*Televised Events #94-24*

---------------------------------------------------------------------- TV Events Now in its third year of weekly publication, TVE is a compilation of info. gleaned from TV listings, auto mags., newspapers, tea ...

---------------------------------------------------------------------- TV Events

Now in its third year of weekly publication, TVE is a compilation of info. gleaned from TV listings, auto mags., newspapers, tea leaves, my favorite bartender, and the nice folks at TNN. A special thanks also to Curt Swinehart for providing me with info. on the many regional sports networks. PLEASE confirm dates and times with your local listings before setting your VCRs.

TVE will USUALLY be updated no later than every Friday morning and will be most accurate (or least inaccurate) for the following 7 days. If your favorite event is "tba'd", please don't panic unless it's in the 7 day window.

As mentioned previously, this listing is now being submitted to the new group rec.autos.sport.info. Assuming the moderators approve, this list will be available in the r.a.s.i group from now on. In an attempt to get the word to as many r.a.s readers as possible, I will continue to cross-post to r.a.s for a short time. (This again assumes the moderators of r.a.s.i do not object to my doing so.)

If you are having trouble with this list arriving at your site in a timely fashion, please let me know via e-mail and I will also start mailing you a copy.

Comments, suggestions, additions, extra pit passes, etc. to: stoffel@oasys.dt.navy.mil


