NZ V8TC: Caltex Racing Timaru Saturday notes

Caltex Cars Put Through The Wringer at Timaru The Caltex Racing Ford Falcons of Paul Pedersen and Angus Fogg were put through the wringer at the sodden third round of the 2004/05 Parker ENZED New Zealand V8 Touring Car Championship at the ...

Caltex Cars Put Through The Wringer at Timaru

The Caltex Racing Ford Falcons of Paul Pedersen and Angus Fogg were put through the wringer at the sodden third round of the 2004/05 Parker ENZED New Zealand V8 Touring Car Championship at the Timaru International Motor Raceway this weekend.

The two Caltex cars were in the thick of the action in all three races with Paul Pedersen carding a fifth, fourth and ninth and Angus Fogg finding himself fighting a rearguard action after being docked 30 seconds in lieu of a drive-through penalty in the first race.

Both International Motorsport-run cars showed their very real potential in qualifying on Saturday however, with Fogg sixth fastest and Pedersen eighth.

Ironically the set up Fogg and Pedersen settled on for this morning's first wet race was nigh on perfect, leaving Pedersen ruing the fact that the rain that had looked like staying all day actually stopped falling just before mid day, leaving the track dry for the second and reverse top ten grid final race.

"Yes that's right, " he said. The car was really, really good in the wet so, you know, if it had rained all weekend we would have been in the box seat." he said.

As it was former series champion Pedersen didn't do that badly, finishing the first race in fifth position just behind Shane Drake and in front of Paul Manuell, the second race in fourth behind runaway series points leader and acknowledged Timaru expert Wade Henshaw, and the third and final reverse top ten grid race in ninth.

Pedersen admitted to struggling in both the second and third races however, his Caltex Havoline car having competitive horsepower but lacking rear grip.

"We've got the front end of the car pretty good but once the tyres have lost their initial (new) grip we need more bite at the back. In both those races (the second and the third held in dry conditions) we had so much oversteer it is difficult to get on the power out of the corners."

That said, Pedersen believes the team is on the right track and he is looking forward to working with teammate Fogg on improving the suspension package fore the next round of the championship at Teretonga Park.

"Look, we were consistent, we brought home a bag of points, the car is fast and we brought it home in one piece, so there are a lot of positives here. What we have to do now is accept that we have some work to do on the rear of the car and get on and do it. We'll have some new parts for Teretonga so we'll see how we go there."

For Angus Fogg the weekend was another one which had its highs and lows.

"Qualifying sixth was a good start but when I got the time penalty in the first race that really was the end of it," he said.

Fogg was originally given a drive-through penalty for contact with Mark Pedersen early in the first race however because the Safety Car was on the track he couldn't serve it and was given the 30 second penalty instead.

That meant that he was relegated to 32nd in the race and with grid positions for the second race determined by finishing position from the first he had to start it from the back round of the grid. Though he fought his way back up to a credible 15th place, the grid for the final top ten reverse grid race is determined by the points scored in the first two races...........

That meant that instead of starting the 16 lap final from 15th position on the grid Fogg started it from P28. It got worse too. After steaming through to '14th or 15th' he got 'rammed off the track' by a driver he had just passed, and had to start his charge all over again.....

<pre> 2004/05 Parker ENZED New Zealand V8 Touring Car championship
Rnd 3 Timaru International Motor Raceway Timaru Sat/Sun Jan 8/9 2005

Race 1 1. John McIntyre 4.04.838 2. Kayne Scott +0.223 3. Wade Henshaw +1.470 4. Shane Drake +2.625 5. Paul Pedersen (Caltex Racing Ford Falcon) +3.465 6. Paul Manuell +4.047 7. Adam Brook +5.646 8. Andy Booth +7.450 9. Andrew Anderson +8.324 10. Michael Thom +9.606 11. Kevin Williams +10.336 12. Nick Ross +11.151 13. Brady Kennett +12.042 14. Jared Carlyle +13.369 15. Michael Wallace +15.142 16. Clark Proctor +16.597 17. Haydn Mackenzie +17.908 18. Grant Shivas +18.849 19. Darryn Henderson +19.989 20. David Parsons +21.505 32. Angus Fogg (Caltex Racing Ford Falcon) +35.082

Race 2. 1. John McIntyre 11.18.276 2. Kayne Scott +4.611 3. Wade Henshaw +5.611 4. Paul Pedersen (Caltex Racing Ford Falcon) +13.053 5. Adam Brook +13.749 6. Shane Drake +14.103 7. Andy Booth +14.103 8. Andrew Anderson +20.126 9. Michael Thom +20.784 10. Kevin Williams +21.399 11. Jared Carlyle +22.517 12. Nick Ross +24.636 13. Michael Wallace +25.029 14. Haydn Mackenzie +31.393 15. Angus Fogg (Caltex Racing Ford Falcon) +31.510 16. Dean Perkins +32.066 17. Craig Boote +32.299 18. Daynom Templeman +33.508 19. Dale Lambert +35.339 20. Mark Pedersen +35.475

Race 3 1. Andy Booth 18.20.412 2. Wade Henshaw +2.485 3. John McIntyre +2.717 4. Andrew Anderson +5.133 5. Michael Thom +5.865 6. Shane Drake +6.257 7. Adam Brook +7.872 8. Kayne Scott +8.446 9. Paul Pedersen (Caltex Racing Ford Falcon) +11.077 10. Paul Manuell +12.154 11. Kevin Williams +15.653 12. Michael Wallace +16.471 13. Dean Perkins +17.536 14. Mark Pedersen +17.865 15. Jared Carlyle +23.706 16. Angus Fogg (Caltex Racing Ford Falcon) +26.982 17. Daynom Templeman +28.762 18. Clark Proctor +34.305 19. Haydn Mackenzie +38.555 20. Peter Roberts +42.667

Points after Rnd 3 of 7 (provisional) 1. Wade Henshaw 613 2. Andy Booth 501 3. John McIntyre 494 4. Paul Manuell 404 5. Kayne Scott 398 6. Shane Drake 363 7. Paul Pedersen 319 8. Mark Pedersen 315 9. Andrew Anderson 305 10. Michael Thom 278 11. Adam Brook 251 12. Dean Perkins 240 13. Craig Boote 207 14. Charlie O'Brien 179 15. Andrew Fawcet 173 16. Nick Ross 172 17. Angus Fogg 169 18. Michael Wallace 166 19. Kevin Williams 159 20. Haydn Mackenzie 145

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