Drone racing star wars style Pod racing are back!

*** SUBTITLES AVAILABLE IN 7 LANGUAGES *****This is a pre event that happend in france, organized by airgonay, a quadcopter racing fanatic association. Drones are not only for spying or doing the headlines when they fall in the streets. Follow us on facebook: http:// www.facebook.com/airgonayIf you have any questions about the frame we use, contact us on our facebook page. or use the english section of the forum:http://www.airgonay.com/forums/Pictures : www.wooloomooloo.comYOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DOWNLOAD USE AND REEDIT THIS VIDEO AND UPLOAD IT ON ANY OTHER SUPPORT WITHOUT OUR PERMISSIONthx for your support!http://www.no-comp.net
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Video by herve pellarin
Duration 05:20
Series General
Tags drone, racing, tech

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