Hockenheimring: Race 2 press conference

ART Grand Prix's Esteban Gutierrez race winner, Tech 1 Racing's Daniel Juncadella and teammate Stefano Coletti GP3 Series: Esteban congratulations on your fourth win of the season. You started fifth on the grid today. Talk us through your start...

ART Grand Prix's Esteban Gutierrez race winner, Tech 1 Racing's Daniel Juncadella and teammate Stefano Coletti

GP3 Series: Esteban congratulations on your fourth win of the season. You started fifth on the grid today. Talk us through your start before the first safety car.

Esteban Gutierrez: Mainly we focussed on getting start really precise because we have been struggling a bit at the last few races. It hasn't been too bad, but we knew we could improve. Basically we focused a lot on this and it gave us some positions at the start which is a good time to get an advantage when you adapt to the situation. The second race was even better than the first. We did our best to improve the car as yesterday it wasn't perfect so we analysed the data and really did a step forward at this track so we were really happy in the end. Qualifying wasn't good but in the end we scored points in both races which is very important for the championship because we don't only want to win races we want to be intelligent and take care of the points and do strong solid races.

GP3 Series: Juncadella made a small mistake which helped you gain the lead, and then it seemed Juncadella couldn't touch you.

Esteban Gutierrez: Yes, well I did my best to put him under a bit of pressure and course it's a way to do it safely. When you start fifth and you're already in second it's already a good position to finish so you don't want to risk a lot and crash. So I put pressure in a fair way and he made a mistake which is what I was waiting for so in the end I took the chance.

GP3 Series: You're now 30 points ahead in the Series with three rounds left. Are you still not thinking about winning the title?

Esteban Gutierrez: I'm still just thinking race by race. This can't influence the mentality in the team because we need to take advantage of everything. Even if we do win the championship before the end of the season we still have to concentrate on winning races for the team and for my own experience. You always have to you keep improving and keep looking forward.

GP3 Series: Daniel great race today, talk me through it from your point of view.

Daniel Juncadella: Yes, it was very difficult because of all the safety cars, but from my point of view it was quite good. I did a good start and was in front from the very first lap, but then after the safety car I made a small mistake and Esteban was very close and then I made another mistake on a fast corner because I had very low wings ad not a lot of downforce and he passed me. Then I just wanted to stay behind him and try to catch him and try to go as fast as him, but he was on another planet I think. He was really fast so I focused on doing my best laps and then the race finished with another safety car. In the end the result was good, and I'm happy with a podium

GP3 Series: You're leaving Germany with a great collection of points too.

Daniel Juncadella: Yes, and the team having been looking forward to getting a podium because all season they haven't had one and then today they had one with me and Stefano so I'm really happy for them, They have been working really hard to try and improve the car a lot.

GP3 Series: It seems like the car has been fast and nearly there but not quite, What made the difference today?

Daniel Juncadella: Yes exactly. We were missing something at the beginning of the season and we have improved a lot. Silverstone wasn't great but here the car was good. In qualifying I was P7 but then had a penalty, and yesterday I had a lot of bad luck with the crashes but Stefano finished P5. I still think Esteban is a lot faster, but I think we can improve some more. Let's hope so!

GP3 Series: Stefano congratulations on your first GP3 podium. Talk me through your race, it was a bit chaotic.

Stefano Coletti: Yeah it was, especially the first lap with all the other drivers and Esteban and Guimaraes. But i was able to pass third before the first safety car and the car was handling good, in the corners it was fast but we had a few problems with straight line speed so I got passed again by Guimaraes and then he spun alone so I finished third.

GP3 Series: So it was a pretty quiet race for you?

Stefano Coletti: Yes because there was the speed of the top three -- Gutierrez was quick and my teammate was quick, so was I, and the rest were a bit slower than us so we just pulled away and then the safety car came and that was the end of the race. I wish I could've had one lap after because I'm sure it would've been a big mess with the first two so maybe I could've taken advantage of that.

GP3 Series: It's been a really good result for the team this weekend.

Stefano Coletti: Yes, we still need to take a step forward and work a lot on the car to get even quicker especially in qualifying but were getting there.

GP3 Series: And looking towards the race next weekend, do you think you repeat your success?

Stefano Coletti: I actually raced in Budapest about a month ago so I think when you only have 30 minutes of practice this should be a big advantage so we will see. Hopefully we won't have as much of problem with straight line speed because there aren't as many straight lines so we should be fine.

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