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A lot of track out there to cover This is a long session
Hi Tamara Stn 6 from Wally's car
Stn 6 intensity shows
The sign does not apply Now which car is getting loose?
Stn 7 in turn 4 Trying to see every thing every car does
So much to see... Pit in from stn7
Starter's stand from Wally's Car Yellow, Going Green
What is that Joe's hidding?
Ah there it is in Joe's hand!
Green, Green, Green!! Come on, Move over
Need to watch these cars
New set of numbers coming up Waiting, waiting
I though Hiro had retired Now how many people did I say could be up here?
Another Slow one!
Joe, Joe - Wake up!
Joe's real job: to set up
Now what order does Jim want these?
Start David Brabham
Audi driver, Pirro Henri Pescarolo
Panoz cockpit Panoz pit
Pirro exiting pit Stefan Johansson
Rinaldo Capello Kyser and Alex Job Racing's 911s
Pescarolo Racing's Courage C60 Jorg Muller's BMW
Westward Racing's Panoz Ascari prototype in the kitty litter