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[Copyright Southern Car Club Ltd, Croydon & District Motor Club Ltd, and Tynemouth Computer Services.] This is the Final Entry List for the Sunseeker Powerboats Winter Rally, the first round of the 1995 Mintex national Rally Series. The rally...

[Copyright Southern Car Club Ltd, Croydon & District Motor Club Ltd, and Tynemouth Computer Services.]

This is the Final Entry List for the Sunseeker Powerboats Winter Rally, the first round of the 1995 Mintex national Rally Series.

The rally was also a round of three Regional Association championships: the ACSMC 'Autocross' Stages Rally Championship, the Adrian Brown Competition Tyres ASWMMC Stage Rally Championship, and the LCAMC Stage Rally Championship. The Sunseeker Powerboats Winter Rally 95 NUMBER CREW CLASS 0 David Gillanders/John Bennie Ford Escort Cosw. B12 1 Chris Mellors/Brian Goff Ford Escort Cosw A8 2 Murray Grierson/Stewart Merry Subaru Legacy A8 3 Raymond Munro/Graham Brunton Ford Escort Cosw B12 4 Steve Hill/Stella Boyles Mitsubishi Galant A8 5 Trevor Smith/Roger Jones Ford Escort Cosw B12 6 Brian Lyall/Neil Ewing Ford Escort Cosw A8 7 Jeremy Easson/Mike Kidd Ford Escort Cosw N4 8 Tim Ellis-Jones/Huw Lewis Nissan GTi-R 4x4 A8 9 Steve Petch/Peter Croft Subaru Impreza 555 N4 10 Marcus Dodd/Stephen McAuley Ford Escort Cosw N4 11 John Price Rallying John Price/Bill Sturrock BL MG Metro 6R4 B12 12 Tony Davies/Ryland James BL MG Metro 6R4 B12 14 Roger Duckworth/Mark Broomfield Ford Sierra XR4x4 B12 15 Buywell Retail Park Richard Moore/Alun Cook Subaru Impreza 555 A8 16 Michael Horne/Roy Campbell Ford Sapphire Cosw B12 17 Neale Dougan/Chris Wood Ford Escort Cosw B12 18 Jeff Dewitt/Tom Johnston Ford Escort Cosw B12 22 Hendy Ford Motorsport Steve Hendy/Mark Milton Ford Escort Cosw B12 23 Paul Kirtley/Jon Geldart Ford Sierra Cosw B12 24 Mick Jones/Andy Morgan Mitsubishi Galant B12 25 Stewart Somerville/Roy Perrin Ford Sierra Cosw A8 26 Simon Redhead/Peter Foy Mitsubishi Galant N4 27 Gary Smith/Don Robbie Ford Sierra Cosw B12 28 Leigh Hynes/Glenn MacNeall Ford Sierra Cosw N4 29 Steve Smith/Brian Hughes Lancia Delta HF A8 30 Alistair Tough/Alan Bland Ford Escort Mk1 B11 33 Kenny Dorans/Gerald Baille Ford Escort Cosw B12 34 Simon Gudgeon/Jim Perkins Ford Sierra Cosw A8 35 David Shering/Terence Young Ford Sierra Cosw A8 36 Julian Reynolds/Steve Harris Peugeot 205 GTI A7 37 Andrew Orchard/Paul Hughes Ford Escort Cosw B12 38 Priority Airfreight Ltd Geoff Smith/Mike Armistead Ford Escort Cosw N4 41 Mark Pollard/Graham Mockridge Ford Escort Cosw A8 42 Jerry Bailey/Darren Loveys BMW M3 B12 43 Mark Worley/Graham Morris Ford Escort Cosw B12 44 Tony Jardine/Mark Wilkin Ford Escort Cosw N4 46 Geoff Bennett/Tim Walker Ford Escort RS B11 47 Michael Russell/David McKinlay Ford Escort Cosw N4 49 Martin Meadows/Ian Oakey Vauxhall Nova GSi A6 50 Dick Mauger/Andrew Street Ford Escort B10 51 Havenkey Ltd Robin Bradbury/Charlie Husband Ford Escort B11 52 Innes Marlow/Alyson Marlow Ford Sierra Cosw A8 53 Bambos Charalambous/Ron Roughead Ford Sierra Cosw N4 55 Peter Thornton/Sean Kelly Vauxhall Astra GSi N3 56 Stephanie Simmonite/Rachael Simmonite Peugeot 205 A7 57 Steven Quine/Richard Skinner Vauxhall Astra GTE N3 58 John Clinton/Jon Griffiths Peugeot 205 GTi A7 59 Doug Hammond/Pete Chapman Vauxhall Astra N3 61 Martin Newcombe/Peter Newcombe Ford Escort RS2000 B11 63 Nigel Heath/Tim Hely Ford Escort Cosw N4 64 Atkinsons Motorsport For Competition Car Hire Dave Weston/Ian Joice Vauxhall Nova GSi A6 65 Bryan Gill/Joyce Champion Daihatsu Charade A7 66 Andrea Hall/Sue Mee Peugeot 205 GTI N3 68 David Owen/Robert Duck Vauxhall Astra GSi N3 70 Paul Thomas/Steve Chetwynd Vauxhall Astra N3 71 Dennis Tate/Andrew Wilson Vauxhall Astra GSi N3 72 Malcolm Conibear/Mike Jones Audi Coupe S2 A8 73 Mark Collins/Catherine Phillipson Peugeot 205 GTI A7 74 Andrew Till/Norman Till Vauxhall Nova N1 75 Dave Boden/Andy Parkhurst Vauxhall Nova N1 76 Adam Smith/Caroline Vargacz Peugeot 205 GTI N3 77 Jane Edgington/Julie Entwistle Peugeot 205 GTI N3 78 Carl Dolan/Paul Clarke Peugeot 309 GTI N3 79 Trevor Godwin/David Wyer Rover Mini Cooper A5 80 Roger Ray/Barry Hyett Ford Fiesta B10

66 Starters Issued at 20:19 on 25 Feb 95. Results by Tynemouth Computer Services

-- David James

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