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By Chris Speigner - Saturday's morning Trans Am qualifying session was turned into practice due to the postponed session Friday. The starting grid for todays race will be determined by the seasonal points standings. This will ...

RRRRR W W U U 9999999 4 R R W W U U 9 9 4 R R W W U U 9 9 4 4 R W W U U 9 9 4 4 RR W W W U U 9999999 4444444 R R W W W W U U 9 4 R R W W W W U U 9 4 R R W W UUUUUUUU 9999999 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------- RACE WRAP UP: THE AFFORDABLE WEEKLY MOTORSPORT NEWSLETTER ---------------------------------------------------------------- ISSUE 24 VOLUME 2 03-18-94 PROMO ISSUE 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS =================

1. RWU CONTEST INFO - Win 2 tickets to the Canadian GP! 2. PIT PASS - Alesi out for a while, Penske shocks IndyCar. 3. RACE REPORTS:


ROUND 3 - PPG INDYCAR WORLD SERIES - LONG BEACH TOYOTA GRAND PRIX OF LONG BEACH 4. TELEMETRY - Points Standings and Season Schedules. 5. SUBSCRIPTION INFO - How to subscribe to RACE WRAP UP! 6. CHECKERED FLAG - Next Week in RWU RACE WRAP-UP STAFF: Editor-in-chief - James Dahan Correspondents - Mark Wooden, Norman Goldberg _____________________________________________________

Note: Our Formula Atlantic correspondent is feeling under the weather therefore Norman will be back next week with coverage of the Long Beach Formula Atlantic race.

_____________________________________________________ RACE WRAP UP TRIVIA CONTEST INFORMATION ----------------------------------------------------- The first annual RWU trivia contest is on tap this spring and you could win a pair of tickets to this year's Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal! All you have to do is be a subscriber and answer all the questions that will be thrown at you in the coming weeks and mail it to us (e-mail or postal mail) at the conclusion of the contest on April 30, 1994.

The person with the most questions answered correctly will win the prize. In the event of a tie, a random drawing among the tied participants will determine the winner.

1. In the last 20 years, which Grand Prix was postponed on the weekend of the race itself, why and what year?

2. Name the first Grand Prix the pace car was used in and the year.

3. Who finished 4th in the 1971 British Grand Prix?

4. Who finished 7th in the 1958 Indianapolis 500?

5. Which driver was the first to break the 200mph mark for a single lap in an Indycar?

6. What is the first lap of the first ever Formula One Championship race best remembered for?

7. What was the closest margin of victory in an Indycar race?

8. What was the closest margin of victory for an F1 race?

9. Who won the first ever F3000 race?

10. How many times did the Mini-Cooper win the Monte-Carlo Rally?

11. Name the three drivers vying for the F1 world championship in the final round of the 1962 season.

12. How many pole positions, F1 and Indycar combined does Mario Andretti hold(as of the deadline).

13. Name the years in which A.J. Foyt won the Indianapolis 500.

14. How many times has Ayrton Senna finished second in a Grand Prix?

15. Which Rally driver has the most world championships under his belt?

NOTE: This contest is void where laws prohibit it.

_____________________________________________________ PIT PASS ========

FORMULA ONE -----------

ALESI TO MISS SAN MARINO GP Jean Alesi, after consulting with his physician in Paris was advised he should not take the wheel of his Ferrari for the next few weeks. Still suffering from a slight numbness in the legs after his practice crash at Mugello, Alesi suffered a compression of the 5th, 6th and 7th vertebrae. His return may have to wait as long as Canada. Nicola Larini will once again take Alesi's place in Imola.

JORDAN AND BENETTON SUSPECTED OF CHEATING Rumours persist that both the Jordan and Benetton teams have found a way to increase the pressure in the FIA issued refuelling rigs. The current legislation has the rig pushing fuel out at 12 litres/second. Some say that Jordan and Benetton's rigs can put out as much as 14 litres/second.

INDYCAR -------

PENSKE BOMBSHELL Roger Penske and Mercedes-Benz announced last week that they would field three Mercedes stock block powered Penske PC23s in this year's edition of the Indianapolis 500. Probably the best kept secret in the world of racing, Ilmor apparently have been testing the engine for quite some time at Nazareth and Michigan. Rumours have the engine running at about 1000 horsepower. The two valve per cylinder pushrod V8 will be rebadged a Mercedes engine. The engine is only being used at Indianapolis because USAC allows 55 inches of boost on stock block engines as opposed to the 49 allowed by CART who sanctions the remaining 15 races on the schedule.

