USAR: USAR 2001 race, TV schedule

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<pre> # Date Track City Date Day Time Date Day Time Date Day Time 1 Feb-24 USA International Lakeland, FL Mar-08 Thursday 9:00pm Mar-09 Friday 1:00a.m. Mar-09 Friday Noon 2 Mar-17 Florida Speed Park St. Augustine, FL Mar-22 Thursday 9:00pm Mar-23 Friday 1:00am Mar-23 Friday Noon 3 Mar-31 Five Flags Speedway Pensacola, FL Apr-05 Thursday 9:00pm Apr-06 Friday 1:00am Apr-06 Friday Noon 4 Apr-13 Ace Speedway Altamahaw, NC Apr-19 Thursday 9:00pm Apr-20 Friday 1:00am Apr-20 Friday Noon 5 Apr-21 Jennerstown Speedway Jennerstown, PA Apr-26 Thursday 9:00pm Apr-27 Friday 1:00am Apr-27 Friday Noon 6 Apr-28 Coastal Plains Speedway Jacksonville, NC May-03 Thursday 9:00pm May-04 Friday 1:00am May-04 Friday Noon 7 May-06 Thompson International Speedway Thompson, CT May-10 Thursday 9:00pm May-11 Friday 1:00am May-11 Friday Noon 8 May-12 Peach State Speedway Jeffferson, GA May-17 Thursday 9:00pm May-18 Friday 1:00am May-18 Friday Noon 9 May-19 Louisville Motorspeed Speedway Louisville, KY May-24 Thursday 9:00pm May-25 Friday 1:00am May-25 Friday Noon 10 May-26 Hickory Motor Speedway Hickory, NC May-31 Thursday 9:00pm Jun-01 Friday 1:00am Jun-01 Friday Noon 11 Jun-02 Indianapolis Raceway Park Indianapolis, IN Jun-07 Thursday 9:00pm Jun-08 Friday 1:00am Jun-08 Friday Noon 12 Jun-09 Myrtle Beach Speedway Myrtle Beach, SC Jun-14 Thursday 9:00pm Jun-15 Friday 1:00am Jun-15 Friday Noon 13 Jun-16 Chemung Speedrome Chemung, NY Jun-21 Thursday 9:00pm Jun-22 Friday 1:00am Jun-22 Friday Noon 14 Jun-23 Lonesome Pine Raceway Coeburn, VA Jun-28 Thursday 9:00pm Jun-27 Friday 1:00am Jun-27 Friday Noon 15 Jun-30 Holland Speedway Holland, NY Jul-05 Thursday 9:00pm Jul-06 Friday 1:00am Jul-06 Friday Noon 16 Jul-07 Montgomery Speedway Montgomery, AL Jul-12 Thursday 9:00pm Jul-13 Friday 1:00am Jul-13 Friday Noon 17 Jul-14 Jennerstown Speedway Jennerstown, PA Jul-19 Thursday 9:00pm Jul-20 Friday 1:00am Jul-20 Friday Noon 18 Jul-21 New River Valley Radford, VA Jul-26 Thursday 9:00pm Jul-27 Friday 1:00am Jul-27 Friday Noon 19 Jul-28 Winchester Speedway Winchester, IN Aug-02 Thursday 9:00pm Aug-03 Friday 1:00am Aug-03 Friday Noon 20 Aug-04 Hickory Motor Speedway Hickory, NC Aug-09 Thursday 9:00pm Aug-10 Friday 1:00am Aug-10 Friday Noon 21 Aug-11 Illiana Speedway Schereville, IN Aug-16 Thursday 9:00pm Aug-17 Friday 1:00am Aug-17 Friday Noon 22 Aug-18 South Boston Speedway South Boston, VA Aug-23 Thursday 9:00pm Aug-24 Friday 1:00am Aug-24 Friday Noon 23 Aug-25 Cayuga Speedway Nells Corner, ONT Aug-30 Thursday 9:00pm Aug-31 Friday 1:00am Aug-31 Friday Noon 24 Sep-01 USA International Lakeland, FL Sep-06 Thursday 9:00pm Sep-07 Friday 1:00am Sep-07 Friday Noon 25 Sep-08 Chemung Speedrome Chemung, NY Sep-13 Thursday 9:00pm Sep-14 Friday 1:00am Sep-14 Friday Noon 26 Sep-15 Chicago Motor Speedway Chicago, IL Sep-20 Thursday 9:00pm Sep-21 Friday 1:00am Sep-21 Friday Noon 27 Sep-29 Jennerstown Speedway Jennerstown, PA Oct-04 Thursday 9:00pm Oct-05 Friday 1:00am Oct-05 Friday Noon 28 Oct-13 Myrtle Beach Speedway Myrtle Beach, SC Oct-25 Thursday 9:00pm Oct-26 Friday 1:00am Oct-26 Friday Noon 29 Oct-27 Concord Motorsports Park Concord, NC Nov-11 Thursday 9:00pm Nov-12 Friday 1:00am Nov-12 Friday Noon 30 Nov-25 USA International Lakeland, FL Nov-29 Thursday 9:00pm Nov-30 Friday 1:00am Nov-30 Friday Noon

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