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GP3 Series: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the press conference for Race 1 in Istanbul. Joining us today is race winner Esteban Gutierrez for ART, second place man James Jakes for Manor Racing and Addax Team's Felipe Guimaraes. Estenban ...

GP3 Series: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the press conference for Race 1 in Istanbul. Joining us today is race winner Esteban Gutierrez for ART, second place man James Jakes for Manor Racing and Addax Team's Felipe Guimaraes.

Estenban congratulations, a strong race win today. It looked like you got off the line and just walked away.

Esteban Gutierrez: Yes, there was a lot of work over the past few years to get to this category and learning things, and now today we achieved a victory which for me is quite special because it's quite a long time since my last win. Thanks also to the team; I am very grateful for their hard work because it is this that makes the victory possible. Thank god we got over the problems we had in practice and qualifying. We had a small problem in the race but in the end finished without problems.

GP3 Series: You've had a few problems this week. Did anything manifest itself during the race?

Esteban Gutierrez: Well it did not affect the race, but at the beginning we were a bit on edge. I had to be clever and not push too much at the beginning and just wait for the right moment to push and make sure I did the fastest lap because the extra point can be very important for the end of the season.

GP3 Series: You didn't have to do much overtaking today, but tomorrow you start from P8, what are your thoughts for the race?

Esteban Gutierrez: We it will be interesting for sure. It was a great experience to have one race starting from the front row and be able to win and then start from P8. I'm looking forward to the good racing with the other guys in the Series.

GP3 Series: James congratulations, P2 today. A nice start you slotted in behind Esteban and stayed there for the remainder of the race.

James Jakes: Yes it was pretty much how it looked. I didn't make a great start because I had a problem with the clutch so I was quite relieved to get the race over with to be honest with you. The clutch slipped and started slipping through the race. It wasn't the fault of the car; it was my fault at the start. But it's just nice to do some laps. We've had quite a few issues like I'm sure the other cars have in testing and all through the year so far -- I did two flying laps in practice yesterday. We've got a two day test coming up in a few days so hopefully we can improve the car a bit more.

GP3 Series: It looked like you weren't able to trouble Esteban during the race, was that due to the clutch problem?

James Jakes: The clutch maybe a tenth or so a lap but not really. I think we still need to find the right balance, that's the key. I was pushing as hard as I could in the beginning, but I was still wary about the clutch and then towards the end I started short shifting. I haven't really been happy with the balance since we started driving the car but the guys are working really hard, and if we can finish second when we're not happy with the car there's only one step left. Hopefully we can turn it around in Valencia.

GP3 Series: It's got to give you some confidence getting to P2 and you've got another race tomorrow morning.

James Jakes: Yes just get points I think. It's such a long season and with the reverse grid you've just got to look for points in the second race. A podium would be great but anywhere in the top five and points again and try and be consistent.

GP3 Series: Felipe congratulations, a very good start talk me through that.

Felipe Guimaraes: Yes I had a very good start and the two guys in front of me had a problem so I could overtake them and by the first corner I was third already. During the race the car was really good. I am happy because it's the second round and I am on the podium and happy for the team, they did a really good job this weekend. Yesterday I had a problem so I only did three laps and I had to learn a bit more of the track during qualifying. And I did a great job because I learnt the track really quickly.

GP3 Series: You say you could keep up with the other guys, but you had Rossi behind you. How worried were you?

Felipe Guimaraes: When I saw Rossi overtaking Morad I said wow I have to be fast because he will try and take me, but it didn't happen. It was good.

GP3 Series: So that gives you some confidence. Even if you weren't quite at the optimum pace you were still on pace with ART.

Felipe Guimaraes: Yes I think they are really strong and good team with good drivers. This championship is really tough and all the drivers are good. My team is really good also; we just need to keep working.

GP3 Series: Any thoughts for the race tomorrow

Felipe Guimaraes: As you said just to get good points that's it.

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