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PERTH SCOTTISH RALLY 1995 European Rally Championship Co-efficient 5 NUMBER CREW CLASS 1 NISSAN F2 Alister McRae/David Senior Nissan Sunny...

PERTH SCOTTISH RALLY 1995 European Rally Championship Co-efficient 5 NUMBER CREW CLASS 1 NISSAN F2 Alister McRae/David Senior Nissan Sunny GTI A7 2 NISSAN F2 Gregoire de Mevius/Jean Marc Fortin Nissan Sunny A7 3 Gwyndaf Evans/Howard Davies Ford Escort RS A7 4 MICHELIN PILOT TEAM FORD Malcolm Wilson/Bryan Thomas Ford Escort Cosw A8 5 Jonny Milner/Steve Turvey Nissan SunnyGTIR A8 6 VAUXHALL SPORT David Llewellin/Ian Grindrod Vauxhall Astra A7 7 VAUXHALL SPORT Jarmo Kytolehto/Arto Kapanen Vauxhall Astra A7 8 TOTAL TEAM PEUGEOT Martin Rowe/Chris Wood Peugeot 306 S16 A7 9 RENAULT DEALER RALLYING Robbie Head/Terry Harryman Renault Clio A7 10 NISSAN F2 Ari Mokkonen/Juha Repo Nissan Sunny GTI A7 11 Tapio Laukkanen/Tapio Jarvi VW Golf GTi A7 12 RENAULT DEALER RALLYING Alain Oreille/Jack Boyere Renault Clio A7 14 SBG SPORT Dominic Buckley/Nicky Beech VW Golf A7 15 Mark Higgins/Cliff Simmons Peugeot 306 S16 A7 16 David Higgins/Michael Park Ford Escort RS A7 17 Tomas Abrahamsson/Mike Kidd Ford Escort Cosw A8 18 Olli Harkki/Risto Mannisenmaki Mitsubishi N4 19 Brian Lyall/Neil Ewing Ford Escort Cosw A8 20 Mark Lovell/Duncan McMath Toyota GT4 N4 21 Mike Horne/Monty Pearson Ford Sierra Cosw A8 23 Philip Young/Robbie Philpott Ford Escort Cosw N4 24 Chris Birkbeck/Mike Corner Vauxhall Astra A7 25 Kevin Curran/Simon Warner Ford Escort Cosw A8 26 John Baird/Martin Forrest Ford Escort Cosw A8 27 Mark Lawn/Steve Harris Vauxhall Astra A7 28 Geoff Smith/Ryland James Ford Escort N4 29 George Gauld/Roy Campbell Ford Escort Cosw N4 30 Jock Armstrong/John Richardson Nissan Sunny GTi A7 31 Stephen Green/Alan Thomas Vauxhall Corsa A6 32 Gavin Cox/Stephen Griffiths Vauxhall Calibra N4 33 Matthew Clark/Rob Dyson Subaru Impreza N4 34 Gordon Smith/Graham Brunton Ford Escort Cosw A8 35 Trevor Cathers/Gordon Noble Subaru Impreza N4 36 Geoffrey Stewart/Peter Murray Vauxhall Astra A7 37 Malloch Nicoll/Robert Lumgair Ford Escort Cosw N4 38 Jon Burn/Stan Quirk Ford Sierra A8 39 Roger Clark/Max Harvey Subaru Impreza N4 40 Tom Coughtrie/Calvin Cooledge Subaru Legacy N4 41 Philip Walker/David Wilford Mazda 323 4x4T A8 42 Alan Barr/Ian Park Ford Escort Cosw N4 43 Neil Simpson/Steve Martin Nissan Sunny GTi A7 44 Ian Calvin/Dean Beckett Vauxhall Astra N3 45 Iain Scott/Keith Wain Vauxhall Astra N3 46 Richard Archer/Brian Cammack Vauxhall Astra N3 47 Clive Sisson/Kevin Savage Ford Sierra Cosw N4 48 Ryan Champion/David Joll Peugeot 306 S16 A7 49 Mark Blair/Andrew Bargery Peugeot 306 S16 A7 51 Justin Dale/James Phillips Peugeot 306 S16 A7 52 Julian Reynolds/Paul Spooner Honda Civic N2 53 James Paterson/Ali Campbell Vauxhall Astra A7 54 Nigel Cannell/Michaela Cannell Vauxhall Astra N3 55 Martin Craik/David Hockey Ford Escort Cosw A8 56 Richard Forster/Robert Wilkinson Vauxhall Astra N3 57 Jim Carty/Stella Boyles Mitsubishi N4 58 Stephanie Simmonite/Rachael Simmonite Honda Civic N2 59 Scott Bradshaw/Dylan Jones Honda Civic VTi N2 60 Neil Wearden/Richard Forster Peugeot 306 S16 A7 61 Andrew Wheatley/Shaun O'Gorman Peugeot 306 S16 A7 62 Mark Collins/Nick Reeves Peugeot 305 S16 A7 63 Kevin Williams/Mark Sheppard Vauxhall Astra N3 64 Philip Brown/Andrew Bull Peugeot 306 S16 N3 65 Martin Healer/Martin White Ford Escort Cosw A8 66 Ian Archer/Ken Bowman Ford Sierra Cosw A8 67 Gary Edgington/Ian Bevan Peugeot 205 GTI A6 68 Don Whitehurst/Terry Atherton Toyota Corolla A6 69 Jane Gunningham/Julie Entwistle Peugeot 306 S16 A7 70 Nigel Wetton/Clive Hilton Vauxhall Nova A6 71 Nigel Heath/Jeffrey Ashfield Ford Escort RS N4 72 Martin Wilkinson/Steve Egglestone Peugeot 306 S16 A7 73 Ching Jung Kao/Huan Shan Lai Peugeot 205 A7 74 Mark Bentley/Ed Bentley Ford Escort RS N3 75 Richard Moore/William Sturrock Vauxhall Astra N3 76 Daniel Harper/Les Reger Rover Mini A5 77 Emlyn Wynne/Dave Williams Suzuki Swift GTi N1 78 Nigel Bunney/Lee Clark Opel Corsa A5 79 Gilly Handley/Vanessa Cann Vauxhall Corsa A6 80 Red Barry/Phil Gooch Suzuki Swift GTi N1 81 JOHN FLYNN David Johnson/John Flynn Rover Mini N1 82 Robert Plant/Michael Plant Rover Mini A5 83 Edwin Gregory/Robert Liles Renault Clio N3

80 Starters Issued at 23:04 on 02 Jun 95. Results by Tynemouth Computer Services

-- David James

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