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The school (and F1) holidays are now upon us, but before the OrangeArrows team headed in separate directions to take a well earned break before launching into the final part of the season, we decided to grab some of the key team players (Jos ...

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RRRRR W W U U 9999999 4 R R W W U U 9 9 4 R R W W U U 9 9 4 4 R W W U U 9 9 4 4 RR W W W U U 9999999 4444444 R R W W W W U U 9 4 R R W W W W U U 9 4 R R W W UUUUUUUU 9999999 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------- RACE WRAP UP: THE AFFORDABLE WEEKLY MOTORSPORT NEWSLETTER ---------------------------------------------------------------- ISSUE 23 VOLUME 2 03-11-94 PROMO ISSUE 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS =================

1. RWU CONTEST INFO - Win 2 tickets to the Canadian GP! 2. PIT PASS - Alesi out of action, Coyne loses Honda. 3. RACE REPORTS:


4. TELEMETRY - Points Standings and Season Schedules. 5. SUBSCRIPTION INFO - How to subscribe to RACE WRAP UP! 6. CHECKERED FLAG - Next Week in RWU RACE WRAP-UP STAFF: Editor-in-chief - James Dahan Correspondents - Mark Wooden, Norman Goldberg _____________________________________________________

RACE WRAP UP TRIVIA CONTEST INFORMATION ----------------------------------------------------- The first annual RWU trivia contest is on tap this spring and you could win a pair of tickets to this year's Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal! All you have to do is be a subscriber and answer all the questions that will be thrown at you in the coming weeks and mail it to us (e-mail or postal mail) at the conclusion of the contest on April 30, 1994.

The person with the most questions answered correctly will win the prize. In the event of a tie, a random drawing among the tied participants will determine the winner.

1. In the last 20 years, which Grand Prix was postponed on the weekend of the race itself, why and what year?

2. Name the first Grand Prix the pace car was used in and the year.

3. Who finished 4th in the 1971 British Grand Prix?

4. Who finished 7th in the 1958 Indianapolis 500?

5. Which driver was the first to break the 200mph mark for a single lap in an Indycar?

6. What is the first lap of the first ever Formula One Championship race best remembered for?

7. What was the closest margin of victory in an Indycar race?

8. What was the closest margin of victory for an F1 race?

9. Who won the first ever F3000 race?

10. How many times did the Mini-Cooper win the Monte-Carlo Rally?

11. Name the three drivers vying for the F1 world championship in the final round of the 1962 season.

12. How many pole positions, F1 and Indycar combined does Mario Andretti hold(as of the deadline).

13. Name the years in which A.J. Foyt won the Indianapolis 500.

14. How many times has Ayrton Senna finished second in a Grand Prix?

15. Which Rally driver has the most world championships under his belt?

NOTE: This contest is void where laws prohibit it.

_____________________________________________________ PIT PASS ========

FORMULA ONE -----------

IRVINE SUSPENSION EXTENDED Eddie Irvine had his one race suspension extended to a three race ban after the FIA Sporting Commission reviewed the incident at the Brazilian Grand Prix which caused the elimination of four competitors. Although the initial $10000 fine was lifted, the Sporting Commission extended the ban partly because of Irvine's previous encounter with Ayrton Senna and his rather arrogant attitude at the appeals meeting. Andrea Decesaris, Aguri Suzuki and F3000 driver Kelvin Burt are favoured to fill in for Irvine.

ALESI OUT OF PACIFIC GRAND PRIX Jean Alesi will miss the Pacific Grand Prix next weekend as a result of a massive accident he suffered while testing at the french Paul Ricard circuit last week. The impact of the accident caused a compression of his 4th, 5th and 6th vertebrae and doctors told him the violent environment of a Formula One car would not be the best thing for his back at this moment. Ferrari test driver Nicola Larini will substitute for Alesi.

VERSTAPPEN SUBS FOR LEHTO AGAIN Jos Verstappen will once again be the substitute for J.J. Lehto. The fin is still having trouble with his neck, injured in a practice crash at Silverstone, and most likely will only return for San Marino.

