Top 10 videos of the week: 2014-06-03

This is a new series that will give you a second look (or a first look in case you missed it) of the coolest, craziest, most shocking, and maybe just downright funny videos gathers during a given week.

Below is a compilation of ten videos from this past week that we at thought were worth showing for a second time. From cars tearing through armco barriers, racers chasing each other around the track, a monster named Miles, and the construction of a Morgan LMP2 prototype, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

10.) It's just as cool from inside the car

Drifting is one of the most eye-appealing forms of motorsport out there. Who doesn't love the sound of tires screaming and the smell of freshly burnt rubber in the air? If you thought drifting was cool from the outside, wait until you check it out from the driver's point of view.

9.) Escaping 'The Monster'

Chris Buescher did something that's extremely hard to do at the concrete jungle they call Dover. He was turned sideways on this notorious 'self-cleaning track,' yet, he somehow got his Mustang straightened out and avoided contact with the inside wall. Did I mention he's a rookie by the way?

8.) DTM - It's not for the faint of heart

Yes, we tend to like onboard videos here at in case you didn't notice yet. DTM racing is exciting to watch, but wait until you get the chance to ride along and enjoy the action from a whole new perspective. Here's your opportunity to see DTM from a very different angle as you watch these aces battle around the Hungaroroing.

7.) Run Bowyer, run!

After an accident that ended Kyle Busch's hopes of sweeping the weekend at Dover, he decided to take his anger out on the driver responsible - Clint Bowyer. This ill-fated attempt at retaliation didn't work out the way KB had hoped however, with Clint speeding away under caution and Busch dragging the entire right side of his mangled car in hot pursuit. NASCAR stepped in and put an end to the shenanigans before anymore carnage could ensue.

6.) Constructing an LMP2 prototype

In this video, Onroak Automotive gives us a special behind the scenes look at what goes into the construction of a Morgan LMP2 chassis that is destined for Le Mans.

5.) Why eat one Roush car when you can have two?

'The Monster Mile' was hungry this past weekend and it particularly had an appetite for those driving Roush prepared Fords. Maybe this was revenge for Chris Buescher escaping its clutches on Saturday? Whatever the reason, it was a day that teammates Greg Biffle and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. would like to forget as soon as possible.

4.) When things go bad...they really go bad

During the 12 hours of Zandvoort, this vicious three-car accident was unfortunately a major highlight of the race. Just a word of advice to the driver of the No. not cut off a Ferrari in endurance racing. It never ends well for anyone.

3.) You push me, I push you back harder

The gloves came off at the end of the TUDOR Championship race at Belle Isle last weekend. Ricky Taylor and Joao Barbosa were embroiled in an epic battle for the win and neither driver was willing to let up. After a close call with the tire barriers, Barbosa stepped up his aggression and squeezed Taylor's Corvette into the wall on the final lap. You won't believe what happens after that.

2.) Only at Bowman Gray...

They call it 'The Madhouse' for a reason. Intentionally wrecking people and fist fights are common place at Bowman Gray, but how about two drivers engaging in a less than friendly game of tag after the race has concluded? This hilariously bizarre attempt at retaliation is just another chapter in the long history of confrontations at this crazy little short track in North Carolina.

1.) Did that really just happen?

In the SUPER GT race at Autopolis, this unbelievable and vicious accident took place. Yuki Iwasaki went straight through two tire barriers and then the armco itself as his machine was launched into the air to the horror of onlookers. It was a spectacular wreck and luckily, Yuki will be able to race another day. Can't say the same for that car though.

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