The Formula One silly season is late this season

The Formula One silly season is late this season

It seems all a bit confusing, but if you look at it in the right way, the silly season somehow does make sense. Hold on, here we go. Williams has something McLaren wants: Nico Rosberg. And McLaren has something Williams wants: a Mercedes engine.

It seems all a bit confusing, but if you look at it in the right way, the silly season somehow does make sense. Hold on, here we go. Williams has something McLaren wants: Nico Rosberg. And McLaren has something Williams wants: a Mercedes engine. Mercedes wants something in return if they would agree to bolt their engine to the back of the Williams: a McLaren contract with German Nico Rosberg. Frank Williams is deliriously happy, because he knows he holds the key to happiness for everyone, he can trade Rosberg for a Mercedes engine and still has Nico Hulkenberg to drive the Williams.

Nico Rosberg, Williams F1 Team.
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German Rosberg plus German Mercedes engine and new German talent Hulkenberg plus German Mercedes engine is good for business and will keep the Mercedes board of directors happy. Preferably so happy that they will decide to continue with the production of Formula One engines. Which in turn would make Norbert Haug, Vijay Mallya, Frank Williams, Martin Whitmarsh and Ross Brawn very happy indeed. Mercedes would be the happy winner, they would supply four teams with their trusty engine, and have a German driver in a Williams-Mercedes and a German driver in a McLaren-Mercedes. And of course Rosberg and Hulkenberg would be very happy with this arrangement as well. And to demonstrate how happy Mercedes would be, Haug invited Frank Williams and Patrick Head to the DTM race at Brands Hatch last weekend.

Mosley will not be happy at all, he doesn't like Mercedes and the other car manufacturers, they simply cannot be trusted, once they win the championship, they will take the money and run, and that would make even more people very unhappy. Well, at least that is Mosley's unhappy view on the matter. But it is very difficult for Mosey to be happy, he is already unhappy because he has to leave the FIA in October. Most F1 teams will be happy if the unhappy president of the FIA finally gives up. The question is of course: what will they get in return, another unhappy president?

Because wannabe FIA president Ari Vatanen isn't happy with the campaign of his rival wannabe FIA president Jean Todt. As a result of that Jean Todt isn't happy with Vatanen's comments. Mosley -- who already was unhappy remember -- isn't happy with Vatanen's campaign either, and is therefore more than happy to support Jean Todt.

Nick Heidfeld and Robertt Kubica are definitely not happy, their BMW bosses in Munich decided that they were not happy with the results they produced, and pulled the plug. Ex-Sauber boss Peter Sauber isn't happy either, he was a bit upset when he found out how much money the unhappy BMW company wanted for 'his' team. He has flown to Malaysia to see if he can strike a happy deal with oil company Petronas in order to resurrect the BMW team. If he manages to do so, everyone at the BMW-Sauber team will be happy again.

Renault and Flavio Briatore are not happy either, Red Bull isn't happy with their engine anymore, and to make things worse, it seems Williams wants a Mercedes engine and not a Renault engine. And Renault is not happy at all about the unhappy Piquet family hanging out the dirty laundry. Briatore is not happy with the investigation the FIA carries out to see if the unhappy Piquet family is right or wrong. The outcome could make the Renault board of directors very unhappy and could lead to the very unfortunate decision to leave Formula One, in order to keep their shareholders happy of course. As it happens, Ferrari wants something Renault has: Fernando Alonso and big time happy spender Banco Santander, we'll come back to that later.

Toyota isn't happy either, they are not happy with Jarno Trulli, he is very expensive and doesn't deliver the results to keep Toyota happy. And to make things worse, Williams wants to get rid of the Toyota engine contract before it expires at the end of next year. John Howett is not happy, he says he's perfectly happy, but that is not true. He has to cut the cost for his team with 40% next year, because the Toyota bosses are not happy with the 'progress' the team has made this year. But, happily, the season isn't over yet, so there are still five chances for John Howett and his team to make the Toyota people back in Japan very happy.

Force India Team celebration, Giancarlo Fisichella, Force India F1 Team and Vijay Mallya Force India F1 Team Owner.
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Vijay Mallya is a very happy man, he has a fast car that nearly gave him his first win ever, and has made a happy deal with Ferrari to send Giancarlo Fisichella to Ferrari, and because of that, Ferrari will be more than happy to forget about the money that Force India still owed them. Fisichella is of course very, very happy because his dream finally came true, and his thirteen-year Formula One career will have a happy ending after all. And Vitantonio Liuzzi is happy because he will replace Fisichella. On the other hand, Luca Badoer isn't happy about that at all, because his career will not have a happy ending, and is therefore very unhappy about the way the press made an end to his Ferrari dream. And in it's turn, the press isn't happy with that either, they think Badoer should have spend more time driving his Ferrari, instead of reading the newspapers which allegedly printed all the unhappy comments about him.

Ferrari isn't happy with Kimi Raikkonen anymore, although Raikkonen himself says he is still happy with the team. Fernando Alonso isn't happy being sandwiched between the Piquets and Briatore in their ongoing war about the supposedly 'strange things' happening in the Renault team. He would be perfectly happy to move to Ferrari before the truth emerges (the truth could be very embarrassing for him as well), but Ferrari cannot offer Renault anything in return, I'm pretty sure Renault doesn't want to have a Ferrari engine in the back of their car, that would be a very unhappy and embarrassing situation indeed. Felipe Massa isn't happy either, he has to sit out the rest of the season after his unfortunate accident in Hungary. But we are very happy that Massa is still alive, and his fans will have to wait until next year before we they will see him in the cockpit of his Ferrari again.

McLaren is happy because finally were able to put the lie-gate affair behind them. Lewis Hamilton is becoming increasingly more happy with his car, it seems McLaren are on their way back to the top. Martin Whitmarsh is increasingly more unhappy with Heikki Kovalainen and has told him to up his performance if he wants to keep his seat at McLaren.

Squadra Toro Rosso are happy now they have dumped Sebastien Bourdais, who of course wasn't at all happy with the premature end of his Formula One career. Rookies Sebastian Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari are very happy with the Ferrari engine in their car, and showed they were faster than the unhappy Luca Badoer in his Ferrari.

Mark Webber, Red Bull Racing.
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As said before, Red Bull Racing isn't happy with the Renault engine anymore, but if Mercedes strikes a deal with Williams, they cannot run a Mercedes engine, because Mercedes can only supply four teams with their engine, a unhappy rule invented by the aforementioned unhappy FIA president. Well, at least Red Bull drivers Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel are happy, they both have a contract for next year.

Ross Brawn and drivers Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello are of course very happy to say the least. They were already happy when they revived the Honda team just in time for the 2009 season. And they have achieved the ultimate 'mission impossible', thanks to the clever Ross Brawn and his magic diffuser they are on top of the Drivers and Constructors Championship. And they have more reasons to be happy, the Brawn team have secured the necessary sponsor deals to continue for another two or three happy years in Formula One. And the Mercedes bosses are so happy about the results of Brawn GP, in fact they are so happy that they want to buy a stake in the happy Brawn team. Ross Brawn can't believe his luck this year.

So, some people are happy, and some are not. A lot of work has to be done, and many meetings will have to be scheduled before everybody is happy again Formula One.

And now you know why they call it the silly season, it's all really very silly isn't it? But it is great fun to speculate about the drivers market and the future of Formula One.

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