Televised Events #95-28

---------------------------------------------------------------------- TV Events Now in its 4th and final year of weekly publication, TVE is a compilation of info. gleaned from TV listings, auto mags., ...

---------------------------------------------------------------------- TV Events

Now in its 4th and final year of weekly publication, TVE is a compilation of info. gleaned from TV listings, auto mags., newspapers, tea leaves, my favorite bartender, and the nice folks at TNN. A special thanks to Curt Swinehart for providing me with info. on the many regional sports networks and Tak Ariga for coverage in Canada. PLEASE confirm dates and times with your local listings before setting your VCRs.

TVE will usually be updated no later than every Friday morning and will be most accurate (or least inaccurate) for the following 7 days. If your favorite event is "tba'd", please don't panic unless it's in the 7 day window.

Thanks to EMI Communications, TVE listings are also available on the World-Wide-Web at URL "" where they will be archived for an indeterminate period of time.

If you are having trouble with this list arriving at your site in a timely fashion, please let me know via e-mail and I will also start mailing you a copy.

Comments, suggestions, additions, extra pit passes, etc. to:


(T)=Taped (L)=Live (SD)=Same Day (?)=dunno

12:00AM = 0000 hours = start of day


WINSTON CUP QUALIFYING, BROOKLYN (L) 08/18 3:30-5:00PM ESPN2 SpeedWeek 08/19 12:30-1:00AM ESPN PORSCHE SUPERCUP, GREAT BRITAIN (T) 08/19 1:00-1:30AM ESPN Checkered Flag 08/19 1:30-2:00AM ESPN USAC SPRINTS/MIDGETS (T) 08/19 3:30-5:30AM ESPN SpeedWeek 08/19 6:00-6:30AM ESPN MotoWorld 08/19 7:00-7:30AM ESPN2 BUSCH GN, WEST ALLIS (T) 08/19 9:00-11:00AM TNN MotorWeek 08/19 10:00-10:30AM WGN NASCAR Today 08/19 11:00-11:30AM ESPN DW9s Racing Weekly 08/19 11:30AM-12:00PM FAM AMA, 250cc GD NATIONAL, NEW BERLIN (T)08/19 12:00-1:00PM ESPN BUSCH GN, BROOKLYN (L) 08/19 1:00-3:00PM ESPN ESPN2 LIGHTNING, CLERMONT (L) 08/19 2:00-4:00PM ESPN2 NHRA Today w/Steve Evans 08/19 2:00-2:30PM TNN Inside Winston Cup w/Ned Jarrett 08/19 2:30-3:00PM TNN AMA, 650cc GD NATIONAL, LAKE ODESSA (T08/19 3:00-4:00PM TNN INDYCAR QUALIFYING, LOUDON (?) 08/19 4:00-5:00PM ESPN2 Truckin' USA w/Ed Bruce 08/19 5:00-5:30PM TNN Trucks & Tractor Power 08/19 5:30-6:00PM TNN NASCAR SUPERTRUCKS, FLEMINGTON (L) 08/19 6:00-8:00PM TNN ASA, ANDERSON, IN (L) 08/19 9:00-11:00PM HTS, MSG,PSN,PSN2,SCNE,SCOH,SCPH,SPTS WoO, KNOXVILLE NATIONALS (L) 08/19 10:00PM-12:00AM TNN ESPN2 LIGHTNING, CLERMONT (T) 08/20 12:00-2:00AM ESPN2 This Week In Motorsports 08/20 1:30-2:00AM WGN MotoWorld 08/20 2:30-3:00AM ESPN BUSCH GN, BROOKLYN (T) 08/20 3:00-5:00AM ESPN INDYCAR QUALIFYING, LOUDON (T) 08/20 3:00-4:00AM ESPN2 SODA OFF-ROAD, MILAN (T) 08/20 5:00-6:00AM ESPN Shadetree Mechanic 08/20 9:00-9:30AM TNN WINSTON CUP QUALIFYING, BROOKLYN (T) 08/20 9:30-11:00AM ESPN2 The Best Of Shadetree Mechanic 08/20 9:30-10:00AM TNN Win! w/Rusty Wallace (Felix Sabates) 