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TECHNOLOGY MEETS ECOLOGY "IT at the service of environmental sustainability" Misano Adriatico - Italy, 05 august, 2010 - Pramac S.p.A. announced yesterday afternoon the new project 'Technology meets Ecology', a joint project with Avanade, ...

TECHNOLOGY MEETS ECOLOGY "IT at the service of environmental sustainability"

Misano Adriatico - Italy, 05 august, 2010 - Pramac S.p.A. announced yesterday afternoon the new project 'Technology meets Ecology', a joint project with Avanade, Microsoft, Iconics, and Speed Automazione to advance the world of renewable energy. Pramac is the owner of the private MotoGP Ducati team, and plans to use this innovative technology in their box to monitor, optimize and manage energy consumption. With this initiative, the Pramac Racing Team earns its nick-name "Green Energy Team".

The Project 'Technology meets Ecology' will:

Create a data exchange interface for Pramac's solar panels and wind turbines to measure and optimize the functionality of the equipment; Create an interface based on gestures facilitating interaction between the end user and the system;

Make data on the production and consumption of energy in the home available to the user in real time such that it can be compared to reference benchmarks and used in contract proposals to the energy suppliers in the free market economy.

When the results described above are realized, in collaboration with the above partners, Pramac will create the equipment, called 'GreenBox' a gateway between renewable energy and cloud computing. GreenBox makes all the consumption data of every appliance available in the Cloud infrastructure and regulates il to ensure the consumption is minimized.

Pramac S.p.A. produces and sells generators world-wide, recently began selling its new line of micro- wind turbines, called "RevolutionAir" and also, through Pramac Swiss S.A. and Lifter S.r.l., produces and sells the latest-generation of photovoltaic modules and fork-lifts. Pramac offers renewable energy generation products, with special attention to detail. Both the photovoltaic modules and wind turbines are carefully designed by Philippe Starck.

Paolo Campinoti, Chief executive officer of Pramac S.p.A.

"It is a great honor for us to be a part of this exciting project with technology leaders such as Microsoft, Avanade, Speed Automazione and Iconics as partners. This initiative was created to show how each of us, in whichever industry we work, can reduce our consumption and consequently reduce pollution. The technologies shown today aren't solutions for the future, but actual possibilities all of us can use right now."

Microsoft will supply the entire technological infrastructure for the 'Technology meets Ecology' project:

Windows CE Embedded systems on which the parameters for the 'SmartMeters' program can be set; Windows 7 operating system with touch technology to display differences in energy consumption between users; Remote Cloud based systems with Sharepoint Services and SQL Azure programming,

Matteo Mille, Director of Server and Tools Division for Microsoft Italy.

"Energy improvement is one of the principle goals to strive for as people, as companies, and as countries of the world. Technology can be a fundamental part of realizing and adopting solutions to lessen environmental impact. Microsoft, thru their software solutions and delivery services in the cloud, is actively working in this direction"

Speed Automazione is in charge of the production of the SmartMetering system installed on the solar panels and wind turbines for both domestic and industrial applications

Iconics, worldwide Microsoft's Partner and 2008 Partner of the year, will supply the GeoScada supervisory system based on Silverlight Display and GeoTagging using Microsoft's Bing maps.

Avanade will use their experience and skill for developing collaborative applications on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform to implement the registration system, and record all consumption changes. The end user will be able to monitor changes as they happen through an "energy profile" created ad hoc, which can be constantly updated, with the ability to compare consumption and find the most effective conservation methods.

Fabio Chiodini, Director of Information Management for Avanade Italy.

"We are happy to be able to contribute to this innovative project in which we put to work our experience on Microsoft technology in the classic on-premise realm as well as cloud BPOS to realize optimized and 'green' solutions."

About Pramac S.p.A.
Pramac S.p.A. listed in the Italian Stock Exchange market, develops, manufactures and markets at world level a wide range of power generation equipment and the new line of Micro Wind Turbines called "RevolutionAir". The Pramac Group, always in the sector of renewable energies, through the subsidiary Pramac Swiss S.A. develops, manufactures and markets the latest-generation thin-film modules called "Pramac LUCE Micromorph®". Furthermore, through the subsidiary Lifter S.r.l. develops, manufactures and markets materials handling equipment.

The Pramac Group, led by the CEO Paolo Campinoti, consists of 34 societies in 20 Countries, employs more than 800 employees and works at world level through its six manufacturing units, one located in Italy (Casole d'Elsa, Siena) and five in foreign countries (Spain, France, China, Switzerland and USA), controlling a distribution network of 25 commercial branches.

-source: pramac

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