NEW ILMOR V8 TURBO DOMINANT Ilmor's new phase two edition of the Ilmor Indy "D" V8 has proven to be dominant with Penske drivers finishing 1-2 in Phoenix and picking up the first three spots in qualifying in Long Beach as well as the win. The new found power has apparently surpassed that of the Ford XB thanks to revised cylinder heads and intake plenum system.

MEETING OF THE MINDS AT THE TOP IndyCar's new president Andrew Craig met with Indianapolis Motor Speedway president Tony George in the first of several meetings that hopefully will lead to a solution that will avert another war between the USAC and CART sanctioning bodies. Another meeting is expected this week and if all goes well, the two may start negotiations throughout the month of may at Indy.

INDY LIGHTS -----------

ROUND TWO OF INDY LIGHTS CHAMPIONSHIP Englishman Steve Robertson and Canadian Greg Moore battled for the lead throughout the second half of the second round of the Firestone PPG Indy Lights Championship with the englishman finally coming out on top when Moore missed a shift in the final two laps. Former World Motorcycle Champion, Eddie Lawson dominated the first 21 laps until a mistake pitched him into the wall, ending his day and a chance at a first win in Indy Lights.

LONG BEACH RESULTS 1. Steve Robertson(GB) 2. Greg Moore(CDN) 3. Pedro Chaves(P) 4. Nick Firestone(USA) 5. Dave DeSilva(USA) 6. Rick Hill(USA) 7. Doug Boyer(USA) 8. Scott Schobot(USA) 9. Jack Miller(USA) 10. Bob Dorricott Jr(USA) etc.

RALLY -----

DELECOUR ON THE SHELF Francois Delecour, number one driver of the Ford World Rally Championship, broke his leg in a road vehicle accident and will miss the nesxt three rallies. Delecour was test driving his new Ferrari F40 when he lost control and crashed. _____________________________________________________


Mika Hakkinen played the role of spoiler in this second round of the world championship. Hakkinen single handedly removed the Williams team from competition, robbing the fans of another sensational Senna-Schumacher duel. As it turned out Schumacher ran away with the race. Who would have thought after two races that neither Senna nor McLaren would have scored a point.

QUALIFYING ----------

There was a sense of urgency in the Williams paddock on Friday morning. Schumacher had put Senna a whole second back in Thursday's familiarization session and Schumacher repeated his performance in Friday morning's practice. When qualifying rolled around everyone expected Schumacher to dominate yet again but he was dealing with none other than Ayrton Senna. Senna promptly posted the fastest time which Schumacher duly beat a few minutes later. And so it went, a seesaw battle between the best two drivers in the world with Senna finally posting the fastest time five minutes from the end.

The young German could do no better than come with .220 of his Brazilian rival. But the action wasn't just between the top two drivers. Up and down the field the competition for every hundredth of a second was fierce. Damon Hill could only come within .5 seconds of his teammate and that was after teetering on the edge of disaster for several laps. Behind Hill, Hakkinen was in top form in the quickly progressing McLaren Peugeot. Using the A6 four-valve engine, Hakkinen hustled his MP4/9 to fourth on the grid. He reckoned he could have done better were it not for an off during his fastest lap of the session. Teammate Brundle was still trying to get comfortable with his McLaren and clocked the sixth fastest time.

Splitting the two McLarens was Gerhard Berger's Ferrari. The Austrian still complaining of huge understeer. While Barnard still works on finding a front end that will be as effective as the back end of the 412 T1 at least the Ferrari engine is showing some good power and reliability. Nicola Larini, subbing for the injured and much missed Jean Alesi qualified the seventh after and uneventful qualifying session. Eighth on the grid was Rubens Barrichello who expected to be even faster on Saturday if the track conditions would hold.

Unfortunately, the track conditions would be far from adequate on Saturday as David Brabham damaged an oil sump after spinning unto the pit straight and spreading oil all over the track. Only six drivers improved their times from Friday. Christian Fittipaldi improved nine positions to grab ninth in the greasy conditions. Jos Verstappen rounded out the top ten. Only 4.5 seconds separated the top 25 drivers with Roland Ratzennberger a further two seconds adrift of the 25th driver. Non-qualified were both Pacific drivers who spent their weekend blowing Ilmor engines.