LAMBORGHINI ABANDONS F1 Lamborghini Engineering has decided to shut down it's Formula one operations citing financial constraints. The Indonesian group which purchased Lamborghini from Chrysler last February issued a press release that stated that the division concerned with Formula One engines will be closed within three weeks. However, they are willing to sell all the pertinent information regarding the Lambo V12 to the highest bidder.

INDYCAR -------

HONDA DEAL FALLS THROUGH FOR COYNE Dale Coyne thought he had acquired the right to use the new Honda Indycar engine for one of his two franchises but as news filtered back to Honda that IndyCar would let them off with running only a single franchised team (Rahal-Hogan), they pulled the plug on the deal which would of seen the Comptech crew along with Parker Johnstone run under Coyne's name. Comptech will now field a non-franchise team of it's own using the Honda engine.

HUGE FIELD EXPECTED AT INDY A record field of over 110 entries has sent in the required documentations and payed their entry fees for this year's running of the Indianapolis 500. At least 80 drivers are entered (several with more than one chassis) in a bid to compete for the 33 available starting positions. As is usually the case, about 15% of the entries never show up.

SMITH AND MATSUSHITA OUT OF ACTION Following a savage weekend at Phoenix, Mark Smith and Hiro Matsushita will most likely miss next weekend's Long Beach Grand Prix. Matsushita was diagnosed with a slightly separated shoulder while Smith still suffers from balance problems following the concussion he suffered after hitting the wall over the weekend.

INDY LIGHTS -----------

FORMULA ATLANTIC CHAMPS COME TO INDY LIGHTS The defending Formula Atlantic championship winning team, Canaska racing, has decided to change it's plans of running two cars in the Formula Atlantic championship to running a single car in the Indy Lights Championship. This leaves Canadian Trevor Siebert out of a drive and forces French-Canadian Patrick Carpentier to wait on the sidelines until the reorganization of the team is complete. They are expected to make their debut at Milwaukie. Carpentier will however run the five canadian rounds of the Formula Atlantic championship and the Long Beach Grand Prix next week.

MOORE TAKES FIRST WIN OF SEASON The Canadian onslaught of North America's major open wheel series continues as yet another Canadian has risen to the top of their respective fields. Vancouver's Greg Moore dominated the first round of the PPG Indy Lights Championship at Phoenix. More led from flag to flag as well as collecting points for pole position and most laps led. The 19 year old is in his second season of Indy Lights and is considered by some to be the next Paul Tracy.

PHOENIX RESULTS 1. Greg Moore(CDN) 2. Steve Robertson(GB) 3. Eddie Lawson(USA) 4. Andre Ribeiro(Br) 5. Marcus Liesner(USA) 6. Dave DeSilva(USA) 7. Pedro Chavez (P) 8. Buzz Calkins(USA) 9. Chris Smith(USA) 10. Rob Wilson(USA) etc.

FORMULA ATLANTIC ----------------

$250 000 BONUS UP FOR GRABS The 1994 Formula Atlantic championship will have a $250 000 bonus available to the winner of four designated races deemed the "fab 4". The races are the Long Beach Grand Prix, the support race for the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, the Grand Prix de Trois Riviers and the Nazareth support race. To be eligible for the bonus, a driver must compete in at least 8 of the 11 rounds of the championship.



The second round of the PPG IndyCar World Series will be best remembered for a horrifying crash that occurred a third of the way into the race and involved five drivers who miraculously all escaped injury. The accident once again brought into question the idea of running high powered open wheel vehicles on a one mile oval and why the powers that be allow several rent-a-riders who have clearly become a menace, on the track. Overshadowed completely was the stunning success of the Penske team who posted a one-two ahead of Nigel Mansell who was fastest all day but yet again made mistakes that cost him victory.

