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Esteban Gutierrez is Ready for Rounds 3 & 4 that will take Place in Turkey Paris, France -- Young driver Esteban Gutierrez, who drives car ...

Esteban Gutierrez is Ready for Rounds 3 & 4 that will take Place in Turkey

Paris, France -- Young driver Esteban Gutierrez, who drives car #2 for team ART Grand Prix, is ready for rounds 3 & 4 of the GP3 Series calendar, which will take place this weekend at the circuit of Istanbul Park from the 28th to 30th of May. Where more than 110,000 fans attending the event and millions around the world will have the opportunity to see in action the future stars of motorsport.

Since its beginning in 2005, the Turkish track has gained appreciation from drivers and fans because it has a varying and challenging layout that is run counterclockwise and involves all kinds of curves, long straights, constant altitude changes, and, most of all, Turn 8, one of the most difficult curves of the year.

This is a new track for Gutierrez, as this is the first time he will race in Turkey. But thanks to his consistency and the team's, they are confident they will quickly adapt to this track, not being overconfident but always looking to continue the good results they have achieved thanks to their commitment, professionalism and determination in all that they do.

Following an excellent debut at the circuit of Catalunya two weeks ago - where he finished third in both rounds - Esteban is third in the championship standings with ten points, tied with Norwegian driver Pal Varhaug, at Jenzer Motorsport, who is second in the standings.

Esteban Gutierrez: Car # 2 ART Grand Prix Multigama/Telmex/Fastenal/DeAcero

"We are very motivated and looking forward to the next part of the season after the good potential we showed under different conditions through the first two races. The most important thing is to keep being consistent in every aspect to keep gaining points and to try and have a smart approach to get our first victory of the season as soon as possible".

"We have a clear mind and will not get carried away by our emotions as each event is unique and that is why we have to keep doing our best. With faith in God we will have a nice weekend that we will be able to enjoy trying to bring home the best results thanks to the synergy that comes from the team".

After his participation in Barcelona, Gutierrez traveled to Monaco to attend the Formula 1 race with team Sauber, who are supporting his preparation on his way to the top series of motorsport. It was a busy weekend for Esteban, as he has been learning how team Sauber F1 works; and this learning will continue growing as he will be at all the Formula 1 European events, racing in the GP3 Series.

After the Monaco race, Esteban returned to Paris to continue his training, looking to be in the best shape possible for the upcoming events.

"The Monaco event was an important experience for me because I was able to spend all my time with team Sauber F1. I am grateful for the opportunity they have given me and for making me feel like a part of the team so I can continue learning new things".

"On the other hand, it was also very good to keep in touch with our contacts and to spend some time with the people involved in Formula 1. When you attend these events, opportunities arise and that is why we try to attend as many events as we can", remarked the young Mexican driver.


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