Special events at Irwindale Speedway

Sundays At The Speedway Fans Invited To Variety of Special Sunday Attractions at Irwindale Irwindale, Calif. - - Yeah ... Saturday night's all right for racin', but, just look what's happening on some upcoming Sundays at Irwindale Speedway this...

Sundays At The Speedway
Fans Invited To Variety of Special Sunday Attractions at Irwindale

Irwindale, Calif. - - Yeah ... Saturday night's all right for racin', but, just look what's happening on some upcoming Sundays at Irwindale Speedway this season:

SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2001: Red 5 Adventures presents the IRWINDALE SPEEDWAY GRAND PRIX, a day of exhilarating bicycle races on the smooth highbanks of the Irwindale oval with a rich $3,000+ purse in the offing. Twelve divisions of bikes, from juniors right on up to the top pro criterium riders in the state, will race for fortune and fame in races ranging from 30 to 70 minutes in length and for prize money of up to $1000 for that 70-minute ride. Helmets are mandatory in this first USCF event of its kind ever to be run at Irwindale Speedway.

Upon competition of the timed portion of the race, a five lap counter is displayed at start/finish, like a car race's green-white-checker finish the first rider across the line at the end of those final five laps is the winner. Another unique feature of this type of racing is the "prime" lap: a bell, sounded as the field crosses the start/finish line, indicates the beginning of this lap. Racers sprint the lap, and, whoever leads that lap wins the "prime".

Some 600 riders are expected to take part in the fun and all fans are invited too. The 1000-seat pit grandstands will be open to all in this free-to-the-public event. First race: 7:30 am -- last race: 3:45 pm. This is something truly new and exciting to cheer about at Irwindale Speedway. For more (and direct) information on this event please call (310) 226-2824 or visit www.red5adventures.com.

SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2001: The SECOND ANNUAL SOLAR/ELECTRIC CHALLENGE -- ZEV 2001 Eight local southern California high schools will compete in this combination science project and racing competition event which pits these young students' engineering and organizing skills against the racetrack and the clock. This is the place where fans can see the new car designers and engineers of the future at work here and now, and at their favorite short track.

Speed is not all you need here. Careful calculations, expert teamwork and head-up driving are all part of the winning formula for this racing show. Again, as above this community-based, community-supported event is open to the public at no charge. The pit grandstands will be open as will the pit area concession stands for the fans convenience. Participating high schools include: Alhambra, Bell Gardens, Anaheim, Corona, Diamond Bar, Lakewood, Hacienda Heights, Redondo Beach, and Montebello. This annual event will continue to grow and challenge new classes of students each year at Irwindale This year's event will run from 7 am to 3 pm

Being on hand to cheer these young engineers and designers on is a very positive thing for them as well as for the folks that come out to view the events. Attending this event is a great way to encourage young people with your interest and cheers for them as they put classroom learning to the test on the racetrack. For more (specific) information on this event please call: Bob Franz at Los Altos High School (626) 330-1096.

SUNDAY MAY 6, 2001: Dub Fest "D-DAY 2001"comes to Irwindale Speedway. Part professional car show competition, part concert, part social gathering, and all hot cars and cool people, D-DAY 2001 at Irwindale Speedway is "an automotive lifestyles festival". Featuring vehicles owned by and scheduled appearances of: Latrell Sprewell, Blink 182, Sugar Ray, Brian McNight, Korn, IceT, the Laker's Shaquille O'Neal, and ("Mini-Me") Verne Troyer.

Music will be supplied by bands like Ludacris, Black Eyed peas, Gangstarr, Rakim, and Tha Liks while fans gaze at over 1000 customized-to-the-teeth show and celebrity automobiles competing in over 55 classes for over $30,000 in cash awards and giveaways.

If you think that Saturday night racing action is wild at Irwindale, just wait for this Sunday afternoon automotive and music blow-out. Tickets are $25.00 presale and $30 at the door for the all-day affair. Tickets at www.ticketmaster.com or (213) 480-3232.

SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2001: SHIFTER KART RACES in the Irwindale Speedway infield. They are some of the quickest racing vehicles on four wheels, the place where greatness grew from for drivers like Tony Stewart, Michael Schumacher, and Ricky Rudd. Karts, "go-karts" if you must, will race in eight classes of competition over a specially laid-out infield road course at Irwindale Speedway on Sunday, May 27.

Shifter Karts are blindingly fast, ground-hugging vehicles that take the ultimate minimalist approach to motorsports and get the greatest effect out of every ounce. Low-slung mini-road rockets with only enough room for a motor/gearbox, a tiny tank of racing gas, four wheels, four tires, and four disc brakes. Over 100 such machines are expected at Irwindale Speedway for this unique afternoon event.

Ranging from 60 to 125 cc's, these tiny two-stroke motors turn out astonishing amount of raw horsepower and are aided and abetted in their work by 6-speed gearboxes that Karting drivers can oh-so-quickly flick through like an old-time Formula One driver after drinking a whole carafe of cappuccino.

Fans are invited to come out to the event at Irwindale to see some great young driving talent at work. No general admissions will be sold however all fans will be able to purchase a pit pass to mingle with the drivers and crews in the racing paddock and to view the on track action from the right-on-top-of-the-action pit area grandstands. For more information on this event please call Superkart USA (SKUSA) at (760) 736-4007, or punch up www.powersourceracing.com and hang on to your hat!

SUNDAY JUNE 24, 2001: Time for the 19TH ANNUAL LITERATURE FAIRE AT IRWINDALE SPEEDWAY presented by the SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE HISTORIANS. This for-charity event staffed entirely by volunteers has become an important annual destination for "car (literature) nuts" from all across the U.S. People plan their California visits around this particular Sunday at IS from as far away as Europe and Australia.

Car books, toys, memorabilia, catalogs, brochures, magazines, one-offs, racing programs, photos, paintings, press kits, posters ... Anything that's car-literature related ("No car parts ... dirty or clean" reminds the event brochure.) Anything and everything car. Racing, touring, vintage, old, older, oldest, hot rods, street rods, Indy, LeMans, Santa Monica Road Races, Daytona ...If it's the written (or photographed) word about cars, you'll find it at Irwindale Speedway on the first Sunday after father's day in June.

There's no charge to the public (not even to park). Adding to the fun is a specialty car parking area where car owners are invited by the organizing group to drive in (emphasis on the drive) and show off their favorite ride.

Many automotive (book) authors will be there to sell and sign their works as well. Last year this one-of-a-kind event drew over 200 sellers and thousands of eager car fanatics including the host of a very popular late night talk show with the initials J.L. This year's show is expected to attract up to 250 sellers or more. A somewhat "quiet" day at the racetrack, but one filled with the adventure of the hunt nonetheless. Please call (714) 229-9100 or (818) 999-1878 for more information on this one.

ADD in a number of special used car and truck "tent" sales, a Porsche Club of America slalom or three, the well-respected Advanced Driving Dynamics (714- 974-4233 )street car control courses, the Vintage Auto Racing Association's (800 280-VARA) annual tech inspection and car show in January, Advantage Ford (888-FUN FORD) customers trying out their new Fords or Lincolns on the racetrack (something that no other car dealer on the face of the planet can offer) and other interesting public-invited Sunday shows at Irwindale, and you'll see why Sundays at the Speedway aren't just for cleaning up from the night before.


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