08/20 10:00-10:30AM TNN NHRA Today w/Steve Evans 08/20 10:30-11:00AM TNN Inside Winston Cup w/Ned Jarrett 08/20 11:00-11:30AM TNN Inside Drag Racing 08/20 11:00-11:30AM ESPN2 RaceDay w/Rick Benjamin (L) 08/20 11:30AM-12:00PM TNN In The Driver9s Seat 08/20 11:30AM-12:00PM ESPN2 NASCAR Today 08/20 12:00-12:30PM ESPN2 WINSTON CUP, BROOKLYN (L) 08/20 12:30-3:30PM ESPN INDYCAR, LOUDON (L) 08/20 12:30-3:00PM TSN Super Chevy Series, Atlanta 08/20 12:30-1:00PM ESPN2 INDYCAR, LOUDON (L) 08/20 1:00-3:00PM ESPN2 Win! w/Rusty Wallace (Felix Sabates) 08/20 2:30-3:00PM TNN Trucks & Tractor Power 08/20 3:00-3:30PM TNN NASCAR Shop Talk 08/20 3:30-4:00PM ESPN Truckin' USA w/Ed Bruce 08/20 3:30-4:00PM TNN American Sports Cavalcade 08/20 4:00-5:25PM TNN MotoWorld II 08/20 4:30-5:00PM ESPN2 RaceDay Update w/Rick Benjamin (L) 08/20 5:25-5:30PM TNN Shadetree Mechanic 08/20 5:30-6:00PM TNN The Best Of Shadetree Mechanic 08/20 6:00-6:30PM TNN NHRA Today w/Steve Evans 08/20 6:30-7:00PM TNN Inside Winston Cup w/Ned Jarrett 08/20 7:00-7:30PM TNN RaceDay w/Rick Benjamin (L) 08/20 7:30-8:00PM TNN INDYCAR, LOUDON (SD) 08/20 10:00PM-12:00AM ESPN2 Road Test Magazine w/Don Garlits 08/20 11:00-11:30PM TNN Truckin' USA w/Ed Bruce 08/20 11:30PM-12:00AM TNN RaceDay Update w/Rick Benjamin (L) 08/21 12:00-12:05AM TNN COPPER WORLD CLASSIC, PHOENIX (T) 08/21 12:05-1:30AM TNN Trucks & Tractor Power 08/21 1:30-2:00AM TNN BARBER PRO, SEARS POINT (T) 08/21 3:00-3:30AM ESPN2 Inside Drag Racing 08/21 3:30-4:00AM ESPN2 INDYCAR, LOUDON (T) 08/21 8:30-11:00AM TSN Secrets Of Speed (Unser9s Mountain) 08/21 7:30-8:00PM ESPN2 NHRA, NATIONALS, BRAINERD (T) 08/21 8:00-9:00PM ESPN INDYCAR, LOUDON (T) 08/21 9:00-11:00PM ESPN Monster Trucks 08/22 3:00-4:00AM ESPN2 Auto Shop 08/22 6:00-7:00AM QVC ESPN2 LIGHTNING, CLERMONT (T) 08/22 3:30-5:30PM ESPN2 INDYCAR, LOUDON (T) 08/22 7:30-9:30PM ESPN TOYOTA ATLANTIC, QUEBEC (T) 08/22 7:30-8:00PM ESPN2 WINSTON CUP, BROOKLYN (T) 08/22 10:00PM-1:00AM ESPN2 For Race Fans Only 08/22 10:00-11:00PM QVC MotoWorld 08/23 5:00-5:30PM ESPN Movie: Days Of Thunder :-( 08/23 9:00-11:00PM CBS Monster Trucks 08/24 3:00-4:00AM ESPN2 WINSTON CUP, BROOKLYN (T) 08/24 3:30-5:30AM ESPN WINSTON CUP, BROOKLYN (T) 08/24 1:00-3:00PM ESPN This Week In NASCAR w/Eli Gold (L) 08/24 8:00-9:00PM HTS, PASS,PSN,PSN2,PSSW,SCC,SCNE,SCP,SCPH,SPTS,SUN (Rusty will be Eli9s guest from Paramount Theater in Bristol) MotorWeek (Neon & Toyota trucks) 08/24 8:30-9:00PM MPT Monster Trucks 08/25 3:00-3:30AM ESPN2 BARBER PRO, LIME ROCK (T) 08/25 3:30-4:00AM ESPN2 Movie: Six Pack 08/25 6:10-8:00AM HBO WINSTON CUP QUALIFYING, BRISTOL (L) 08/25 6:30-7:30PM ESPN2 BUSCH GN, BRISTOL (L) 08/25 7:30-9:30PM ESPN SpeedWeek 08/26 12:30-1:00AM ESPN Checkered Flag (Hungarian GP) 08/26 1:00-1:30AM ESPN TOYOTA ATLANTIC, LEXINGTON (T) 08/26 1:30-2:00AM ESPN SpeedWeek 08/26 6:00-6:30AM ESPN MotoWorld 08/26 7:00-7:30AM ESPN2 BUSCH GN, LOUDON (T) 08/26 9:00-11:00AM TNN NASCAR Today 08/26 11:00-11:30AM ESPN DW9s Racing Weekly 08/26 11:30AM-12:00PM FAM