STARTING GRID ------------- POS. DRIVER(COUNTRY) TEAM/ENGINE TIME --------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Ayrton Senna(Br) William Renault 1'10.218 2 Michael Schumacher(D) Bennetton Ford 1'10.440 3 Damon Hill(GB) William Renault 1'10.771 4 Mika Hakkinen(FIN) McLaren Peugeot 1'11.683 5 Gerhard Berger(A) Ferrari 1'11.744 6 Martin Brundle(GB) McLaren Peugeot 1'12.351 7 Nicola Larini(I) Ferrari 1'12.372 8 Rubens Barrichello(Br) Jordan Hart 1'12.409 9 Christian Fittipaldi(Br) Arrows Ford 1'12.444 10 Jos Verstappen(NL) Bennetton Ford 1'12.554 11 Heinz Harald Frentzen(D) Sauber Mercedes 1'12.686 12 Mark Blundell(GB) Tyrrell Yamaha 1'12.751 13 Giani Morbidelli(I) Arrows Ford 1'12.866 14 Ukyo Katayama(J) Tyrrell Yamaha 1'13.013 15 Michele Alboreto(I) Minardi Ford 1'13.016 16 Erik Comas(F) Larrousse Ford 1'13.111 17 Pierluigi Martini(I) Minardi Ford 1'13.529 18 Eric Bernard(F) Ligier Renault 1'13.613 19 Karl Wendlinger(A) Sauber Mercedes 1'13.855 20 Aguri Suzuki(J) Jordan Hart 1'13.932 21 Olivier Beretta(F) Larrousse Ford 1'14.101 22 Olivier Panis(F) Ligier Renault 1'14.106 23 Johnny Herbert(GB) Lotus Mugen 1'14.424 24 Pedro Lamy(P) Lotus Mugen 1'14.657 25 David Brabham(AUS) Simtek Ford 1'14.748 26 Roland Ratzenberger(A) Simtek Ford 1'16.356 DNQ Bertrand Gachot(B) Pacific Ilmor 1'16.927 DNQ Paul Belmondo(F) Pacific Ilmor 1'17.450

THE RACE --------

Sunday morning's had smiles returning to the faces of the Williams team as both Senna and Hill were one-two and both looked set to give Schumacher a hard time. Little did they know that Mika Hakkinen would have other ideas. At the green light , Schumacher outdragged Senna, who had too much wheel spin to the first corner. As Senna slotted behind Schumacher, Hakkinen, who had taken a terrific start and jumped ahead of Hill, came into the first turn too hot and couldn't slow down before giving Senna a gentle tap in the rear which sent the Brazilian for a loop.

As a result, Nicola Larini's day would also come to a quick end as the substitute Ferrari driver was caught out on the outside and could do nothing else but harpoon Senna. Also involved in the melee were Mark Blundell and Erik Comas. Blundell retired on the spot as well but Comas soldiered back to his pit for a fresh nose. By the time Schumacher realized what had gone on, he was completely clear of his closest competition and the "easy" sunday drive was on.

Behind the runaway Benetton, Hill had engaged in a furious battle with Hakkinen but that would all end four laps later when Hakkinen shut door on Hill, sending the Williams spinning off. Hill rejoined back in 12th position, but his escapade through the dirt would end up costing him as his transmission had scooped up a load of dirt. While Hill worked his way up the field, Berger was busy holding off Barrichello for third. Third would become second when Hakkinen retired on lap 19 with hydraulic problems.

Hill meanwhile was storming up the field, permitting himself the indiscretion of passing Brundle and Barrichello on the outside! Within a few laps, Hill was by Berger and set off after Schumacher, who was a half a lap ahead. Unfortunately, Hill's challenge came to an end when his transmission finally failed as a result of his earlier spin. This put Berger back in second place, but the Austrian was being put under increasing stress as both Brundle and Barrichello, who had spent most of the afternoon fighting one another were catching the Ferrari.

Happily for Berger and unhappily for Brundle, his Peugeot engine finally gave up and his great drive had come to an end. Barrichello would settle for third ahead of Christian Fittipaldi in the impressive Arrows and Heinz Harald Fretzen in the Sauber. Rounding out the point scorers was none other than Erik Comas who took advantage of Alboreto punting Wendlinger off the road to grab the vital last point.

