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Kara Lazier
Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp Josh Brolin, Minnie Driver and Anthony Edwards
Celebrity Noah Wyle Gary Bettenhausen in the Belanger Motors Special
Cory Witherill Eddie Cheever Jr. helmet
Robert Hubbard holding HANS device Marv and Judy Schmidt supporting their son's effort
Robert Hubbard displays two types of HANS devices
Gary Bettenhausen consults with Davey Hamilton 99 car's nose
Buzz Calkins
Ken Hamilton (Davey's Dad), Bill Vukovich, and Gary Bettenhausen enjoy the tradition of the Speedway Robert Hubbard demonstrates HANS device
Working on the #99 car
Jeret Schroeder and Robby Gordon Sarah Fisher
Jeff Ward and the Aerosmith-sponsored car Sarah Fisher
Sam Schmidt and Gary Bettenhausen in pit lane Helio Castroneves: 'Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever a spider can'
Jimmy Kite with Michael McCormick
Robby Gordon and Jimmy Vasser Aerial view of Indianapolis Motor Speeway: Gasoline Alley and turn 1
Celebrity Tim Allen Buzz Calkins getting primary car up to speed to requalify
Aerial view of Indianapolis Motor Speeway: Gasoline Alley, the main stretch and the pagoda Antonio Sabato Jr.
John Paul Jr. Gil de Ferran
Al Unser Jr. Side shot of Davey Hamilton's car
Shigeaki Hattori Robert Hubbard and Lee Fisher display Louis Schwitzer Award
Pepsi fun day motocross acrobatics
Jerek Schroeder Robby Gordon and A.J. Foyt
Pepsi fun day motocross acrobatics Pepsi fun day motocross acrobatics
Nicolas Minassian, Donnie Beechler and Buzz Calkins