Remembering the fallen, racers we lost in 2014

The following is a list of racers who perished on the track in 2014.

The pursuit of the checkered flag is a dangerous endeavor and the crusade to attain racing immortality sometimes comes at a tragic cost. The following is a list of the drivers we lost on the race track this year. 

"To do something well is so worthwhile that to die trying to do it better cannot be foolhardy. It would be a waste of life to do nothing with one’s ability, for I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.” - Bruce McLaren, six years prior to his own demise

Death in racing is unavoidable and the wounds left in its wake sometimes never heal. We bury the fallen with tears, embrace the ones who escape death’s firm and final grip with relief, and race on, because that’s what racers do.

January 10th: Eric Palante - Belgium - Rally (Dakar)

February 2nd: Tommy Aquino - USA - Bike

March 23rd: Niokoa Johnson - USA - Mini Stock Car

April 6th: Cameron Waugh - UK - Rally

April 11th: Al Fleming - UK - Vintage

May 3rd: Noel Murphy - Ireland - Bike

May 19th: Simon Andrews - UK - Bike

June 2nd: Bob Price- UK - Bike (Isle of Man TT)

June 3rd: Karl Harris - UK - Bike (Isle of Man TT)

June 29th: Bobby Goodin - USA - Hillclimb (Pikes Peak)

July 5th: Ingo Koschmieder - Germany - ADAC

July 12th: Enrico Becker - Germany - Sidecar

July 20th: Kierstin Eaddy - USA - Kart

July 27th: Denis Welch - UK - Vintage

August 9th: Kevin Ward Jr. - USA - Sprint Car

August 15th: Timothy Cathcart - UK - Rally

August 16th: Amanda Gambacorto - USA - Midget

August 30th: Lee Duran - USA - Vintage

September 19th: Gonzalo Clopatofsky - Colombia - TC2000

September 20th: Scott Semmelmann - USA - Sprint Car

October 12th: Todd Libhart - USA - Hillclimb

November 9th: Milos Vagner - Czech - Rally

Others, such as Andrea de Cesaries, Colin Krenzul, Mauro Pane and Ilgizar Mardeev also died behind the wheel this year, but not on the track. Let's not forget the track workers and other legends from the past such as Sir Jack Brabham lost in 2014. Unfortunately, they were many that gave their life to the sport we love.

*Comment below with any names we may have missed and we will add them accordingly.

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