----------COMING EVENTS----------

TOYOTA ATLANTIC, QUEBEC (T) 08/26 2:30-3:00PM ESPN2 ESPN2 LIGHTNING, CLERMONT (L) 08/26 3:00-5:00PM ESPN2 AMA GRAND NATIONAL, SEDALIA (T) 08/26 3:00-4:00PM TNN INDY LIGHTS, CLEVELAND (T) 08/26 4:00-4:30PM ESPN IHRA SPORTSMAN, DARLINGTON (T) 08/26 5:00-5:30PM ESPN2 NASCAR Today 08/26 7:00-7:30PM ESPN2 WINSTON CUP, BRISTOL (L) 08/26 7:30-11:00PM ESPN AMA MOTOCROSS, NEW BERLIN (T) 08/26 11:00-11:30PM ESPN2 This Week In Motorsports 08/27 1:30-2:00AM WGN MotoWorld 08/27 2:30-3:00AM ESPN INDY LIGHTS (T) 08/27 3:00-3:30AM ESPN AMA MOTOCROSS (T) 08/27 3:00-3:30AM ESPN2 BUSCH GN, BRISTOL (T) 08/27 3:30-5:30AM ESPN FORMULA 1, BELGIUM (SPA) (L) 08/27 7:30-10:00AM TSN FORMULA 1, BELGIUM (SPA) (L) 08/27 7:50-10:00AM ESPN IHRA, SPRING NATIONALS (T) 08/27 9:00-9:30AM ESPN2 IMSA, MOOSEHEAD GP (T) 08/27 10:00-10:30AM ESPN2 Inside Drag Racing 08/27 11:00-11:30AM ESPN2 In The Driver9s Seat 08/27 11:30AM-12:00PM ESPN2 ASA, BADGERLAND 150, WEST ALLIS (L) 08/27 3:00-5:30PM TNN IMSA, WSC (T) 08/27 5:00-7:00PM ESPN2 TOYOTA ATLANTIC (T) 08/27 7:30-8:00PM ESPN2 OFF-ROAD RACING (T) 08/27 8:00-8:30PM ESPN2 FORMULA 1, BELGIUM (SPA) (SD) 08/27 11:30PM-1:30AM CBCE FORMULA 1, BELGIUM (SPA) (T) 08/28 12:00-2:00AM TSN FORMULA 1, BELGIUM (SPA) (T) 08/28 12:30-2:00AM ESPN FORMULA 1, BELGIUM (SPA) (T) 08/28 12:30-2:30AM CBCM FORMULA 1, BELGIUM (SPA) (SD) 08/28 2:30-5:00AM CBCW MotoWorld II 08/28 3:00-3:30AM ESPN2 ESPN2 LIGHTNING, CLERMONT (T) 08/29 1:00-3:00AM ESPN2 WINSTON CUP, BRISTOL (T) 08/29 3:00-5:00AM ESPN Inside Drag Racing 08/29 3:30-4:00AM ESPN2 IMSA, BRAINERD (T) 08/29 1:30-3:30PM ESPN This Week In NASCAR w/Eli Gold (L) 08/31 8:00-9:00PM (Jeremy Mayfield & Cale Yarborough at Cale9s home) BUSCH GN, DARLINGTON (?) 09/02 tba tba NHRA Today w/Steve Evans (L) 09/02 2:00-2:30PM TNN NHRA, PRO BIKE DASH, INDY (L) 09/02 tba TNN INDYCAR, QUAL., VANCOUVER, CANADA (L) 09/02 5:00-6:00PM CBC NHRA PRO STOCK BIKES, IRP (L) 09/02 5:00-6:00PM TNN PORSCHE SUPERCUP, GERMANY (T) 09/02 6:00-6:30PM ESPN NHRA Today w/Steve Evans (L) 09/03 10:30-11:00AM TNN WINSTON CUP, DARLINGTON (L) 09/03 1:00PM ESPN NHRA Today w/Steve Evans (L) 09/03 2:00-2:30PM TNN NHRA, BIG BUD SHOOTOUT, IRP (L) 09/03 tba TNN INDYCAR, VANCOUVER, CANADA (L) 09/03 3:30-6:00PM CBC NHRA, BIG BUD SHOOTOUT, IRP (L) 09/03 5:00-6:00PM TNN INDYCAR, VANCOUVER, CANADA (L) 09/03 5:00-7:00PM ESPN INDYCAR, VANCOUVER, CANADA (SD) 09/03 11:30PM-2:00AM CBCE SCCA BARBER-DODGE, MID-OHIO (T) 09/04 12:00AM ESPN INDYCAR, VANCOUVER, CANADA (SD) 09/04 2:30-5:00AM CBCW ASA, ST. PAUL (?) 09/04 tba tba NHRA, U.S. NATIONALS, INDY (L) 09/04 4:30-7:30PM TNN INDYCAR, VANCOUVER (T) 09/05 12:30-2:30AM ESPN NASCAR SUPERTRUCKS, RICHMOND (?) 09/07 tba tba IMSA, MOSPORT (T) 09/07 2:30-3:30PM ESPN BUSCH GN, RICHMOND (?) 