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Alex Barron enters the pits (Michigan) Alex Barron #36, Turn 11 (Detroit)
New set of numbers coming up Target's F1 car?
Frank Kulick (driving) with Joe Gabut in an early racing Model T Henry Ford never raced again after his 1901 victory, but he sometimes drove the race cars; he drove 999 (left) in a 1903 demonstration run with Harry Harkness in a Simplex, at the Grosse Pointe track
Mauricio Gugelmin adjusts one last time
Jimmy Vasser adjusts his helmet
Louis Garcia Jr. game face
Alex Barron (MS)
Oriol Servia waits his turn
Dario Franchitti strikes a pose
Michel Jourdain Jr. last minute strategy Helio Castro-Neves at Nazareth
Jimmy, Juan, and friends Kedre is awake (clear and ready?)
Many years after 999 last raced, Henry Ford posed with the car at the Dearborn Proving Grounds The Elgin, Ill., Road Race, 1911: Frank Kulick (32) finished second in the light car class with his Model T racer
Frank Kulick poses in a Model T that has been stripped and re-worked for racing Now how many people did I say could be up here?
Now what order does Jim want these?
Joe's real job: to set up
Joe, Joe - Wake up!
Another Slow one!
I though Hiro had retired Waiting, waiting
Need to watch these cars
Come on, Move over Green, Green, Green!!
Yellow, Going Green Starter's stand from Wally's Car
Ah there it is in Joe's hand!
What is that Joe's hidding?
Pit in from stn7 So much to see...
Trying to see every thing every car does Stn 7 in turn 4
Now which car is getting loose? The sign does not apply
Stn 6 intensity shows
Stn 6 from Wally's car Hi Tamara
This is a long session A lot of track out there to cover
More racefans there on the wall Takes a lot to see around this corner