New International F3 car set to use GP3 engine

The new International Formula 3 spec car for next season looks set to feature the engine and gearbox from the current GP3 Series racer.

F3 replaces GP3 on the Formula 1 support bill next season and, like Formula 2, it will be promoted by the GP2 Motorsport company founded by F2/GP3 boss Bruno Michel and owned by F1 controller Liberty Media.

The existing Dallara GP3/16 uses a 3.4-litre, naturally aspirated V6 engine producing 400bhp, and driven through a six-speed Hewland gearbox.

The FIA has stated that the new F3 would feature 350bhp powerplants, and understands that the Mecachrome would be ‘turned down’ to meet this target.

Sources indicate that the monocoque will be new, with the latest side-intrusion standards and a steel halo weighing approximately 15kg, compared to the titanium halo on the F2 car.

Constructor Dallara is believed to be working on the chassis upgrades required, plus the increase in aerodynamics over the existing GP3 car that is being targeted.

The future of the current F3 concept in Europe is still unclear, although moves are being made to revive the F3 Euro Series in support of the DTM.

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