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For Immediate Release Contact: Doug Stokes (909)940-0134 PERRIS AUTO SPEEDWAY ANNOUNCES 1997 SCHEDULE 47 Race Events+Monthly Practice Nights Perris, CA (January 7, 1997) - A quick read-through of Perris ...

For Immediate Release Contact: Doug Stokes (909)940-0134

PERRIS AUTO SPEEDWAY ANNOUNCES 1997 SCHEDULE 47 Race Events+Monthly Practice Nights

Perris, CA (January 7, 1997) - A quick read-through of Perris Auto Speedway's just-issued 1997 events schedule will reveal the framework for a strong "sophomore season" at the one year-old facility.

"I think the fans will find a bit more structure to our second year's schedule." said the tracks' General Manager, Dan Kazarian, "Our whole management team has worked very hard in the off-season to put together the 1997 calendar of events. We're all ready to get back to racing, and we'll start the season off with great racing right out of the box!"

Kazarian is refering to the fact that the high-winged, open wheel racers of the World of Outlaws are batting lead-off at Perris this season with back-to-back events on February 14 and 15. Following them will be the Traditional (non-winged) Sprint Cars of the SCRA in the first of 19 scheduled ppearances of the race cars that had everyone on their feet every time they vattled at "The PAS."

Four visits from the Sprint Car Owners of Arizona (SCOA) with their own exhilarating version of winged outlaw racing are also scheduled this year for Perris.

"These folks put on a whale of a show for the fans when they were over last year, and we've got 'em back twice in May and once each in June and August." said VP Ken Kazarian, "We'll have a second bill at each 'Arizona' event of either Mini-Sprints or USAC Midgets."

Bolstering the "big cars" will be a number of "3" and "4-Ring" events which will highlight classes where skill is every bit as important as bankroll. "360" Sprints are full-fledged Sprint Cars with limited (as opposed to unlimited) motor and tire rules. Cars competing in this class must run a 360 cubic-inch (or smaller) motor and somewhat narrower (harder compound) tires. This is the "Busch GN" or "Indy Lites" of Sprint Car racing, great racing for its own sake, and a great place to learn and hone the skills needed to be a full-time professional.

Adding to the "3" and "4-Ring" experience will be the PAS' own Limited Street Stocks, colorful stock-bodied machines that never leave one inch of the Perris clay oval uncontested.

"Our stockers ran such competitive races last year that we decided to schedule a separate end-of-season event (the inaugural PAS Stock Car Classic). This year they'll have eight events here to work up to their second annual 'Classic' on November 15", said Kazarian. Dwarf or Legends Cars and Mini-Sprints will add the 3rd and 4th "Rings" to the above monthly shows with their own version of affordable speed and racing action. All are powered by 4-cylinder variants of 1100 or 1200cc motorcycle motors and all are governed by rules that put the emphasis on driving rather than exotic (and expensive) technology. Far from simply "beginners" classes, these crowd-pleasing tiny closed coupes and open wheels & wings machines, are full-fledged race cars that require their driver's full attention.

1996's Stadium Off-Road Races at "The PAS" were universally approved by action-seeking racers and action-loving fans.

"We built a course that was both challenging for the competitors and entertaining for the fans in stands," said Ken Kazarian, himself a former off-road champion in the MTEG series. "Because of the design of the stadium were able to lay out a good 3/4's of a mile course right directly in front of 8,000 grandstand seats, something they couldn't always do iN the MT series." We'll see 4-Wheelers, Buggies, UltraLites, Volksie Baja Bugs, and Trucks in the fast-paced, multi-class affairs. True to form, the Perris-style of Stadium Off-Road Racing will give the spectators more racing for their money by including Spec. Trucks racing wheel-to-wheel around the banked clay oval.

1996's Oval Nationals' rallying cry was: "Bring Your Spurs!" A no-holds-barred, two-day, open competition/open wheel extravaganza of Traditional Sprint Car sideways speed. A huge cash purse lures the best Sprint Car practitioners from across the nation, and the promise of heavy competitiion raises the bar for all who take the challenge.

"If you can only get to one Tradional Sprint Car race this year, make it this one." advises Norman "Bubby" Jones. "Bring the motorhome (there's plenty of special close-in parking) and plan a family weenend around this show." the multi-time driving champion (and Perris' Director of Competition) added enthusiastically.

If you liked the World of Outlaws event on opening weekend, you're going to want to save the weekend of October 25/26; because that's when they'll be back on for a Saturday/Sunday encore of their patented winged wildness.

Perris Auto Speedway features 9,000 close-to-the-action seats, a 60,000 -watt concert-quality sound system, an elevated back straightaway (so fans may see over the infield pit area), snack bar service with a good variety of good stuff to eat and drink, plenty of clean (attended) rest rooms and "the best track lighting system in the business". This year, "The PAS" will add a series of "Patio Suites," corporate hospitality units perched high over the main grandstand seating.

The listed ("first Tuesday of month) practice sessions will be just that...a chance for drivers and crews to practice, shakedown, adjust, test, tune, and just generally get some extra "seat time" in their race cars under non-competitive conditions.

"These regularly-scheduled practice nights will give everyone a chance to become a bit more proficient...crews as well drivers," said Dan Kazarian. "We experiemented with practice/test/tune nights in '96 and they were very popular, this year we'll have a more formal schedule for their use."

Located in the Lake Perris Fairgrounds, the track is easily accessed off the 215 freeway by heading 2 miles East on Ramona Expressway to the main gates. A toll-free 800 number (800-976-RACE) is regionally available for fans to get updates on events, gate opening times, and race times.


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