Top 10 videos of 2014

You the fans enjoyed a lot of videos on this year, let's check out which ten were your favorites.

The following are the ten most popular videos on, from this past year, listed in terms of most views. Thanks for r̶e̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶, I mean watching!

10. Kimi rides the fastest rollercoaster in the world ... Is not impressed

When in Abu Dhabi and representing Maranello, you are almost obligated to ride this rollercoaster, but few would pass up the chance to begin with. Well, maybe Kimi Raikkonen would. The ice-cold Finn wasn't too impressed by the ride.

9. Fistfight erupts between two champions after NASCAR race

Shoving matches are far from rare in NASCAR but a fistfight between two champions that leaves both spitting blood and swearing on national TV, now that's something.

8. Gordon rips on Keselowski in interview, seconds after brawl

About as heated as you'll ever see Jeff Gordon, even after a little chat with team owner Rick Hendrick. The one common denominator about this interview is his unmitigated disdain for Brad Keselowski.

7. Alonso asked a direct question regarding future teammate at the perfect time

A reporter gets the idea to ask Fernando Alonso who he'd like to have as a teammate next year with a smirking Jenson Button sitting right next to him. The room erupts in laughter as Button eggs Alonso on. The two will be teammates next year, but neither knew this at the time.

6. Fan's view of Texas brawl, raw, unedited audio

You can hear screaming shouting, cheering, and heckling in this raw, unedited clip of the now infamous Texas brawl, which made it onto this list three times.

5. You can take Loeb out of rally, but not the rally out of Loeb

How cool is this? We all know Sebastien Loeb as a 9x WRC champion and in his first full-time season in WTCC, he showed he hasn't forgotten where he came from. You can see his Citroen teammates take this corner at Macau as it's supposed to be taken before Loeb appears, doing it his own way.

4. Massa hilariously hijacks Alonso's interview

Fernando Alonso spoke with a group of reporters regarding his future when his old teammate walked up behind him and playfully questioned if he is going to Marussia, then Caterham. Alonso responded with a laugh, "Come to Ferrari."

3. Eight very lucky people escape out of control rally car

In this horrifying airborne accident during the Jolly Rally Valle d'Aosta, it's shocking that all eight of these lucky souls didn't lose their lives. What's even more shocking is that fact that all of them escaped, uninjured.

2. Mark Webber ends 2014 WEC season in a spectacular way

It was a bittersweet day in Interlagos. Porsche collected their first win since returning to the sport, but their other car sat in the garage, its driver in the hospital. Mark will make a full recovery, but it was a scary accident nonetheless.


1. Semi-truck jumps speeding Lotus F1 car, need I say more?

Honestly, do I? You have a semi-truck, a ramp, a speeding F1 car, and a dangerous, breath-taking stunt that would intimidate Evel Knievel himself. 

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