Southtown Thunder ARCA Salem Report

From: Randy House <rhouse@MTCO.COM> Crew Chief ARCA ...

From: Randy House <rhouse@MTCO.COM> Crew Chief ARCA #9

Salem Speedway Report

Salem Speedway, what can I say. We either do good there or we fall on our face. This weekend was one of the latter. The day started our fine. The weather was going to be another hot one. We had the car and pit equipment unloaded and the car was ready to go an hour before practice. When practice started the car was a little tight. We brought Eric back in to make some adjustments. As he came down pit road I noticed some smoke coming from the right front wheel. We found the wheel bearing was going bad but decided to wait until after practice to repair it. For now we just tightened it up some and made a few adjustments to the car. By the end of practice we were turning some pretty good laps and we were doing it on some very old tires. During practice several cars had blown their right front tire and meet the wall. The Hoosier tire man came to me and was wanting to know what tire pressures I was using. After I told him he walked away shaking his head and telling me to be ready to blow a tire. He said I was a good ten pounds under the recommended settings. Of course we never blew a tire.

We slapped on a new set of tires for qualifying and turned a pretty good lap for a seventh place starting spot.

The race started as always. We were running around ninth or tenth place and just saving or tires. On lap thirty as Eric went into turn one the engine let go. He coasted around to the pits and we looked under the hood only to find a new hole in the left side of the block. We now have another new boat anchor for sale:)

Our next and last race is at Winchester Speedway on Sept. 26th.

Until the Thunder rolls again...


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