QUALIFYING ----------

Qualifying for an oval is always a special occasion in IndyCar racing. Unlike the road courses where drivers are given two half hour sessions to qualify, the ovals require only two laps with no other competitors on the track. However, the drivers were given three practice sessions for some much needed fine tuning. Mansell and Fittipaldi traded fast time during the two Friday Sessions with Tracy and Mario Andretti in tow. It seemed clear that Saturday's qualifying session would come down to the Penske drivers and their shark finned Penske PC-23s and the Newman-Haas drivers. The sole incident of the day was a savage crash by Mark Smith in the Walker Motorsport Lola that left the 26 year old out cold, and sent his car back to England for repairs. Smith would be forced to withdraw as a result of a severe concussion which has left him with little balance.

As Saturday's qualifying session dawned, IndyCar who had long suspected some of the better teams had found a way around the pop-off valve to increase their qualifying boost, lined all the drivers up in the order that they had drawn from a hat and had their respective teams replace the pop-off valves with fresh unaltered ones. First man out on course was Jacques Villeneuve and despite windy conditions, the son of Gilles proved he was worthy of the Villeneuve name and reeled off a second lap that was worth 176.110mph. One by one the big names came to bat but no one could come near Villeneuve's performance. Mansell did no better than 175.478 and Emo's best was 173.346. With only three drivers left to go, the last of the big guns was up. Paul Tracy decided to use an uncharacteristic high line in his qualifying attempt and it payed off as he just edged Villeneuve by .156 mph...about three feet.

STARTING GRID P DRIVER(COUNTRY) CHASSIS/ENGINE SPEED ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Paul Tracy(CDN) Penske 94 Ilmor D 176.266 2 Jacques Villeneuve(CDN) Reynard 94I Ford XB 176.110 3 Nigel Mansell(GB) Lola T9400 Ford XB 175.478 4 Mario Andretti(USA) Lola T9400 Ford XB 174.932 5 Raul Boesel(Br) Lola T9400 Ford Xb 173.357 6 Emerson Fittipaldi(Br) Penske 94 Ilmor D 173.346 7 Robby Gordon(USA) Lola T9400 Ford XB 173.113 8 Teo Fabi(I) Reynard 94I Ilmor D 172.355 9 Al Unser Jr.(USA) Penske 94 Ilmor D 172.342 10 Scott Goodyear(CDN) Lola T9400 Ford XB 172.303 11 Jimmy Vasser(USA) Reynard 94I Ford XB 171.912 12 Michael Andretti(USA) Reynard 94I Ford XB 171.204 13 Scott Sharp(USA) Lola T9400 Ford XB 170.240 14 Dominic Dobson(USA) Lola T9400 Ford XB 168.848 15 Stefan Johansson(S) Penske 93 Ilmor D 168.330 16 Adrian Fernandez(MEX) Reynard 94I Ilmor D 167.820 17 Davy Jones(USA) Lola T9400 Ford XB 165.428 18 Marco Greco(Br) Lola T9400 Ford XB 165.009 19 Arie Luyendyk(NL) Lola T9400 Ilmor D 164.552 20 Mike Groff(USA) Lola T9400 Honda 164.453 21 Hiro Matsushita(J) Lola T9400 Ford XB 162.440 22 Bobby Rahal(USA) Lola T9400 Honda 161.889 23 John Paul Jr.(USA) Lola T9300 Ilmor C 160.518 24 Willy T. Ribbs(USA) Lola T9300 Ford XB 160.518 25 Buddy Lazier(USA) Lola T9300 Ilmor C 159.872 26 Brian Till(USA) Lola T9300 Ford XB 158.255 27 Jeff Andretti(USA) Lola T9300 Ilmor C 157.806 28 Mauricio Gugelmin(Br) Reynard 94I Ford XB 156.569 DNQ David Kudrave(USA) Lola T9300 Ilmor C 156.295 DNQ Johnny Unser(USA) Lola T9200 Ilmor A 155.576 DNQ Mark Smith(USA) Lola T9400 Ford XB WITHDRAWN THE RACE --------

Under clear skies and a nice brisk wind that kept the desert temperatures down to supportable levels, the Phoenix 200 would start on time, unlike the debacle in Australia. At the wave of the green flag, Tracy sped off with Mansell who had jumped Villeneuve in the first turn in tow. Within five laps, the leaders were already going by the hanger-ons that litter the rear end of Indycar fields, first among them, one Hiro Matsushita.

