Teri Hundertmark endures extreme "One Lap of America"

SOUTH HAVEN, MI, May 13, 2000 - Following a journey of over 4500 miles, Terri Hundertmark closed out the 2000 Michelin/ Car and Driver One Lap of America with a strong 14th place finishing position in the GT1 class. The sophomore "One-Lapper" ...

SOUTH HAVEN, MI, May 13, 2000 - Following a journey of over 4500 miles, Terri Hundertmark closed out the 2000 Michelin/ Car and Driver One Lap of America with a strong 14th place finishing position in the GT1 class. The sophomore "One-Lapper" stunned many by bringing her completely stock Michelin/ MsSpeed.com/ Racing for Kids/ TCR BMW Z3 M Coupe home 27th overall.

Running as part of the Michelin North America race team, Hundertmark joined fellow Michelin team members Spencer Geswein and Brian Smith- who took overall honors in their stock Dodge Viper Coupe- Paul Gerrard and Dan Kary who chased Geswein and Smith to second overall in a Mercedes V12. The grinding Michelin One Lap of America began here at GingerMan Raceway one week ago and traveled the eastern United States during the past seven days. The timed-events at GingerMan, Michigan Speedway, Road Atlanta (Georgia), Sebring International Raceway (Florida), Virginia International Raceway, Lime Rock Park (Connecticut) and Nelson Ledges (Ohio) were broken by on-highway driving stints of an average 650 miles.

"I'm really happy with our performance. The M Coupe just ran perfectly all week long. We never had to worry about it on the highway or on the track. We were down on power to our class-competitors and that hurt us on the big horsepower tracks," the Indianapolis-resident offered. "Even though we didn't take the win in our Michelin BMW, it is great to be part of the team that did. Spencer and Brian did a terrific job all race long. Paul and Dan also put on a great show. The whole Michelin team has every reason to be proud after a hard week."

The Women's Global GT Series regular commented, "It was really inspiring to have the Michelin Pilots under me on the track. They always met the challenge no matter how hard I pushed them. They were just as strong on the street. We had some heavy wind and rain and never once did I feel this little car hydroplane or put a 'foot' wrong. We definitely had the right combination for this event with BMW and Michelin!"

"I quickly fell in love with this car," a tired Hundertmark continued. "I competed with a stock BMW against cars that had every techno-gadget imaginable on them. Looking at it, this car shouldn't have been able to hang with the huge horsepower cars like the Vipers and the modified Vettes but, not only did it race with them, it challenged them! We only mounted the Michelin Pilot tires and Johnson Controls' PSI tire pressure monitoring system to this car. Anyone can go out and buy the Michelin tires and the PSI system adding those to the M Coupe they drove out of the showroom to have the exact car we just raced with! This M Coupe is more than just cute, it rocks!"

The One Lap of America has continued to grow in the years since Michelin's involvement. The 2000 Michelin One Lap of America was the most competitive in history with 113 cars beginning the event. Over 105 entries finished the entire distance.

"I can't believe how tight the competition was," reflected Hundertmark. "I was extremely consistent this whole week and every day we were flip-flopping positions with the people in our group. This kind of event really wears on you physically, mentally and emotionally. There is so much to think about and not a lot of time to reflect on where to improve. The lack of sleep, a normal diet and the challenge to get to the next event leaves you without time to prepare for the next track."

Hundertmark again carried the Racing For Kids colors across the United States in the Michelin One Lap of America helping spread the word about the healthcare needs of children in the local communities. The charitable driver is the sole female spokesperson for Racing For Kids. Racing For Kids is a non-profit organization that uses auto racing to raise awareness for sick and needy children.

Following the awards dinner Hundertmark looked back on the week. "Two days ago I was questioning my sanity for doing this. Today I am trying to figure out how to pack better so I can bring more clean socks! This event becomes a part of you and I've made winning it a career goal."

Personal daily race reports are available on Terri Hundertmark's web site, www.MsSpeed.com. For information on Michelin, please visit www.michelin.com. For information on BMW, visit www.bmw.com. For more on the Michelin One Lap of America, visit www.onelapofamerica.com.

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