NZ V8TC: Caltex Racing Timaru Friday notes

Caltex Drivers Say Weather Could Be The Decider Tomorrow Caltex Racing drivers Paul Pedersen and Angus Fogg believe that the fickle summer weather could well be the decider in the three Parker ENZED New Zealand V8 Touring Car Championship...

Caltex Drivers Say Weather Could Be The Decider Tomorrow

Caltex Racing drivers Paul Pedersen and Angus Fogg believe that the fickle summer weather could well be the decider in the three Parker ENZED New Zealand V8 Touring Car Championship races at the Timaru International Motor Raceway tomorrow.

The pair will start the first of three races tomorrow line astern after qualifying sixth and eighth respectively today but Fogg says that if it rains again tomorrow it could be anyone's race.

'The weather is certainly the big unknown at the moment," he said as spectators huddled under umbrellas in cold temperatures and light rain."With where Paul and I have qualified we're certainly going to be right in the middle of the action, that's for sure."

Despite the unseasonable weather Fogg expressed himself happy with his Caltex Vortex-liveried Falcon, his best time - 1.07.640 - just 0.465 of a second slower than that of poleman and Parker ENZED championship leader Wade Henshaw.

It could well have been better too, because Fogg was baulked on his 'flying' lap then was black flagged soon after when smoke started billowing from his car

Like Fogg, teammate Paul Pedersen felt he could have - should have - been faster but he was buoyed by the fact that the International Motorsport team's engine programme has delivered him the horsepower he was looking for after the second round of the Parker ENZED championship late last eyar and his only real regret today was that the wet morning practice session meant he couldn't continue to fine-tune his car's handling in the dry.

"The (qualifying) time's good and we shouldn't forget that. Angus and I are right on the money in terms of the top guys and if you look at it Angus is in front of Paul Manuell and I'm in front of Andy Booth. What my car is lacking right now is just a little bit of grip at the front. It was good on Friday and we've made some definite progress since then but we've still got just a little bit too much understeer through the bowl (turn 2), the hairpin and onto the start/finish straight."

There was also good news on another front at Timaru today for the Caltex Racing New Zealand V8 Touring Car team as Angus Fogg was advised by Motorsport New Zealand officials that his appeal against a penalty imposed over a tyre issue at the first round of the 2004/05 Parker ENZED championship has been successful and that the points he earned in the second race have been reinstated.

The Timaru round of the annual Mike Pero Mortgages Motorsport Series is always one of the most popular with crowds of over 10,000 converging on the tight, technical, 2.4km circuit at Levels, north-west of the city. Tomorrow there are three races for the Parker ENZED New Zealand V8 Touring Cars, two 10 kap races in the morning and a reverse top ten grid 16 lap final in the afternoon.

<pre> New Zealand V8 Touring Car championship Rnd 3 Timaru International Motor Raceway Timaru Sat/Sun Jan 8/9 2005

Testing: 1. Wade Henshaw Christchurch Holden Commodore 1.15.592 2. Paul Manuell Auckland Holden Commodore 1.15.635 3. John McIntyre Auckland Ford Falcon 1.15.721 4. Dale Lambert Auckland Ford Falcon 1.16.072 5. Kevin Williams Pukekohe Hodlen Commodore 1.16.183 6. Nick Ross Cambridge Holden Commodore 1.16.302 7. Shane Drake Auckland Ford Falcon 1.16.402 8. Andy Booth Auckland Holden Commodore 1.16.402 9. Michael Thom Auckland Holden Commodore 1.16.711 10. Andrew Anderson Auckland Hodlen Commodore 1.17.010 11. Adam Brook Christchurch Ford Falcon 1.17.124 12. Jared Carlyle Mount Maunganui Ford Falcon 1.17.179 13. Haydn Mackenzie Auckland Ford Falcon 1.17.255 14. Kayne Scott Hamilton Holden Commodore 1.17.321 15. Dean Perkins Pukekohe Ford Falcon 1.17.681 16. Mark Pedersen Auckland Ford Falcon 1.17.699 17. Andrew Fawcett Wellington Ford Falcon 1.17.708 18. Angus Fogg Auckland Caltex Racing Ford Falcon 1.17.747 19. Brady Kennett Palmerston North Ford Falcon 1. 18.150 20. Daynom Templeman Auckland Holden Commdore 1.18.948 21. Paul Pedersen Rotorua Caltex Havoline Ford Falcon no time

Qualifying 1. Wade Henshaw 1.07.175 2. John McIntyhre 1.07.373 3. Kayne Scott 1.07.373 4. Mark Pedersen 1.07.586 5. Shane Drake 1.07.600 6. Angus Fogg (Caltex Racing Ford Falcon) 1.07.640 7. Paul Manuell 1.07.642 8. Paul Pedersen (Caltex Racing Ford Falcon) 1.07.800 9. Andy Booth 1.08.083 10. Dean Perkins 1.08.190 11. Brady Kennett 1.08.238 12. Adam Brook 1.08.464 13. Jared Carlyle 1.08.497 14. Kevin Williams 1.08.536 15. Dale Lambert 1.08.571 16. Nick Ross 1.08.635 17. Michael Thom 1.08.644 18. Daynom Templeman 1.08.649 19. Andrew Fawcett 1.08.663 20. Craig Boote 1.08.691


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