Tracy seemed on route to breaking away from Mansell, Villeneuve and Fittipaldi but after a few laps where things sorted themselves out, the two men lapping the quickest were Mansell and Villeneuve and they quickly reeled in Tracy. Mansell was in the lead by the 20th lap and Villeneuve was hot on Tracy's rear with Emo in tow. Fittipaldi got by Villeneuve a handful of laps later but the threesome stayed glued together, occasionally separated by the incessant traffic.

As Mansell started to run away with the race, Willy T. Ribbs found the wall on the 26th lap and brought out the days first yellow. Mansell and Villeneuve elected to pit while the two Penske drivers stayed out. The third Penske driver, Al Unser Jr also gambled and decided to stop. Unlike Mansell and Villeneuve who had lost a lap because the former stalled and the latter was stuck behind an awkwardly parked Mario Andretti, little Al's crew sent him out just before the pace car around and he would be on the same lap as the leaders, although at the very tail end.

If no other Yellow were to come out during the next 60 laps, the leaders who didn't stop would have to pit and with their opposition going around at full speed could have fallen two to three laps down. Things seemed to be going the way Mansell, Villeneuve and Unser Jr. had planned up until the ultimate rent- a-rider decided to stick his nose in the leaders problems. For three years, Matsushita has been a headache for the leaders of a race as he rarely uses his mirrors or his head for that matter. In this case, Matsushita was a pathetic 18 laps down after only 62 laps in equipment that at worst should only have had him a lap or two down. Back in the USAC days, such uncompetitiveness would have resulted in a quick black flag, but the little minds at IndyCar seem to like Hiro and all his near misses. This time a near miss turned into near disaster.

Matsushita drifted up into Teo Fabi who was busy lapping this menace and exploded his rear tire. Bearing down on them was race leader Paul Tracy and as the two headed for the wall, Tracy got pinched up along with them and made it two crashes for two races in 1994. Half a lap back, Villeneuve who had been using a high line all day had just committed to passing Luyendyk who was lapping Jeff Andretti himself on the outside. As the drivers came around three wide into turn three, Villeneuve failed to notice the yellow light and although his crew shouted yellow in his helmet, he was already high in the final turn when he came upon all the debris and marbles kicked up by the accident. With Sullivan and Jeff on the inside Villeneuve was trapped and although he started braking, the marbles caused him to slide up straight for the three mangled cars up against the wall at near full speed. By some miracle or maybe Villeneuve's fast thinking, Villeneuve seemed to change directions at the last second and nailed Matsushita's car right behind the cockpit, cutting the car in two and sending the engine and gearbox in every direction.

Tracy who was pulling himself out of his car was tackled by Matsushita's gearbox and Dominic Dobson's run also came to an end when his car picked up the majority of the shrapnel shed from Matsushita's Lola and Villeneuve's Reynard. Villeneuve came to a stop at the top of the pit lane and miraculously hopped out of his car which had the footbox and pedals completely torn off. Even more amazing was Matsushita who popped out of what was left of his car with nothing more than a slightly separated shoulder. Fortunately the injury will keep him off the race track and out of harm's way for at least one more round. Tracy who took a gearbox in the helmet and shoulder needed stitches to close a wound on his shoulder and Fabi and Dobson were both unhurt.

After more than several laps under yellow the race was once again sent on it's way. Mansell was now at the tail end of the lead lap with Unser Jr. second and Fittipaldi leading. Mansell was fastest throughout this part of the race and made up half a lap on Fittipaldi and traded second spot with Unser Jr. several times. This scenario went on for several laps until pit stops by the leaders were due. Mansell was first to stop and unlike his first stop stormed out, lighting up the tires for far to long. The end result was Mansell unable to turn in the acceleration lane and cutting through the grass, directly in the path of oncoming traffic. Fortunately, everyone got around him and Mansell had made his second mistake of the day which put him a lap down for good. Running a fine fourth was Robby Gordon but the Walker crew miscalculated his fuel and his chance at the win went out with the four lost laps that came as a result of the miscalculation.

