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RML Saleen S7R Pescarolo Courage C60
Jan Magnussen Peugeot pitting
Audi support team Brabham entering Craner Curves
Audi R8 in Fogarty's Panoz alone on Starkey's Straight
BMW sneeze Glowing Rotors
Magnussen flat out Famous Red Gate Pub
Castle Donington Chrysler prototype
GT winner, Alex Job Racing's 911 Magnussen out of Melbourne Bend
Panoz's Peter Boss Konrad Saleen in Melbourne as Audi runs wide
Peter Boss leads 911 through Melbourne Chrysler out of Melbourne Bend
BMW into Melbourne Bend Panoz into Melbourne Bend
Seikel 911 braking into Red Gate corner Audi exiting Red Gate corner
Chrysler exiting Red Gate corner Allan McNish stopped by to give support
Pescarolo Courage cockpit Seikel Motorsport's 911 into Red Gate corner
Konrad Saleen braking for Red Gate corner Saleen at apex in Red Gate corner
Panoz dead-on in Melbourne P.K. Sport/Ricardo 911
Bruno Lambert's Saleen Panoz through Craner Curves
Panoz's Jay Cochran Chrysler's Olivier Beretta
Kyser 911 driver, Joe Foster Lehto through Red Gate Corner
Race winner, Tom Kristensen BMW going into Fogarty's
Guy Smith on Starkey Straight Jan Magnussen
Saleen out of Goddards Chrysler exiting Red Gate corner
David Brabham through Red Gate corner Courage C60 out of Mebourne Bend
Konrad Saleen exiting Red Gate corner Audi winners