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THE ROAD NOT TAKEN August 20-21, 1994 The 1994 presentation of THE ROAD NOT TAKEN will begin Saturday, August 20, in McMinnville, Oregon. THE ROAD NOT TAKEN is a challenging all-night TSD...

THE ROAD NOT TAKEN August 20-21, 1994

The 1994 presentation of THE ROAD NOT TAKEN will begin Saturday, August 20, in McMinnville, Oregon.

THE ROAD NOT TAKEN is a challenging all-night TSD adventure rallye. It will start at 6 p.m. Saturday (Registration 4:30) in the Willamette Valley city of McMinnville, then trek across Oregon's Coast Range to the seaside town of Lincoln City, then venture back across Coast Range to arrive in McMinnville at roughly 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

Most of the mileage will be on unpaved but relatively smooth roads in mountainous terrain. Some roads of various other characters will be included. Most vehicles in reasonable condition will be suitable for this event.

Speeds will be brisk, give or take the effects of current conditions. Some of last year's contestants rated speeds as "a little too fast at times". Cool!

Instructions will be mileaged diagrams, simple even for those with no rallye experience. No traps or tricks will be designed into the event. It is intended that THE ROAD NOT TAKEN be a very well organized chal- lenging adventure which contestants will remember as a Damned Fine Event. We don't like unnecessary coddling, needless hardships, or organizational shortcomings. As contestants, we like rallyes that leave us thoroughly wrung out and excited, so that's what we intend to offer you. You will not be bored.

There's adventure and entertainment in working THE ROAD NOT TAKEN, too, and last year's workers were nearly as enthusiastic as competitors after the event. If you'd like to work THE ROAD NOT TAKEN, please contact us. Experience not required.

Entry fee is $40 U.S. if received by August 1, 1994, otherwise $50. In order to achieve best organization, the number of entrants will be limited. For real. Early entry is both recommended and appreciated. We'll be pretty accommodating about refunds prior to starting the event. Pre-entrants will receive helpful General Instructions, and such, by return mail. Novice entrants are especially advised to enter early. Information on this flyer may become incorrect or incomplete; pre-entrants will be advised of changes.

Road legal vehicles in reasonable condition are required. Reflective highway hazard warning triangles are required. First aid kit, tow rope, and fire extinguisher are recommended. Driving lights will be quite useful, and a functional odometer will be necessary to follow the course.

Competition and trophies will be offered in Limited and Unlimited classes. Limited class does not permit computers, programmable calculators, that kind of stuff--though rallye odometers are allowed.

We are pleased that Arbor Inn Restaurant, with high ratings from last year's contestants, will again host Rallye Headquarters, and will again provide a great already-paid-for all-you-can-cram buffet breakfast for all rallye folk.

Arbor Inn Restaurant is at 2045 S Hwy 99W, McMinnville, Oregon.

Rallye Sleepquarters will again be at Vineyard Inn, next door to Rallye Headquarters. Be advised that the nature of THE ROAD NOT TAKEN is such that it would surely be unwise to attempt even a short weary drive home immediately after the event--so plan accordingly. On pre-request, Vineyard Inn will grant late checkouts for contestants and workers. Due to high motel occupancy during THE ROAD NOT TAKEN season, we encourage making reservations very early. Alternate accommodations are few and far away. Make reservations now. Avoid disappointment! We told you so.

Vineyard Inn is at 2035 S Hwy 99W, McMinnville, Oregon 97128 1-800-285-6242.

More information can be obtained from THE ROAD NOT TAKEN rallyemasters:

Bob Wakehouse  (503)642-4578  5220 SW 183rd Ct  Aloha, OR  97007
Todd Terp  (503)662-3417  116 N Elm  Yamhill, OR  97148

Early entries may buy genuine high quality THE ROAD NOT TAKEN T-shirts now for pick-up at the start of the event. Design is basic NAME, LOGO, DATE. Shirts are $11 U.S. each. Specify size (standard letter sizes) and shirt color (lettering will be white). Official color is black with white lettering. Specify T-shirt order in blank space below, or on separate sheet.

Entries and T-shirt orders should be payable to THE ROAD NOT TAKEN and mailed to:

THE ROAD NOT TAKEN 5220 S.W. 183rd Ct. Aloha, OR 97007

DRIVER NAME _______________________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS ____________________________________________________

CITY/STATE/PROVINCE/ZIP/ETC _______________________________________

AREA CODE/PHONE ___________________________________________________

NAVIGATOR NAME ____________________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS ____________________________________________________

CITY/STATE/PROVINCE/ZIP/ETC _______________________________________

AREA CODE/PHONE ___________________________________________________

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION _______________________________________________

COMPETITION CLASS: Limited _____ Unlimited _____

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