A few laps later Mario Andretti found the wall after something seemed to break on his car and as often seems to be the case, Michael Andretti somehow was involved as well. In this case, Andretti also failed to see the yellow light flashing and came up on cloud of dirt and sand at full speed only to find Goodyear and Sharp directly ahead of him. With no reaction time left, Andretti drilled Sharp's rear right tire. Andretti's front left tire tore away under the impact, swiped him in the head before bouncing into Goodyear's left front and then being sent high into the air, over the catch fencing, directly into a hospitality suite. Sharp carried on after changing his flat right rear tire which took the brunt of the impact. Spectator wise, four of them were slightly injured, mainly due to dodging the out of control tire.

When the green flag waved for the last time, Emo just had to reel off the remaining laps to earn his first win of the season ahead of teammate Unser Jr. and Mansell who had been the fastest man all day but yet again made silly mistakes which cost him the win.

FINAL RESULTS P DRIVER TEAM LAPS ---------------------------------------------------------- 1 Emerson Fittipaldi Penske Racing 200 2 Al Unser Jr. Penske Racing 200 3 Nigel Mansell Newman-Haas Racing 199 4 Stefan Johansson Bettenhausen Racing 197 5 Jimmy Vasser Jim Hayhoe Racing 197 6 Mike Groff Rahal-Hogan Racing 196 7 Robby Gordon Walker Motorsport 195 8 Raul Boesel Dick Simon Racing 195 9 Scott Sharp PacWest Racing 194 10 Adrian Fernandez Galles Racing International 194 11 Scott Goodyear Budweiser King Motorsport 192 12 Davy Jones A.J.Foyt Enterprises 190 13 Buddy Lazier Viper Racing 190 14 Bobby Rahal Rahal-Hogan Racing 188 15 Mauricio Gugelmin Dick Simon Racing 187 16 Marco Greco Arciero Racing 180 17 Jeff Andretti Euromotorsports 179 18 John Paul Jr. Proformance Motorsport 177 19 Brian Till Dayle Coyne Racing 168 DNF Michael Andretti Chip Ganassi Racing [ACCIDENT]156 DNF Mario Andretti Newman-Haas Racing [ACCIDENT]156 DNF Arie Luyendyk Indy Regency Inc. [ELECTRICAL]146 DNF Paul Tracy Penske Racing [ACCIDENT] 62 DNF Dominic Dobson PacWest Racing [ACCIDENT] 61 DNF Jacques Villeneuve Forsythe-Green Racing [ACCIDENT] 61 DNF Teo Fabi Jim Hall Racing [ACCIDENT] 60 DNF Hiro Matsushita Dick Simon Racing [ACCIDENT] 44 DNF Willy T. Ribbs Walker Motorsport [ACCIDENT] 26 ----------------------------------------------------------


The 1994 version of the Player's Ltd. Toyota Atlantic Championship was supposed to be another battle among Canadians as 1993 champion David Empringham would return to defend his crown and rising Canadian stars Trevor Siebert and Patrick Carpentier would be joining the 1993 championship winning team, Canaska Racing. However the expected battle never came to fruition as Canaska has decided to go Indy Lights racing instead. Would this then be a runaway season for Empringham?

Certainly not. Although the field was disappointingly small at Phoenix (only 12 participants), the level of competition was not. Among this year's contenders to the crown would be Frenchman, Patrick Lemarie, who would run the full season and be a force on the road courses. As well, Texas Tough rookie, Greg Ray who ran one race last year and promptly took the pole and led before crashing was on hand this year for a full season. Also intending on running all 11 rounds and setting their sites on the championship would be Formula Atlantic veterans Billy Roe, Bobby Carville, Colin Trueman, Steve O'Hara and Peter Faucetta.

Qualifying would have each driver take five laps alone on the circuit. Ray was first out and repeated his performance from Milwaukie last year and grabbed the pole. This driver with ice water in his veins and the Dallas Cowboys racing helmet held off David Empringham, rookie driver Rich Hearn and oval expert Billy Roe. Gary Peterson and Bobby Carville would be in the third row, followed by Trueman, Lemarie, Faucetta, Dave Myers, Richard Sauter and Steve O'hara.

