The motorsports Superbowl in tweets

Race car drivers are race fans….according to Twitter.

I am Canadian, so this whole Superbowl thing has always been a "meh" event. I bet I will catch some flack for that. Especially considering I love the Grey Cup. The Grey Cup is Canada's football leagues final championship game. Hopefully I didn't lose too many readers with that.

Anyhow. I do enjoy watching the high intensity, win or lose type games in any sport. A nope, not just because of the epic appetizers that usually come with it.

We have all seen it now. The Seattle birds beat the Denver horses. In a blowout game. Apparently weather had something to do with it?

Either way, it wasn't much of a game. Hopefully there are not too many Bronco fans upset about paying to see the game, or paying to feed their gloating Seahawks fans beer and wings.

What I truly enjoyed about the game this year was watching Twitter. I am not the most Twitter friendly person myself, but I get the jist of it.

Race car drivers are hardcore football fans. Here are some of the highlights.

Marco Andretti ‏@MarcoAndretti : Sooooo I bet on Denver. Lol

Former Champcar driver Enrique Bernoldi replied with a simple response to Andretti's tweet.

Enrique Bernoldi ‏@ebernoldi: @MarcoAndretti good bet Marco…

Motorsports Journalist Jenna Fryer commented that people are going to miss the body parts of a certain NASCAR driver…

Jenna Fryer ‏@JennaFryer: Nobody is still watching to see Danica's huge pecs!

NHRA ace Ron Capps gave props to all those Seattle fans who stuck out years of a lack of success….

Ron Capps ‏@NapaRonCapps: Long time coming for all the loyal Hawk fans, you stuck it out, and you deserve it.and once again, the NFC showed it's wayyy more physical.

And last but not least, Ty Dillon spent some time chirping Kyle Busch….

Ty Dillon ‏@tydillon: Hey @KyleBusch go pic up my championship jersey for me #close game

Share your favourite tweets from the game below in our comments section.

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