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NEWS - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GetC Software Inc. P.O. Box 52069 North Vancouver, BC V7J 3T2 ...

NEWS - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GetC Software Inc. P.O. Box 52069 North Vancouver, BC V7J 3T2 Canada

Tel. 1-604-254-5521 Fax 1-604-254-5571 Toll free Canada/USA: 1-800-663-8066 Internet e-mail: Contact: Art Bayne

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, June 30, 1995 - GetC Software introduces it's RACING WITH SAFETY software for racing event organizers and sports car clubs.


* Emergency medical information and emergency contacts for worker safety * Prevent "Double Dipping" to reduce insurance liability * Produce all safety reports for Race Control before track goes "HOT" * Instantly view complete circuit staffing for all stations * Complete Credential accountability for all Pass types and Pass stickers * Download data to Casio B.O.S.S. 64 for paperless, mobile data base * Relax with the smoothest running registration possible

Pro Race Tested and Proven

The program was developed and enhanced over a five year period for use at the Vancouver Molson Indy held annually at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Some of the latest features added were controls for Vest or Bib numbers, production of a pre-registration form to reduce data entry for the same person for following events and menu selectable data sets for down loading to a Casio B.O.S.S. 64 palm top computer for a paperless or mobile data base.

Event Safety & Planning - High Priority

Based on two simple criteria, work Group and Location. Use up to thirty six groups and sixty locations to staff the event. (i.e. Group: turn worker, Location turn 1, turn 2; Group: Pass Control, Locations: Paddock, Pre-grid, Pits, etc.). Complete flexibility, program can be used other control centres, e.g. Media, Grandstand control, Security, Photo Passes, etc. Even golf tournaments to downhill ski races.

Instantly display event staffing by group or location on the screen, including all Pass type counts and Pass Sticker counts. Use this information to ensure that organizers receive the correct number and type of credentials from the Event Promoters. Produce a turn check list to assist the Chief Turn Marshal. Produce a variety of printed reports for each group and location for organization and cross checking proper pass allocation.

Print medical emergency labels for each person for their passes to reduce medical risks and assist doctors if track personnel are injured in line of duty. Produce worker location and emergency information for Race Control, fast, before the track goes HOT each day.

Easy to Use - High Speed Design Small program only 110K, will run on a laptop, notebook or desktop computer with only 512K memory. Fast data entry with user definable defaults to reduce keystrokes. High speed operation is maintained by performing all operational decisions in memory thereby reducing and in most cases eliminating all disk access.

Company Background: GetC Software, established in 1982, designs, publishes and markets software for the IBM line of personal computers and compatible microcomputers, laptops and notebooks. GetC's customers include local and foreign governments, many large corporations and thousands of business microcomputer users. GetC develops products to run under MS or PC DOS, OS/2 and MS-Windows.

For further information contact:

Art Bayne GetC Software Inc. P.O. Box 52069 North Vancouver, BC V7J 3T2 Canada

Tel. 1-604-254-5521 Toll free Canada and USA 1-800-663-8066 Fax 1-604-254-5571 Internet e-mail:

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