FINAL RESULTS ------------- P/DNFLAP DRIVER TIME/DEFICIT/REASON --------------------------------------------------------- 1 Schumacher 1h 46min 01.693s 2 Berger - 1min 15.300s 3 Barrichello - 1 LAP 4 Fittipaldi - 1 LAP 5 Frentzen - 1 LAP 6 Comas - 3 LAPS 7 Herbert - 3 LAPS 8 Lamy - 4 LAPS 9 Panis - 5 LAPS 10 Bernard - 5 LAPS 11 Ratzenberger - 5 LAPS LAP 69 Morbidelli ENGINE LAP 69 Wendlinger ACCIDENT LAP 69 Alboreto ACCIDENT LAP 67 Brundle ENGINE LAP 63 Martini SPIN & STALL LAP 54 Verstappen SPIN & STALL LAP 49 Hill TRANSMISSION LAP 44 Suzuki ENGINE LAP 42 Katayama SPIN & STALL LAP 19 Hakkinen HYDRAULICS LAP 14 Beretta ENGINE LAP 2 Brabham ENGINE LAP 0 Senna ACCIDENT LAP 0 Blundell ACCIDENT LAP 0 Larini ACCIDENT

_____________________________________________________ PPG INDYCAR WORLD SERIES TOYOTA GRAND PRIX OF LONG BEACH

by Mark Wooden

The new evolution of the Ilmor D engine combined with the "Shark Finned" Penske PC23 has suddenly made the Penske drivers almost unbeatable. Following their one-two performance in Phoenix, the Penske trio swept the top end of the grid and Al Unser Jr. drove a patient race to make it two out of three for Penske.

QUALIFYING ----------

The Friday morning practice session saw Mansell set the pace in front of Johansson, who was second in points and Robby Gordon. Johansson was in a chipper mood, telling anyone who would listen that the car felt great, that he had the balance down perfect. Quickly however, things turned to disaster for Johansson as shortly into his first flying lap, he spun in turn three and damaged the left side of his mount, despite being able to continue.

Gordon would imitate Johansson's loop in turn eight, this time stalling the engine. Mansell as well had his problems, circulating slowly on course after having set the fastest time. Just behind the Englishman, Emerson Fittipaldi and Al Unser Jr began to show some muscle by clocking the second and third times. Mansell would feel even more pressure on Saturday morning while trying to keep pace with the all conquering Penske team

Mansell ended his practice session in the tire barrier in turn three, causing organizers to red flag the session. At the end of the Saturday Practice session, Gordon led the way ahead of the three Penske drivers. These same three drivers would storm the second Qualifying session, dominating the "fast group" with ease. Paul Tracy bettered the existing track record and took the bonus point for the pole. Al Unser Jr. was second and Emo was third just ahead of Mansell and Gordon.

STARTING GRID P DRIVER(COUNTRY) CHASSIS/ENGINE SPEED ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Paul Tracy(CDN) Penske PC23 Ilmor D 108.450 2 Al Unser Jr.(USA) Penske PC23 Ilmor D 108.407 3 Emerson Fittipaldi(BR) Penske PC23 Ilmor D 108.308 4 Nigel Mansell(GB) Lola T9400 Ford XB 108.173 5 Robby Gordon(USA) Lola T9400 Ford XB 108.004 6 Mario Andretti(USA) Lola T9400 Ford XB 106.837 7 Raul Boesel(Br) Lola T9400 Ford XB 106.833 8 Mauricio Gugelmin(Br) Reynard 94I Ford XB 106.660 9 Michael Andretti(USA) Reynard 94I Ford XB 106.614 10 Stefan Johansson(S) Penske PC22 Ilmor D 106.480 11 Bobby Rahal(USA) Lola T9400 Honda 106.445 12 Teo Fabi(I) Reynard 94I Ilmor D 106.408 13 Marco Greco(Br) Lola T9400 Ford XB 106.408 14 Jacques Villeneuve(CDN) Reynard 94I Ford XB 106.241 15 Scott Goodyear(CDN) Lola T9400 Ford XB 106.083 16 Arie Luyendyk(NL) Lola T9400 Ilmor D 106.014 17 Dominic Dobson(USA) Lola T9400 Ford XB 105.791 18 Mark Smith(USA) Lola T9400 Ford XB 105.707 19 Adrian Fernandez(MEX) Reynard 94I Ilmor D 105.695 20 David Kudrave(USA) Lola T9300 Ilmor C 105.670 21 Scott Sharp(USA) Lola T9400 Ford XB 105.471 22 Willy T. Ribbs(USA) Lola T9300 Ford XB 105.439 23 Jimmy Vasser(USA) Reynard 94I Ford XB 105.421 24 Mike Groff(USA) Lola T9400 Honda 105.301 25 Davy Jones(USA) Lola T9400 Ford XB 105.122 26 Robbie Buhl(USA) Lola T9300 Ford XB 104.272 27 Frank Freon(F) Lola T9300 Ford XB 104.085 28 Claude Bourbonnais(CDN) Lola T9300 Ilmor C 104.058 29 Robbie Groff(USA) Penske PC22 Ilmor C 103.769 30 Buddy Lazier(USA) Lola T9300 Ilmor C 103.288 DNQ Hiro Matsushita(J) Lola T9400 Ford XB 101.445 DNQ Alessandro Zampedri(I) Lola T9300 Ilmor C 101.052 DNQ Johnny Unser(USA) Lola T9200 Ilmor A 98.727 THE RACE --------