09/09 tba tba WINSTON CUP, RICHMOND (L) 09/09 7:30PM TBS FORMULA 1, MONZA, ITALY (L) 09/10 8:30-11:00AM TSN FORMULA 1, MONZA, ITALY (L) 09/10 8:50-11:00AM ESPN ASA, KAUKAUNA, WI (?) 09/10 tba TNN INDYCAR, LAGUNA SECA (L) 09/10 3:30-6:00PM TSN INDYCAR, LAGUNA SECA (L) 09/10 4:00-6:00PM ESPN PORSCHE SUPERCUP, HUNGARY (T) 09/10 6:30-7:00PM ESPN2 FORMULA 1, MONZA, ITALY (SD) 09/10 11:30PM-2:00AM CBCE FORMULA 1, MONZA, ITALY (T) 09/11 12:00-2:00AM TSN FORMULA 1, MONZA, ITALY (SD) 09/11 2:30-5:00AM CBCW INDYCAR, LAGUNA SECA (T) 09/11 8:30-11:00AM TSN SCCA BARBER-DODGE, LOUDON (T) 09/12 12:30AM ESPN INDYCAR, LAGUNA SECA (T) 09/12 7:30-9:30PM ESPN BUSCH GN, DOVER (?) 09/16 tba tba WINSTON CUP, DOVER (L) 09/17 12:10PM TNN NHRA, KEYSTONE NATIONALS, READING (L) 09/17 5:00PM TNN PORSCHE SUPERCUP, HUNGARY (T) 09/22 1:00-1:30AM ESPN NASCAR SUPERTRUCKS, MARTINSVILLE (?) 09/23 tba tba FORMULA 1, ESTORIL, PORTUGAL (L) 09/24 9:30AM-12:00PM TSN FORMULA 1, ESTORIL, PORTUGAL (L) 09/24 9:50AM-12:00PM ESPN WINSTON CUP, MARTINSVILLE (L) 09/24 12:30PM ESPN FORMULA 1, ESTORIL, PORTUGAL (SD) 09/24 11:30PM-2:00AM CBCE FORMULA 1, ESTORIL, PORTUGAL (T) 09/25 12:00-2:00AM TSN FORMULA 1, ESTORIL, PORTUGAL (SD) 09/25 2:30-5:00AM CBCW FORMULA 1, EUROPE (NUERBURGRING) (L) 10/01 8:30-11:00AM TSN FORMULA 1, EUROPE (NUERBURGRING) (L) 10/01 8:50-11:00AM ESPN WINSTON CUP, N. WILKESBORO (L) 10/01 1:00PM ESPN ASA, TOLEDO (?) 10/01 tba TNN NHRA, CRAFTSMAN NATIONALS, TOPEKA (L) 10/01 6:00PM TNN FORMULA 1, EUROPE (NUERBURGRING) (SD) 10/01 11:30PM-2:00AM CBCE FORMULA 1, EUROPE (NUERBURGRING) (T) 10/02 12:00-2:00AM TSN FORMULA 1, EUROPE (NUERBURGRING) (SD) 10/02 2:30-5:00AM CBCW PORSCHE SUPERCUP, SAN MARINO (T) 10/05 4:30-5:00PM ESPN2 BUSCH GN, CHARLOTTE (?) 10/07 tba tba WINSTON CUP, CHARLOTTE (L) 10/08 1:00PM TBS PORSCHE SUPERCUP, BELGIUM (T) 10/08 2:00-2:30PM ESPN2 IMSA, PHOENIX (T) 10/11 3:00-4:00PM ESPN PORSCHE SUPERCUP, SPAIN (T) 10/12 4:30-5:00PM ESPN2 NASCAR SUPERTRUCKS, BAKERSFIELD (?) 10/14 tba tba ALL AMERICAN 400, NASHVILLE (L) 10/15 1:00-4:00PM TNN ASA, JENNERSTOWN (?) 10/15 tba PSN SCCA BARBER-DODGE, DALLAS (T) 10/15 2:30PM ESPN PORSCHE SUPERCUP,EUROPE,NURBURGRING (T10/15 4:30-5:00PM ESPN2 NHRA, NATIONALS, DALLAS (SD) 10/15 10:00PM ESPN PORSCHE SUPERCUP, MONACO (T) 10/19 4:30-5:00PM ESPN2 BUSCH GN, THE ROCK (?) 10/21 tba tba FORMULA 1, PACIFIC (AIDA, JAPAN) (L) 10/22 12:00-2:30AM TSN FORMULA 1, PACIFIC (AIDA, JAPAN) (SD) 10/22 9:30-12:00AM TSN WINSTON CUP, THE ROCK (L) 10/22 12:30PM TNN FORMULA 1, PACIFIC (AIDA, JAPAN) (SD) 10/22 11:30PM-2:00AM CBCE PORSCHE SUPERCUP,EUROPE,NURBURGRING (T10/22 11:30PM-12:00AM ESPN2 FORMULA 1, PACIFIC (AIDA, JAPAN) (SD) 10/23 2:30-5:00AM CBCW IMSA, BIG EASY (T) 10/25 3:00-4:00PM ESPN PORSCHE SUPERCUP, BELGIUM (T) 10/25 5:00-5:30PM ESPN PORSCHE SUPERCUP, FRANCE (T) 10/26 4:30-5:00PM ESPN2

