San Jaun - round nine race report

Another fantastic race we lived in San Juan for the nineth round of the T.C.2000 championship. In a competition with many unexpected situations, J.M. Silva (Honda Civic / HRA) won his second race consecutive and third in the 2002 season. The...

Another fantastic race we lived in San Juan for the nineth round of the T.C.2000 championship. In a competition with many unexpected situations, J.M. Silva (Honda Civic / HRA) won his second race consecutive and third in the 2002 season. The podium was completed by Daniel Cingolani (Honda Civic / Pro Racing) and the surprising Juan Manuel López (Alfa Romeo / Alfa Scuadra).

Two weeks ago Guillermo Ortelli (Honda Civic / HRA) was leading the competition in Salta when in the seventh lap he quit because of a mechanic problem in his car. Now in San Juan passed the exact same situation. Ortelli quit after leaded during 32 of the 40 laps of race. This is the fifth time this season that he lost a clear possibility of win in T.C.2000.

Also like it happened in Salta, J.M. Silva took the leadership when his teammate quit. It rest just eight laps to the chequered flag. This was the thirteen victory for Silva in T.C.2000. It doesn`t seemed to be a candidate to win Silva after the sixth place in the qualify. But on sunday appeared all the potential of the two drivers of the HRA with the one-two in their series. For the final race Silva started third behind his teammate, Ortelli and the champion Ponce de León (Ford Focus / Berta Motorsport). In a great start, Silva passed the Ford Focus number 1. The winner doesn`t attacked Ortelli and left him to take some difference. The strategy of Silva was to attack in the last ten laps. But when it rest just eight laps and when Silva was trying the get closer of the leader, Ortelli quit the race and left Silva the chance of another victory for him.

Daniel Cingolani keep showing all his experience. The 2000 champion completed another great actuation with the Honda Civic. He finished sixth in his series which made him started eleventh the final race. The secret of Cingolani to fisnished second was stay out of any friction during the forty laps of hard competition. Now Cingolani is fourth in the championship with 67 points.

An unbelievable and unexpected result took from San Juan the Alfa Romeo team with his only driver present. Although seven drivers completed the totality of the race, is very important this third place for J.M. López and his team. After a stop of a couple of races, the Alfa Scuadra returned to the activity with some changes in the structure of the team.After a good start, in lap fifteen López was already seventh fighting with Omar Martínez (Toyota Corolla / TTA). In the last five laps he advanced four positions. He passed in the track, first Martínez, a couple of laps later was the turn of Nelson García (Ford Escort / Berta Motorsport) who was with problems in his car. Then he passed in a great maneuver Esteban Tuero (Honda Civic / HRA) who was third after the desertion of Ortelli. This result is also important to the category to have Alfa Romeo in front positions.

It seemed to be the weekend of Ponce de León and the Berta Motorsport. Ponce took the pole position on saturday and he won in his series, but a touch in the final race with Vuyovivh (Honda Civiv / AHR) make him to quit the race and loose the chance of give the Ford Focus his first victory in T.C.2000

When the category came to San Juan in May, the most imprtant new was that Traverso (seven times champion, 302 races, 68 victories, 73 pole positions and 58 fastest laps) will not continue in the Toyota Team. This weekend in San Juan, Traverso took the headlines again with his came back with Mitsubishi, a team where he run in 1999 and left after a fight with his teammate and owner of the team, Gabriel Furlán (Mitsubishi Lancer / GF Motorsport). Now Traverso is back in T.C.2000 with the same team of 1999, the same owner and teammate. Traverso come to Mitsubishi with the idea of help Furlán in the fight for the championship against his ex-teammate in Toyota, Norberto Fontana. Nowbody knows what will happen with this, but the important is that Juan María Traverso is back in T.C.2000. Also last week he announced that he will be back in the next race of T.C. in Buenos Aires on Sepetember 8th.

After this nineth round the positions in the championship changed. Fontana, who quit in this race with mechanics problems in his Toyota, keep leding with 75 points, followed by his teammate Omar Martínez, who after all finished sixth, with 70 points. The new third in the tournament is J.M. Silva with 68 points after his last two victories.

This was the most important in the nineth race of the T.C.2000 in San Juan. The next will be in Paraná, Entre Ríos on September 29th.

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