The race began with one of the more disorganized starts in recent history as Tracy jumped the field and the three Penske drivers began to pull away. The "Thrill from West Hill" seemed well in control of this race but as has been the case since day one of this 1994 season, Tracy was struck with misfortune yet again while in the lead. Victim of Adrian Fernandez in Australia and of Hiro Matsushita-Teo Fabi in Phoenix, this time it looked like Tracy had thrown it all away himself.

Indeed it looked as if the young Canadian had set the brake bias the wrong way and while attempting to overtake a backmarker at the end of shoreline drive, Tracy's Penske suddenly swapped ends and sent Tracy hurtling into the slower driver. Tracy would lose five laps while the Safety truck arrived and attempted to clear the two tangled cars from each other. Later it would be learned that a sticking gearbox was the culprit of the three spins and finally the cause of his retirement.

And then their were two. Fittipaldi inherited the lead ahead of Al Unser Jr and Nigel Mansell. Mansell pressed on to the height of his talent but could not challenge for the lead at any time. As Fittipaldi seemed well in control of the race, he too was stricken by a stuck gearbox. Suddenly the Penske juggernaught had now been reduced to one with Al Unser Jr. riding in the lead.

Behind the leaders, some interesting duels were taking place. The two Andrettis battle race long for what would eventually be 5th place. On more than one occasion the two nearly came together but the racing was kept clean and the old man would teach his son yet one more driving lesson. Of course the most thrilling battle of all was a four way fight for ninth. Marco Greco, in the best equipment he has ever had made the most of his race by holding on ninth and holding off Fabi and Goodyear. Bearing down on the trio was Jacques Villeneuve and after quickly disposing of Goodyear and Fabi, Villeneuve set after Greco.

The two see-sawed through the streets until at last it seemed Jacques had moved into ninth down the back straight. A momentary glance in the mirror at an inopportune time sent Villeneuve heavy in the tire barriers but Villenueve kept the engine alive and stormed off to the pits for attention, tire wall and half a wing dragging and all! Classic Villeneuve it was but he would lose five laps in the process. As for Greco, his day would end in the tire wall in turn one.

FINAL RESULTS P DRIVER TEAM LAPS ---------------------------------------------------------- 1 Al Unser Jr. Penske Racing 105 2 Nigel Mansell Newman-Haas Racing 105 3 Robby Gordon Walker Motorsport 105 4 Raul Boesel Dick Simon Racing 104 5 Mario Andretti Newman-Haas Racing 104 6 Michael Andretti Chip Ganassi Racing 104 7 Mauricio Gugelmin Dick Simon Racing 104 8 Adrian Fernandez Galles Racing International 104 9 Teo Fabi Jim Hall Racing 104 10 Stefan Johansson Bettenhausen Racing [FUEL]102 11 Arie Luyendyk Indy Regency Racing Inc. 102 12 Frank Freon Jovy Marcelo Memorial Racing 101 13 Robbie Groff Condor Racing [FUEL]100 14 Davy Jones A.J. Foyt Enterprizes 100 15 Jacques Villeneuve Forsythe-Green 100 16 Robbie Buhl Dayle Coyne Racing [TRANSMISSION]92 17 Dominic Dobson PacWest Racing 91 18 Willy T. Ribbs Walker Motorsport [EXHAUST]80 19 Scott Goodyear Budweiser King Racing [GEARBOX]80 20 Paul Tracy Penske Racing [TRANSMISSION]75 21 Emerson Fittipaldi Penske Racing [TRANSMISSION]66 22 David Kudrave Euromotorsport [EXHAUST]55 23 Marco Greco Sovereign Racing [ACCIDENT]40 24 Jimmy Vasser Jim Hayhoe Racing [ACCIDENT]36 25 Mark Smith Walker Motorsport [ACCIDENT]29 26 Claude Bourbonnais Proformance [EXHAUST]24 27 Mike Groff Rahal-Hogan [ACCIDENT]19 28 Scott Sharp PacWest [ENGINE]11 29 Buddy Lazier Viper [EXHAUST]6 30 Bobby Rahal PacWest [OIL LINE]3


