well so it ended in a good way.

GP3 Series: Alexander, great race today. Tell us about your start.

Alexander Rossi: The start was very good and I made up a lot of positions. At the end of the first lap we were looking at being in the points which was the goal to try and minimise what Nico had score on us. In the dry we were ok but Merhi was miles ahead of everybody and I couldn't keep him behind, but then when the rain came I was frustrated because I thought it was yesterday all over. We came in to change to rain tyres and the in-lap was very challenging. The team is very impressive in pitstops so we gain a lot of positions but it took for the tyres to start working and Miki passed me again but once we were in a rhythm we were quick.

I closed up to Adrien but he did a good job and was able to keep the car on track. I thought for sure we would make a mistake but he didn't. I had one chance to overtake but I didn't just for one point. I was happy to be in front of Nico.

GP3 Series: And of course your finished today has helped the team win the championship!

Alexander Rossi: Yes, it's fantastic. In the first year of the Series everyone assumed they would be the favourite given past results, but to actually clinch the title is fantastic and Esteban should definitely win in Monza. That would be the best thing for the team, to have two championships in the first year.

GP3 Series: You started from ninth. Talk us through your race.

Miki Monras: I knew I could get good points in the race today, and I knew the firts thinkg was to get a good start which I did and ended up fifth in the first lap but I think Merhi and Rossi had lower wing so they could overtake me really easily on the straight. But i still knew I had a good rythum and was following them well. When it started raining it was a difficult decision whether or not to pit because it had only strated at the end of the lap. But i saw the guys in front were pitting so we decided to stop. Obviously were not used to pit stops so it was a bit messy in the pitlane. I got passed by a few drivers in the pits, but when I was on the track I was really fast so I overtook them.

I caught Rossi and over took him back but then he overtook he again! I knew I was faster than the guys in front, but I decided not to fight too much with Rossi and just kept up with him instead. By the end we were really really close. In the last corner I was on the limit and tried to get in the corner first.

GP3 Series: Do think if you had found a way past you had the car to win the race?

Miki Monras: Yes, I think if the race had one or two more laps for sure we could have gone for the win. We had a really good car in the wet and I confident and Adrien was struggling. Only one more la and it would have been a different race.

GP3 Series: But good points for the team nonetheless.

Miki Monras: Yes, after qualifying which was bad and then a penalty, plus finishing P9 in the race I'm happy. Obviously I would have preferred to finish P8 and started the race on pole. Its good for the team to get confidence for the last race.

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