(T)=Taped (L)=Live (SD)=Same Day (?)=dunno

12:00AM = 0000 hours = start of day


AMA SUPPORT DIVISION, MONTEREY (T) 06/16 2:00-3:00PM HTS SCCA WORLD CHALLENGE, LEXINGTON (T) 06/16 3:00-4:00PM EMPS, HSE,HTS,MSG,PASS,PSN,SCNE,SCP,SUN In The Driver's Seat 06/16 3:30-4:00PM ESPN2 AMA SUPERCROSS SERIES (T) 06/16 6:30-7:30PM ESPN2 MotorWeek (AWD & 4WD) 06/16 8:30-9:00PM MPT WORLD SUPERBIKE SERIES (T) 06/16 9:00-10:00PM HSE, HTS,PSNW,SCP,SPTS SCCA WORLD CHALLENGE, LEXINGTON (T) 06/16 10:00-11:00PM HTS, PASS,PSN,PSN2,SCC,SCOH,SCP,SPTS This Week In NASCAR w/Eli Gold 06/16 11:00PM-12:00AM HSE, HTS,PRTK,PSN,PSN2,PSNW,SCNE,SCOH,SCP,SPTS,SUN WORLD MOTORCYCLE GP, MALAYSIA (T) 06/17 1:00-2:00AM ESPN Motoworld II 06/17 6:30-7:00PM ESPN2 Movie: Duel 06/18 2:00-4:00AM WDCA Motoworld II 06/18 2:30-3:00AM ESPN2 SODA, MEMORIAL DAY 100, LAKE GENEVA(T)06/18 3:30-4:30AM ESPN Speed Racer (cartoon) 06/18 7:00-7:30AM MTV Monster Trucks 06/18 9:00-9:30AM ESPN2 Shadetree Mechanic (engine disassembly06/18 9:30-10:00AM TNN Driving Force 06/18 9:30-10:30AM ESPN2 MotorWeek 06/18 10:00-10:30AM WGN PORSCHE SUPERCUP, SPAIN (T) 06/18 12:30-1:00PM ESPN IHRA, SPRING NATIONALS, BRISTOL (T) 06/18 1:00-2:00PM ESPN ARCA, ALL SPORTS 200, MICHIGAN (T) 06/18 2:00-3:55PM ESPN NHRA Today w/Steve Evans 06/18 2:00-2:30PM TNN Hydropower 06/18 2:00-3:00PM ESPN2 Inside Winston Cup w/Ned Jarrett 06/18 2:30-3:00PM TNN Truckin' USA w/Ed Bruce 06/18 3:00-3:30PM TNN Driving Force 06/18 3:00-4:00PM ESPN2 NHRA, SPRINGNATIONALS, COLUMBUS (T) 06/18 3:30-4:30PM NBC WINSTON CUP, WINSTON SELECT (T) 06/18 3:30-5:30PM TNN In The Driver's Seat 06/18 4:30-5:00PM ESPN2 MotorWeek (Legacy) 06/18 5:00-5:30PM MPT SATURDAY NIGHT LIGHTNING (L) 06/18 8:00-10:30PM ESPN2 Power Wheels 06/18 10:30-11:30PM ESPN2 INDY LIGHTS, DETROIT (T) 06/19 12:30-1:00AM ESPN SODA, LAKE GENEVA (T) 06/19 1:00-2:00AM ESPN MotoWorld 06/19 7:30-8:00AM ESPN Truckin' USA w/Ed Bruce 06/19 9:00-9:30AM TNN Trucks And Tractor Power 06/19 9:30-10:00AM TNN N Bonnett's Winners (Chuck Etchells) 06/19 10:00-10:30AM TNN NHRA Today w/Steve Evans 06/19 10:30-11:00AM TNN Inside Winston Cup w/Ned Jarrett 06/19 11:00-11:30AM TNN RaceDay w/Pat Patterson (L) 06/19 11:30AM-12:00PM TNN WINSTON CUP, MICHIGAN (L) 06/19 1:00-4:00PM CBS Checkered Flag (F1 @ Montreal) 06/19 2:30-3:00PM ESPN N Bonnett's Winners (Chuck Etchells) 06/19 2:30-3:00PM TNN Truckin' USA w/Ed Bruce 06/19 3:00-3:30PM TNN Trucks And Tractor Power 06/19 3:30-4:00PM TNN NASCAR, FEATHERLITE TOUR, NAZARETH (T)06/19 5:00-6:25PM TNN RaceDay Update w/Pat Patterson (L) 06/19 6:25-6:30PM TNN SpeedWeek 06/19 6:30-7:00PM ESPN Shadetree Mechanic (engine disassembly06/19 7:00-7:30PM TNN NHRA Today w/Steve Evans 06/19 7:30-8:00PM TNN Inside Winston Cup w/Ned Jarrett 06/19 8:00-8:30PM TNN RaceDay w/Pat Patterson (L) 06/19 8:30-9:00PM TNN Road Test Magazine w/Don Garlits 06/19 11:00-11:30PM TNN RaceDay w/Pat Patterson (L) 06/20 12:00-12:05AM TNN NHRA, MID-SOUTH NATIONALS, MEMPHIS 06/20 12:05-1:30AM TNN MotoWorld 06/20 3:30-4:00AM ESPN SODA, LAKE GENEVA (T) 06/20 4:30-5:30AM ESPN IOGP 1993 Season Review 06/20 1:30-2:00PM HTS, KBL,MSG,PASS,PSN,SCP LEGENDS, CHARLOTTE (T) 06/20 3:30-4:00PM ESPN IHRA, SPORTSMAN SERIES, BRISTOL (T) 06/21 3:30-4:00AM ESPN IHRA, SPRING NATIONALS, BRISTOL (T) 06/21 4:00-5:00AM ESPN SpeedWeek 06/21 5:00-5:30AM ESPN SATURDAY NIGHT LIGHTNING (T) 06/21 1:00PM ESPN2 M.T. OFF-ROAD GP, LOS VEGAS (T) 06/21 7:30-8:30PM ESPN NASCAR Midseason Report 06/21 8:30-9:00PM ESPN WORLD MOTORCYCLE GP, JAPAN (T) 06/21 9:00-10:00PM ESPN 1994 AMA Supercross Season Highlights 06/21 10:00-10:30PM ESPN ARCA, ALL SPORTS 200, MICHIGAN (T) 06/22 3:30-5:30AM ESPN TOYOTA CELEBRITY, LONG BEACH (T) 06/22 2:00-2:30PM ESPN AMA SUPERCROSS (T) 06/22 6:30-7:30PM ESPN2 WORLD MOTORCYCLE GP, OZ (T) 06/23 4:30-5:30AM ESPN AMA SUPERBIKE, ELKHART LAKE (T) 06/23 2:00-3:00PM HSE, HTS,KBL,MSG,PASS,PRTK,PSN,PSN2,SCNE,SCP,SUN MEMORIAL ALL-STARS, DRESSER (T) 06/23 3:00-4:00PM EMPS, HSE,HTS,MSG,PASS,PSN,SCNE,SCP AMA SUPERCROSS (T) 06/23 6:30-7:30PM ESPN2 Secrets Of Speed (Unser's Mountain) 06/23 7:30-8:00PM ESPN Motoworld 06/23 8:00-8:30PM ESPN This Week In NASCAR w/Eli Gold 06/23 8:00-9:00PM HSE, KBL,PASS,PSN,PSN2,SCNE,SCOH,SPTS,SUN USAC, SPRINT CARS, INDIANAPOLIS (L) 06/23 8:30-10:30PM ESPN MotorWeek (Volvo 850, MG TC, Allard) 06/23 8:30-9:00PM MPT AMA SUPERBIKE, ELKHART LAKE (T) 06/23 9:00-10:00PM EMPS, HTS,PASS,SCC,SCP MEMORIAL ALL-STARS, DRESSER (T) 06/23 10:00-11:00PM EMPS, HSE,HTS,KBL,PASS,PSN,PSN2,SCOH,SPTS,SUN This Week In NASCAR w/Eli Gold 06/23 11:00PM-12:00AM EMPS, HTS,KBL,PRTK,PSN,PSN2,PSNW,SCNE,SCOH,SCP MotoWorld 06/24 6:30-7:00PM ESPN2 MotoWorld 06/25 2:30-3:00AM ESPN2 USAC, SPRINT CARS, INDIANAPOLIS (T) 06/25 3:30-5:30AM ESPN