TELEMETRY =========

FIA FORMULA ONE DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP (after 2 of 16 rounds) 1. Schumacher 20 points 2. Barrichello 7 3. Hill 6 . Berger 6 5. Alesi 4 6. Fittipaldi 3 7. Fretzen 2 . Katayama 2 9. Wendlinger 1 . Comas 1

FIA FORMULA ONE CONSTRUCTORS CHAMPIONSHIP (after 2 of 16 rounds) 1. Benetton Ford 20 points 2. Ferrari 10 3. Jordan Hart 7 4. Williams Renault 6 5. Arrows Ford 3 . Sauber Mercedes 3 7. Tyrrell Yamaha 2 8. Larrousse Ford 1

FIA WORLD RALLY DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP (after 3 of 10 rounds) 1. Juha Kankkunen 35 points 2. Didier Auriol 27 3. Massimo Biasion 22 . Carlos Sainz 22 5. Francois Delecour 20 . Ian Duncan 20 etc.

FIA WORLD RALLY MANUFACTURERS CHAMPIONSHIP (after 3 of 10 rounds) 1. Toyota 57 points 2. Ford 34 3. Subaru 26 4. Mitsubishi 25 etc.

PPG INDYCAR WORLD SERIES (after 3 of 16 rounds) 1. Emerson Fittipaldi 37 Points . Al Unser Jr. 37 3. Nigel Mansell 35 4. Michael Andretti 29 5. Stefan Johansson 25 6. Mario Andretti 24 7. Jimmy Vasser 22 8. Robby Gordon 20 9. Raul Boesel 17 10. Mauricio Gugelmin 14 11. Mike Groff 13 12. Teo Fabi 10 13. Adrian Fernandez 8 14. Scott Sharp 6 15. Scott Goodyear 5 16. Arie Luyendyk 2 . Paul Tracy 2 18. Dominic Dobson 1 . Frank Freon 1 . Davy Jones 1

SCCA PLAYER'S LTD TOYOTA ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIP (after 1 of 11 rounds) 1. Greg Ray 20 Points 2. Colin Trueman 16 3. Bobby Carville 14 4. Patrick Lemarie 12 5. Gary Peterson 10 etc.

FIA FORMULA ONE SCHEDULE Brazil - Schumacher Pacific - Schumacher May 01 San Marino May 15 Monaco May 29 Spain June 12 Canada July 03 France July 10 Great Britain July 31 Germany August 14 Hungary August 28 Belgium September 11 Italy September 25 Portugal October 16 Argentina November 06 Japan November 13 Australia

FIA WORLD RALLY SCHEDULE Monte Carlo - Delecour Portugal - Kankkunen Safari - Duncan May 04-May 08 - Tour de Corse May 28-June 01 - Acropolis June 29-July 03 - Argentina July 30-August 02 - New Zealand August 25-August 28 - 1000 Lakes October 09-October 13 - San Remo November 19-November 23 - RAC

PPG INDYCAR WORLD SERIES Surfers Paradise - Mi.Andretti Phoenix - Fittipaldi Long Beach - Unser Jr. May 29 Indianapolis June 05 Milwaukie June 12 Detroit June 26 Portland July 10 Cleveland July 17 Toronto July 31 Michigan August 14 Mid-Ohio August 21 New Hampshire September 04 Vancouver September 11 Elkhart Lake September 18 Nazareth October 09 Laguna Seca

SCCA PLAYER'S LTD TOYOTA ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIP Phoenix - Ray Long Beach - Hearn May 22 Mosport June 05 Milwaukee June 11 Montreal July 16 Toronto August 07 Trois Rivieres August 14 Mid-Ohio September 03 Vancouver September 18 Nazareth October 08 Laguna Seca

FIA INTERNATIONAL F3000 CHAMPIONSHIP May 01 Silverstone, England May 22 Pau, France June 05 Vellelunga, Italy July 24 Enna-Pergusa, Italy July 31 Hockenheim, Germany August 28 Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium September 25 Magny-Cours, France October 09 Nogaro, France ____________________________________________________

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