The start saw Empringham take the lead but by the time David was up to full speed and in turn three he had developed massive understeer. It was all Ray needed to take back the lead. Two laps later, Hearn was by Empringham and the latter nearly lost control as his understeering car got up into the gray matter. Roe was next in line to try and pass Empringham but he was overexuberent in his attempt to pass in turn one and he tagged the wall out of turn one which sent him spinning wildly down the course and heavily into the tire wall in the dogleg.

Somewhat stunned by the heavy accident which left his car mangled, Roe failed to notice his engine ablaze and as he leisurely took his time to get out the fire had nearly reached the cockpit! At last the fire crews arrived and a surprised Roe jumped back when he finally noticed his car was in flames. The clean up resulted in a red flag.

When the cars were started up again and sent on their way, Ray led in front of Hearn and Empringham and the order remained the same after the green flag waived. Quickly out after the restart was Faucetta who blew his fourth engine of the weekend. At the front Ray and Hearn duelled for the lead and finally Hearn took the lead with a brilliant move in traffic which left Roe blocked and Hearn ahead by four seconds. Meanwhile Empringham came into the pits with a blown tire. It seemed that Yokohoma spec tire had a flaw in it and that it was wearing out prematurely.

This flaw would become even more apparent when Hearn inexplicably hit the wall after being well in control of the race. Later he would mention that he heard an explosion at the front and thought his tire had gone down. An inspection confirmed his suspicion. To add insult to injury, Hearn's car also caught fire.The yellow came out for the second and last time as a result and the order of Ray, Trueman, Carville, Lemarie and Peterson would remain static until the checkered flag.

FINAL RESULTS -------------

POS DRIVER(COUNTRY) CAR LAPS ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Greg Ray(USA) Ralt RT41 75 2 Colin Trueman(USA) Ralt RT40 75 3 Bobby Carville(USA) Ralt RT40 75 4 Patrick Lemarie(F) Ralt RT41 75 5 Gary Peterson(USA) Ralt RT40 74 etc. -----------------------------------------------------------------


Round three of the World Rally Championship was the gruelling Safari rally where Toyota has reigned supreme for so many years and this year again it looked as though they would go unchallenged. Of the big four constructors, Ford and Subaru stayed home and Mitsubishi sent a token effort for Kenjiro Shinozuka, a veteran of the Pacific Rally Championship. Only Toyota came with a serious effort with cars for Juha Kankkunen, Didier Auriol and Kenyan Ian Duncan.

The Safari was shortened to 3500km this year and only 42 cars were entered for this year's edition. Kankkunen, looking for a fourth Safari title took the lead and held it for the first two days. In fact Kankkunen was so far ahead of his teammates Duncan and Auriol, it seemed all he had to do was cruise the rest of the way. However on the third day, while driving at about 180 kph, Kankkunen hit a pot hole created by the heavy rains that were falling and the Celica Turbo took several rolls before coming to a halt.

Both driver and co-driver were unhurt but Kankkunen was out of the Safari and the native Duncan took the lead and held it to the end with comfortable 25 minute win over Shinozuka in the Mitsubishi. Auriol was disappointing third behind the two WRC rookies and fourth was Group N winner and yet another Kenyan, Patrick Nijru. Of the 42 entries only 10 made it to the finish.

FINAL RESULTS ------------- 1. Ian Duncan Toyota 2. Kenjiro Shinozuka Mitsubishi +25 min 3. Didier Auriol Toyota +1h 10 min 4N. Patrick Njiru Subaru +2h 41 min 5N. Richard Burns Subaru +2h 51 min etc.

