The problem with North American racing commentators

Kyle Petty, Darrel Waltrip and Mike Joy have absolutely nothing in common with the next three racing commentators.


Youtube channel The Whistle released another edition of its popular comedy video series Bad British Commentators. 

In the latest edition,  Anthony Richardson, who works with The Whistle, was asked to commentate television footage from a handful of NASCAR races. The results are pretty funny.

With the online community continually publishing funny videos from all our favorite sports, I am shocked that the Bad Lip Reading people haven't tried their hands at lip reading in NASCAR.


Watching that video could only bring up memories of some of the most lively, and non-English speaking commentators throughout the past couple years. The next two videos are absolutely histerical. Between the outrageously excited Japanese commentators at what looks like a handful of Formula Nippon races, or the like, or the "Ohhhhh, Lalalalalala!" Of the French commentators watching Carl Edwards try to flip his car into the grandstands at Talladega, it is television gold. 



"Ohhh Lalalalalalalala!!!"



*Note: Promoting these videos is not meant to be a sign of disrespect to the French or the Japanese, but instead an effort to try to show the North American television broadcast community that while Alan Bestwick is the best racing commentator alive, he still needs two really excitable personalities flanking him... and Kyle Petty is not one of them.



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