----------COMING EVENTS----------

Driving Force 06/25 9:30-10:30AM ESPN2 BUSCH GN, WATKINS GLEN (L) 06/25 2:00-4:00PM TNN Road To The Brickyard 06/26 1:30-2:00PM ESPN ASA, BRAINERD (L) 06/26 2:00-4:30PM TNN INDYCAR, PORTLAND (L) 06/26 4:00-6:30PM ESPN [1] NHRA, NATIONALS, TOPEKA (L) 06/26 6:00-7:00PM TNN WORLD MOTORCYCLE GP, SPAIN (T) 06/30 9:00-10:00PM ESPN EXXON SUPREME, LIME ROCK (T) 07/02 1:00-2:00AM ESPN WINSTON CUP, DAYTONA (L) 07/02 11:00AM ESPN SAAB PRO SERIES, DETROIT (T) 07/03 1:30-2:00AM ESPN FORMULA 1, FRANCE (L) 07/03 7:50-10:00AM ESPN,TSN, RDS [1] BUSCH GN, MILWAUKEE (?) 07/03 tba tba ASA, CEDAR RAPIDS (L) 07/04 tba TNN SAAB PRO SERIES, WATKINS GLEN (T) 07/05 2:00-2:30AM ESPN VideoMorning RACEWEEK, Loudon (L) 07/06 9:00AM-12:00PM TNN VideoMorning RACEWEEK, Loudon (L) 07/07 9:00AM-12:00PM TNN VideoMorning RACEWEEK, Loudon (L) 07/08 9:00AM-12:00PM TNN FORMULA 1, GREAT BRITAIN (L) 07/10 8:50-11:00AM ESPN,TSN, RDS [1] WINSTON CUP, LOUDON (L) 07/10 1:00PM TNN INDYCAR, CLEVELAND (L) 07/10 1:30-3:30PM ABC [1] BUSCH GN, S. BOSTON (?) 07/16 tba tba WINSTON CUP, POCONO (L) 07/17 12:30PM TBS INDYCAR, TORONTO (L) 07/17 2:00-4:00PM NBC [1] PORSCHE CUP, FRANCE (T) 07/17 5:00-5:30PM ESPN Road To The Brickyard 07/17 5:30-6:00PM ESPN EXXON SUPREME, INDIANAPOLIS (T) 07/17 6:30-7:30PM ESPN2 NHRA, TOPEKA (T) 07/18 12:00-1:30AM TNN BUSCH GN, TALLADEGA (?) 07/23 tba tba WINSTON CUP, TALADEGA (L) 07/24 12:15PM CBS PORSCHE CUP, BRITAIN (T) 07/24 12:30PM ESPN NHRA, MILE-HIGH NATIONALS, MORRISON(L)07/24 7:00PM TNN Road To The Brickyard 07/30 2:00-2:30PM ESPN FORMULA 1, GERMANY (L) 07/31 7:50-10:00AM ESPN,TSN, RDS [1] BUSCH GN, HICKORY (?) 07/31 tba tba INDYCAR, BROOKLYN, MI (L) 07/31 12:00-3:30PM ESPN [1] ASA, TOPEKA (L) 07/31 tba TNN EXXON SUPREME, LAGUNA SECA (T) 07/31 4:00-5:00PM ESPN2 NHRA, NATIONALS, SEARS POINT (?) 07/31 tba tba BRICKYARD 400 QUALIFICATION (L) 08/04 2:30-4:00PM ESPN BUSCH GN, INDIANAPOLIS (?) 08/05 tba tba BRICKYARD 400 QUALIFICATION (L) 08/05 3:00-4:00PM ESPN Brickyard 400 Preview 08/05 8:30-9:30PM ESPN Brickyard 400 Pre-race 08/06 11:00AM-12:00PM ESPN BRICKYARD 400 (L) 08/06 12:00PM ABC SAAB PRO SERIES, LAGUNA SECA (T) 08/07 1:30-2:00AM ESPN NHRA, NATIONALS, KENT (?) 08/07 tba tba NHRA, TOPEKA (T) 08/07 5:00-6:30PM TNN FORMULA 1, HUNGARY (L) 08/14 7:50-10:00AM ESPN,TSN, RDS [1] WINSTON CUP, WATKINS GLEN (L) 08/14 1:00PM ESPN INDYCAR, LEXINGTON, OH (L) 08/14 3:00-5:00PM ABC [1] NHRA, SEARS POINT (T) 08/14 4:00PM ESPN EXXON SUPREME, PORTLAND (T) 08/14 4:00-5:00PM ESPN2 IROC #4, MICHIGAN (T) 08/14 tba ABC NHRA, DENVER (T) 08/15 12:00-1:30AM TNN NHRA, DENVER (T) 08/19 3:30-5:00AM TNN NHRA, NORTHWEST NATIONALS (T) 08/19 4:00PM ESPN BUSCH GN, MICHIGAN (?) 08/20 tba tba INDYCAR, LOUDON (SD) 08/21 8:30-10:30PM ESPN [1] WINSTON CUP, MICHIGAN (L) 08/21 12:30PM CBS NHRA, NATIONALS, BRAINERD (?) 08/21 tba tba SAAB PRO SERIES, MID-OHIO (T) 08/23 1:00-1:30AM ESPN

