MOTOCROSS: AUS: Yamaha round two summary

REIGNING MOTOCROSS CHAMPION REELS IN LEADERS CDR/Nokia/Yamaha's Darryll King has finished third at the second round of the Maxxis Australian Motocross Championship at Horsham yesterday behind 2004 AMA Motocross riders Daryl Hurley and Craig...


CDR/Nokia/Yamaha's Darryll King has finished third at the second round of the Maxxis Australian Motocross Championship at Horsham yesterday behind 2004 AMA Motocross riders Daryl Hurley and Craig Anderson.

After suffering a broken foot pre season and unable to train prior up to the opening round of the 2005 championship, King went all out in the lead up to the second round riding an amazing thirteen out of fifteen days and says the extra training really paid off.

"I am slowly getting there," King said. "I felt a lot stronger this round and I was a lot more comfortable on the bike.

"Craig Dack described me as being like a good bottle of red - I get better with age.

"I know I am letting myself down in the opening three or four laps of the motos so I will be working hard on this area of my race before we get to Toowoomba in two weeks time.

The thirty-five year old made a sensational start in the opening thirty minute moto challenging former AMA motocross riders Daryl Hurley and Craig Anderson on the opening lap.

King looked set to attempt a pass on Hurley for second early in the race but a small off on the slippery tack put the reigning champion back into forth position and down on the leaders by over 10 seconds.

King fought back hard regaining third place by mid race and despite closing the gap to the leaders was unable to challenge for position.

The second pro open moto was forced to re-start after an incident only 10 minutes into the race.

The race was re-run in full and it was Hurley and King who battled for position throughout the first half of the race.

Hurley was the eventual victor with King second, sibling Shayne King third and race one winner Craig Anderson fourth.

Daryl Hurley won the round ahead of Craig Anderson who finished only one point ahead of CDR/Nokia/Yamaha rider Darryll King in third.

King's team mate Troy Carroll had a day he would rather forget qualifying tenth and failing to finish the second pro lites race of the day after crashing heavily while challenging for second place.

After a tough opening race where he finished seventh Carroll cleared his head and regrouped ready for the second moto.

The reigning supercross champion got a great start and looked to be back to his best pushing second placed rider Daniel McCoy all the way on the hard packed track.

About to make a passing move Carroll crashed heavily hitting his head hard and was unable to continue on in the race that saw retirements from leading riders including Troy Dorron, Cody Cooper, Daniel Reardon and Luke Burkhart.

"It was just a really bad day all round, Carroll said. "I just want to put it all behind me and get the next round.

"I didn't qualify well and just couldn't put anything together in the first moto so I was looking forward to redeeming myself in the second race.

"I started quite well and was challenging McCoy for second place when I took a big tumble and was ploughed head first into the track," Carroll said.

The third round of the 2005 Maxxis Australian Motocross Championship will be held at Toowoomba on Sunday April 24.

<pre> Top Ten Pro Lites Round Results 1 Robbie Marshall Serco Yamaha 40 pts 2. Ryan Marmont KTM 38 pts 3. Cameron Taylor Serco Yamaha 38 pts 4. Danny Anderson Honda 31 pts 5. Warren Smart Honda 25 pts 6. Troy Dorron Honda 25 pts 7. Daniel McCoy KTM 22 pts 8. Simon Thompson Kawasaki 22 pts 9. Daniel Reardon Kawasaki 20 pts 10. Barry Morris Yamaha 20 pts

Top Ten Pro Open Round Results 1. Daryl Hurley Suzuki 47 pts 2. Craig Anderson Honda 43 pts 3. Darryll King CDR/Nokia/Yamaha 42 pts 4. Shayne King Honda 38 pts 5. Peter Broxholme Honda 30 pts 6. Adam Cini Kawasaki 28 pts 7. Danny Ham Suzuki 26 pts 8. Thomas Jones Honda 24 pts 9. Lee Ellis KTM 23 pts 10. Brent Landman Suzuki 21 pts

Top Ten Pro Lites Championship Points 1. Cameron Taylor Serco Yamaha 78 2. Robbie Marshall Serco Yamaha 62 3. Danny Anderson Honda 61 4. Luke Burkhart Suzuki 59 5. Ryan Marmont KTM 58 6. Daniel McCoy KTM 58 7. Troy Carroll CDR/Nokia/Yamaha 52 8. Warren Smart Honda 50 9. Troy Dorron Honda 50 10. Daniel Reardon Kawasaki 44

Top Ten Pro Open Championship Points 1. Craig Anderson Honda 93 2. Daryl Hurley Suzuki 91 3. Darryll King CDR/Nokia/Yamaha 82 4. Shayne King Honda 74 5. Peter Broxholme Honda 59 6. Danny Ham Suzuki 55 7. Lee Ellis KTM 54 8. Thomas Jones Honda 44 9. Adam Cini Kawasaki 41 10. Nathan Brochtrup Yamaha 35

-Martine Cousins




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