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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the GP3 Series qualifying press conference. With us today are poleman Daniel Juncadella for Tech 1 Racing, Antonio Felix da Costa for Carlin and third place man Mirko Bortolotti for Addax Team. GP3 Series: Daniel...

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the GP3 Series qualifying press conference. With us today are poleman Daniel Juncadella for Tech 1 Racing, Antonio Felix da Costa for Carlin and third place man Mirko Bortolotti for Addax Team.

GP3 Series: Daniel congratulations, you were the fastest man on track today and this is your first GP3 pole position. Are you happy with your job today?

Daniel Juncadella: Yes, I'm quite happy but I'm just a bit worried about the final result because there were some yellow flags at the end of the session, and it's true I did my best lap then. I think the rule is not very clear because when the track is drying every lap you go quicker - plus, you can miss some fast laps because the two laps before I had a car in front so I could not do a good lap. The second sector is also really long. I'm just really happy with the team and we've improved a lot from the beginning. I don't care so much if I lose the pole position because I am happy with our performance.

GP3 Series: It was very tricky conditions today. It wasn't raining but it was quite wet. How did you approach the session?

Daniel Juncadella: We started with the slick tyres and I wanted to change to wet but it was already green so we stayed with dry tyres. In the end I think it was the right choice because my car was quite good and I was quite confident.

GP3 Series: What are your hopes for the race later today?

Daniel Juncadella: I don't know. It depends on the final result, but for me I came here to learn more and get more experience and to help the team improve the car and I think that's what we have been doing all season. I will just try my best.

GP3 Series: Antonio congratulations you're in P2. What do you think your final position is going to be?

Antonio Felix da Costa: I don't know, for me I think I'm a bit more on hte safe side, but you never know. It's not really clear with the rules so we will have to see what happens. But in the end P2 the second time in the car with a damp track I think is really good. I think the whole team did a great job. We started the session immediately on slicks and I think it was important to get temperature in the tyres. It's my first time with this engineer and we've been working well.

GP3 Series: You were one of a few guys to start on slicks. How hard was it?

Antonio Felix da Costa: You just had to keep the car on the track. I knew it would be the end that the pole lap would be done. I saw some guys not changing at all to slicks and at one point it was going to be too late because I knew you had to get temperature in the tyres. So I just concentrated on the track and I could see it getting dryer and dryer every lap so I just got ready to push at the end. Unfortunately there were so many yellow flags so it was hard to keep pushing. So it was a big mess. We played it on the safe side but you never know.

GP3 Series: Do you think it was the right choice?

Antonio Felix da Costa: Yes, I mean yesterday we had a wet practice so we didn't have too much track time in the dry so it made sense today to start from beginning so I could start to understand the car a bit more, but I think I am a quick learner and I adapt to the conditions.

GP3 Series: What are your hopes for today?

Antonio Felix da Costa: I think if we can start in the top five we should finish there. Anything in the points would be good. Also for the team, I have to thank the team for this chance. I think we are using it well in front of the F1 people so let's see what we can do.

GP3 Series: Mirko congratulations P3 at the moment. What are your thoughts on the yellow flags and where you might end up?

Mirko Bortolotti: Well I think that we can speak about the session itself and not about what is going to happen because it is out of our hands. I think that the yellow flag as Daniel said is very difficult to explain the rules so we will see. It is a very strange rule because you can improve in many sectors because the track is getting better and then maybe you still improve the sector despite lifting a lot and that can cause a penalty.

The session was very tricky because we didn't expect it to be so wet so we started on slicks and it was difficult to stay on track. I think that the main target was to stay on the track and gained confidence in the car and warm up for the final part of the session because it seemed to be much better and dryer then. We changed tyres after the red flag and I think that we were always waiting for the yellow to stop so I wasn't able to push at the beginning of the stint, but then I think we had good pace and a good performance so I am very happy about the result. I would like to thank the team as we have improved a lot since the beginning of the season. Our target now is to be constantly in the points and try for points and maybe race wins.

GP3 Series: And your thoughts on the race today?

Mirko Bortolotti: Well the main target is to finish in the points and then we will see. It depends on what happens with the yellow flag situation. I think that the biggest part of the grid is in the same situation as us three so I don't think it will be a big change in terms of grid so I am here and I am sure that I am P3 so from this point of view the target will be to try and finish on the podium and go for a win.

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