TELEMETRY =========

FIA FORMULA ONE DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP (after 1 of 16 rounds) 1. Schumacher 10 points 2. Hill 6 3. Alesi 4 4. Barrichello 3 5. Katayama 2 6. Wendlinger 1

FIA FORMULA ONE CONSTRUCTORS CHAMPIONSHIP (after 1 of 16 rounds) 1. Benetton Ford 10 points 2. Williams Renault 6 3. Ferrari 4 4. Jordan Hart 3 5. Tyrrell Yamaha 2 6. Sauber Mercedes 1

FIA WORLD RALLY DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP (after 3 of 10 rounds) 1. Juha Kankkunen 35 points 2. Didier Auriol 27 3. Massimo Biasion 22 . Carlos Sainz 22 5. Francois Delecour 20 . Ian Duncan 20 etc.

FIA WORLD RALLY MANUFACTURERS CHAMPIONSHIP (after 3 of 10 rounds) 1. Toyota 57 points 2. Ford 34 3. Subaru 26 4. Mitsubishi 25 etc.

PPG INDYCAR WORLD SERIES (after 2 of 16 rounds) 1. Emerson Fittipaldi 37 2. Stefan Johansson 22 . Jimmy Vasser 22 4. Michael Andretti 21 5. Nigel Mansell 19 6. Al Unser, Jr. 16 7. Mario Andretti 14 8. Mike Groff 13 9. Mauricio Gugelmin 8 10. Teo Fabi 6 . Robby Gordon 6 . Scott Sharp 6 13. Raul Boesel 5 . Scott Goodyear 5 15. Adrian Fernandez 3 16. Dominic Dobson 1 . Davy Jones 1 . Paul Tracy 1

SCCA PLAYER'S LTD TOYOTA ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIP (after 1 of 11 rounds) 1. Greg Ray 20 2. Colin Trueman 16 3. Bobby Carville 14 4. Patrick Lemarie 12 5. Gary Peterson 10 etc.

FIA FORMULA ONE SCHEDULE Brazil - Schumacher April 17 Pacific May 01 San Marino May 15 Monaco May 29 Spain June 12 Canada July 03 France July 10 Great Britain July 31 Germany August 14 Hungary August 28 Belgium September 11 Italy September 25 Portugal October 16 Argentina November 06 Japan November 13 Australia

FIA WORLD RALLY SCHEDULE Monte Carlo - Delecour Portugal - Kankkunen Safari - Duncan May 04-May 08 - Tour de Corse May 28-June 01 - Acropolis June 29-July 03 - Argentina July 30-August 02 - New Zealand August 25-August 28 - 1000 Lakes October 09-October 13 - San Remo November 19-November 23 - RAC

PPG INDYCAR WORLD SERIES Surfers Paradise - Mi.Andretti Phoenix - Fittipaldi April 17 Long Beach May 29 Indianapolis June 05 Milwaukie June 12 Detroit June 26 Portland July 10 Cleveland July 17 Toronto July 31 Michigan August 14 Mid-Ohio August 21 New Hampshire September 04 Vancouver September 11 Elkhart Lake September 18 Nazareth October 09 Laguna Seca

SCCA PLAYER'S LTD TOYOTA ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIP Phoenix - Ray April 17 Long Beach May 22 Mosport June 05 Milwaukee June 11 Montreal July 16 Toronto August 07 Trois Rivieres August 14 Mid-Ohio September 03 Vancouver September 18 Nazareth October 08 Laguna Seca

FIA INTERNATIONAL F3000 CHAMPIONSHIP May 01 Silverstone, England May 22 Pau, France June 05 Vellelunga, Italy July 24 Enna-Pergusa, Italy July 31 Hockenheim, Germany August 28 Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium September 25 Magny-Cours, France October 09 Nogaro, France ____________________________________________________


(NORTH AMERICA) 04/16/94 Formula Atlantic(same day) 15:00 EST TVA 04/16/94 Formula Atlantic(tape) 16:00 EST CTV 04/17/94 Formula One(same day) 7:30 EST RDS 04/17/94 Formula One(same day) 7:50 EST ESPN, TSN 04/17/94 IndyCar(Live) 16:00 EST RDS, ABC 04/17/94 Formula One(same day) After Late Local News CBC (EUROPE) 04/17/94 Formula One(Live) 6:00 CET EUROSPORT 04/18/94 IndyCar(Live) 1:00 CET EUROSPORT ____________________________________________________

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