[1] CBC also carries all F1 and most IndyCar races. The races are usually broadcast on a tape-delayed basis at 11:37PM ET on the evening following the race. I understand that it is not uncommon for CBC to delay the broadcast as much as an hour beyond the 11:37PM start, so please use extra caution if you plan to tape the race. If you have access to it, and your French isn't too rusty, you may also want to check out RDS. RDS broadcasts every F1 race and most IndyCar races, and their F1 coverage usually also includes a 30 minute prerace show. RDS and TSN generally use the ESPN feed, while CBC generally uses the BBC feed. The exception to these rules is the Canadian Grand Prix. Only CBC and SRC have the rights to the Canadian GP. Thanks to Pierre Mailhot and Tak Ariga for info. on coverage in Canada.

* Network Designations

A&E Arts & Entertainment Network CBC Canadian Broadcasting EMPS Regional Sports Network (New York) ESPN ESPN Sports Network ESPN2 ESPN Sports Network 2 HBO Home Box Office HSE Regional Sports Network (Houston) HTS Regional Sports Network (Baltimore & DC) KBL Regional Sports Network (Pittsburg) MAX Cinemax MPT Maryland Public TV MSC Midwest Sports Channel MSG Madison Square Garden MTV Music Television PASS Regional Sports Network (Detroit) PRTK Regional Sports Network (LA) PSN Prime Sports Network PSN2 Prime Sports Network (Midwest & Mountains) PSNW Prime Sports Network (Northwest) QVC home shopping RDS Montreal (French) SCC Sports Channel Chicago SCNE Sports Channel New England SCNY Sports Channel New York SCOH Sports Channel Ohio SCP Sports Channel Pacific SHOW Showtime SPTS Sport South Network SRC Societe Radio-Canada (French) SUN Sunshine Network (Regional Sports Network, SE USA) TBS Atlanta "Super Station" TNN The Nashville Network TSN Canada (English) USA USA Network WBFF Baltimore WDCA Washington, DC WGN Chicago "Super Station" WOR New York "Super Station" __________________________________________________________________________ Bill Stoffel | CARDEROCKDIV, NSWC |"First things first, but| stoffel@oasys.dt.navy.mil | Code 859 |not necessarily in that | (410) 293-3825 | Annapolis, MD 21402 |order." - The Doctor | _________________________________________________|________________________|

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