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This letter is being reprinted with permission of the author. Please reply directly to Bob Devol at --------------------------------------------------------- A CALL TO ARMS FROM THE BRIDGEHAMPTON RACING HERITAGE...

This letter is being reprinted with permission of the author. Please reply directly to Bob Devol at --------------------------------------------------------- A CALL TO ARMS FROM THE BRIDGEHAMPTON RACING HERITAGE GROUP: Okay, you've all heard about the recent unfortunate Southampton Town Board approval of the golf course plan for historic Bridgehampton Race Circuit. And you've heard me tell you that we ain't dead yet, but I cant say exactly why. Heres one reason why...One of the BRHGs staunchest allies has been the Hon. Stacey Kaufman, a New York State judge and neighbor of the Bridge. (We told you we had friends down there, and she's a valuable one.) Judge Kaufman has told us that she is requesting that action be taken by the New York State Attorney General to initiate a proceeding for review under Article 78 of NY State law. This state proceeding can review the procedures of the Town Boards approval the golf course plan. Now, without getting too deep in legal mumbo-jumbo, the fact is that these proceedings could delay golf course construction for years. And it could ultimately lead to a court order that rejects the golf course plan entirely. It could also lead to a renegotiation of the onerous local noise ordinance. But the Attorney General needs to be convinced that this should be done. A large letter writing campaign is being mounted in the local community. But letters from you, racers everywhere, will greatly help to convince the Attorney General to initiate these proceedings. So its important that you write right now to the officials listed below stating these reasons to review the golf course approval: 1.) The potential positive economic impact of the Circuit will be lost to the community. Tell the Attorney General how much you spend in local communities on race weekends, he needs to hear it! The golf course cant compete with the race track on economic terms. Prove it. 2.) An historic site which has local, national and international significance will be lost forever. Bridgehampton Race Circuit continues the 80-year tradition of motorsports in Southampton, and is known world-wide as the site of some of the great events in road racing history. Pour it on! 3.) The potential for water pollution from the golf course is a real threat, and race tracks -- including the Bridge -- have a long history of being environmentally friendly, particularly to ground water. Send letters right now -- don't delay -- to these officials urging them to contact the attorney general and demand a review... The Hon. Michael T. Forbes 1550 William Floyd Parkway Shirley, NY 11967 The Hon. Kenneth P. LaValle 325 Middle Country Road Selden, NY 11784 (Forbes is the U.S. Congressman, LaValle the N.Y. State Senator) And finally, but most importantly, to the N.Y. State Attorney General: The Hon. Dennis J. Vacco State Capitol Albany, NY 12224 Please do it right away. There's no time lose! Remember, the Bridge will become a "dead issue" only if we let it be so. Thank you from the BRHG... Bob Devol

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