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Scott Levin
Jim Cook
Mike Richmond
Gerry Babcany
Willy Perez
Stn 1a looks for debris Wonder what this yellow's for?
Well Pruett looks ok to me Say what, Dick?
Stn 1 from Wally's car. See this direction well! Boy there is a lot of fence here!
Angle is still hard here Louie, is that you?
Speed Demon - always nose to the fence!
This opening is.... Getting a bit crowded here.
And now two Photogs here also!
This angle is better! Stn 2a, waiting for action
One on the track, one merging All looks good
All is still routine Is there something out there?
Good practice so far Another one merging into traffic
Stn 2 is sure spread out! Lot of track to look for bolts!
Looks like this covers all the way to turn 2 The Captain and the Communicator
And one more further on down Stn3
Stn3 again Judi, Sue, keke at stn 5a
Oh, Hi, Clawed!
These How many wide can these cars go?
Still running close Yellow, Yellow, Yellow!
So how is the #41? Cheers for a good