* Network Designations

A&E Arts & Entertainment Network AMC American Movie Classics CBCE Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (East) CBCF Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (French)? CBCW Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (West) CBCM Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Montreal) DIS The Disney Channel EMPS Regional Sports Network (New York) ENC Encore ESPN ESPN Sports Network ESPN2 ESPN Sports Network 2 FAM The Family Channel (a NASCAR team sponsor!) HBO Home Box Office HIST The History Channel HSE Regional Sports Network (Houston) HTS Regional Sports Network (Baltimore & DC) KBL Regional Sports Network (Pittsburg) MAX Cinemax MPT Maryland Public TV MSC Midwest Sports Channel MSG Madison Square Garden MTV Music(?) Television PASS Regional Sports Network (Detroit) PBS Public TV (USA) PRTK Regional Sports Network (LA) PSRM Prime Sports Network (Rocky Mountains) PSN Prime Sports Network PSN2 Prime Sports Network (Midwest & Mountains) PSNW Prime Sports Network (Northwest) PSSW Prime Sports Network (Southwest) PSW Prime Sports Network (West) NESN New England Sports Network QVC home shopping RDS Reseau Des Sports (Canada - French) SCC Sports Channel Chicago SCNE Sports Channel New England SCNY Sports Channel New York SCOH Sports Channel Ohio SCP Sports Channel Pacific SCPH Sports Channel Philly SHOW Showtime SPTS Sport South Network SRC Societe Radio-Canada (French) SUN Sunshine Network (Regional Sports Network, SE USA) TBS Atlanta "Super Station" TNN The Nashville Network TSN The Sports Network (Canada - English) USA USA Network WDCA Washington, DC WGN Chicago "Super Station" WJZ Baltimore WOR New York "Super Station"

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