Silverstone: Race 2 press conference

Quotes from Race 2 at Silverstone Circuit. GP3 Series: Daniel fantastic first win for you today. Talk me through your start. Daniel Morad: My start was perfect; I don't think I can repeat that. I don't really remember the lights going out, I...

Quotes from Race 2 at Silverstone Circuit.

GP3 Series: Daniel fantastic first win for you today. Talk me through your start.

Daniel Morad: My start was perfect; I don't think I can repeat that. I don't really remember the lights going out, I kind of just did and it was good. So from there I had a seven tenth gap by the end of the first lap and by the time I broke the draft it was pretty easy sailing. When you have clean air it is pretty easy to get away from the car behind. No to say the car wasn't perfect, because it was. It's probably the best car I've ever driven, this year for sure, and probably top three in my life.

I couldn't be happier. It's great for the team and we've jumped up quite a bit in the driver's standings from 12th to 6th, and were still 4th in the team championship but we've closed the gap at least so it's been a good day. Also fastest lap.

GP3 Series: We're you worried about starting on the front row.

Daniel Morad: I can't really remember my start, it just happened. The last thing I remember is my engineer telling me to remember the start procedure and technique.

GP3 Series: You didn't seem to be under any pressure from the guys behind at any point.

Daniel Morad: Honestly I put so much pressure on myself at the beginning. I just wanted to open up the gap really quickly and it took a while for the tyres to come in, but once they did the car was so easy to drive I was just cruising at front. It was a real joy to drive today.

GP3 Series: Mirko congratulations. You started from pole today but seemed to struggle getting away.

Mirko Bortolotti: Yes, unfortunately I didn't have a very good start so I lost the first place, but in the end it was okay because we could've lost a lot more positions. So we ended the first lap in P2 and I just tried to stay with Morad for the first part of the race. We had good pace throughout the race, it was just at the end we were struggling a bit and had pressure from behind but I managed to defend well at the end.

GP3 Series: You had a difficult first few races so you must be happy with the result today?

Mirko Bortolotti: Yes, I am very happy to have scored my first podium in the Series. It's very important for me and the team. I want to thank the team for their hard work and the good job they have done all season. Unfortunately we have had some bad luck and haven't got the results yet. This weekend is better and we are now motivated to continue and confident we can be competitive for the remainder of the season.

GP3 Series: You had a close battle in the last couple of laps with Esteban. Talk me through it.

Mirko Bortolotti: It was close, but it is racing and I don't think that it was an unfair situation. I defended my position especially on the last lap. At the end we managed to hold on and finish second. Of course we have to work now to improve even more for the next round. You can always improve and we need to be stronger in qualifying. If we can put everything together I think we can be very competitive.

GP3 Series: Alexander what a race for you today. Talk us through your start.

Alexander Rossi: Yes, my start was good but I got more wheel spin than I was anticipating which I think was down to the temperatures today. Bortolotti got a terrible start and he was quite defensive, but looking back on it I'm wondering if I should tried to do a little bit more into turn one. I took the conservative option and might be kicking myself a little bit for that. None the less I got into turn two and it got interesting with Dean and Nico, and then Nico did a really nice move on the outside of turn 7 and then I was stuck behind him for the majority of the race as it's quite difficult to pass here.

GP3 Series: The couple of laps with your teammate were exciting for us to watch.

Alexander Rossi: The last few laps it started to get really exciting again, and the last two corners with Esteban were fun. Obviously with your teammate you want to be a little careful, but at the same time he's the one person you want to beat the most. I had the run on the outside and was able to complete it, but then he snuck it back in there on the inside of the final corner, literally we were both drifting around the final corner.

GP3 Series: You were separated by nothing going across the line. It was 0.08 seconds in the end.

Alexander Rossi: Exactly, it was whoever could get the best traction and I actually ended up on the astroturf so I was concerned I might lose it. It was a drag race at the end. But, it was a decent weekend. We're still missing a bit but we will keep working ahead of Hockenheim.

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Editor's note: After the press conference Mirko Bortolotti was handed a 20 second penalty for forcing ART's Esteban Gutierrez off the track. Bortolotti dropped to 13th in the results while Esteban Gutierrez moved into third.

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