Manx National Rally entry list

Here is the entry list for the Steyr-Daimler-Puch Manx National Rally, the third round of the 1996 Mintex National Rally Series which was held on the Isle of Man on Saturday 11th May. This is the only round of the series which is a reconnaissance...

Here is the entry list for the Steyr-Daimler-Puch Manx National Rally, the third round of the 1996 Mintex National Rally Series which was held on the Isle of Man on Saturday 11th May. This is the only round of the series which is a reconnaissance pace-note event on closed public roads (all the others are forest stage events).

Full results and full championship tables after this round can be found on my WWW pages at

STEYR-DAIMLER-PUCH MANX NATIONAL RALLY 1996 NUMBER CREW CLASS 1 Chris Mellors/Richard Pulleyn Ford Escort Cosw A8 2 Pete Doughty/Lyn Jenkins Ford Escort Cosw B12 4 John Price Rallying John Price/"Magic" Morris MG Metro 6R4 B12 5 Steve Hill/Stella Boyles Mitsubishi Galnt B12 7 John Price Rallying Stephen Price/Bill Sturrock MG Metro 6R4 B12 9 Tony Davies/Alun Cook MG Metro 6R4 B12 10 Nigel Worswick/Clive Molyneux Ford Sierra Cosw A8 11 Hendy Ford Motorsport Stephen Hendy/Mark Milton Ford Escort Cosw B12 12 Oxford United Football Club Bill Gwynne/Robin Herd Subaru Impreza A8 14 Steve Petch/Peter Croft Subaru Impreza N4 15 Garth McCartney/Phillip McRea Ford Sierra Cosw B12 16 D.O.M.E. Motorsport Kevin Curran/Simon Warner Ford Escort Cosw A8 17 Jeremy Easson/Jim Kitson Ford Escort Cosw N4 18 Steve Smith/John Bennie Lancia Delta Int A8 21 Roger Duckworth/Mark Broomfield Ford Sierra XR B12 22 Marcus Dodd/Stephen McAuley Ford Escort Cosw N4 23 Team Priority Airfreight Geoff Smith/Ryland James Ford Escort Cosw N4 24 John Bennett-Evans/Chris Jones Ford Escort Cosw B12 25 Vince Wetton/Julia Rabbett Mitsubishi Galnt A8 26 Roger Davies/Clive Jenkins Vauxhall Astra N3 27 Sean Farrell/Adrian Farrell Ford Escort Cosw N4 28 Warren Philliskirk/Christine Parling MG Metro 6R4 B12 29 Gwyn Thomas/Phil Harrison Ford Sierra Cosw A8 30 Andrew Wheatley/Andrew Bargery Peugeot 306 S16 A7 31 Mark Pollard/Graham Mockridge Ford Escort Cosw N4 32 Peter Christian/Peter Biggs Ford Escort A7 33 Scott Bradshaw/Anton Cashen Ford Sierra Cosw B12 34 Paul Kirtley/David Jones Ford Escort Cosw B12 35 Nigel Cannell/Michela Cannell Vauxhall Astra N3 36 Pat Bettridge/Norman Quayle Volkswagen Golf A7 37 Guy Woodcock/Graham Lewis Vauxhall Astra A7 38 Paul Curphey Steven Quine/Richard Skinner Vauxhall Astra N3 39 Andrea Hall/Gill Cotton Ford Sierra Cosw N4 40 Ian Corkill/Howard Allison Ford Escort Cosw B12 41 Robert Watson/Brian Karran Honda Civic VTi A6 42 Adrian Kermode/Geraldine McBride Porsche 911 H14 43 Peter Thornton/Tim Hobbs Vauxhall Astra N3 44 Glenn Leece/John Tarrant Ford Escort B11 45 Kevin Scott/David Jobling Vauxhall Astra N3 46 Mike Hewison/Christopher Caley Peugeot 205 GTI A7 47 David Craine/David Jones Volkswagen Golf A7 48 Robert Lowe/Helen Lowe Peugeot 306 S16 N3 49 Shropshire Rally School Shelly Taunt/Alison Winstanley Peugeot 205 N1 50 Paul Thomas/Martin Douglas Vauxhall Astra N3 51 John Kirkpatrick/David Parry Lotus Sunbeam B12 52 Matthew Jones/John Lowdell Toyota Celica GT N4 53 John Corlett/Andrew Holmes Toyota Corolla B10 54 James Vickers/Steve Parker Vauxhall Astra A7 55 David Nutt/Shelley Nutt Vauxhall Astra A7 57 Hefin Harries/Mark Walker Peugeot 205 GTI A7 58 Tim Foster/Andrew Bateson Vauxhall Astra N3 59 Riccardo Emiliani Honda Charlie Exton/Suzanne Emiliani Honda Civic VTec N2 60 Jenny Davies/Donna Harper Peugeot 306 S16 A7 61 Trevor Godwin/Rick Spurgeon Rover Mini A5 62 Michael Brew/Breeshey Christian Peugeot 205 GTI A6 63 John Blaber/Alan Jamieson Peugeot 205 GTI A6 64 Tony Glassey/Simon Mellor Ford Escort B12 65 Paul Taylor/Andrew Cook Vauxhall Nova A6 66 Carl Dolan/Debbie Waterworth Vauxhall Nova A6 67 Dave Corris/Stuart Cameron Ford Escort Cosw N4 68 Martin Freestone/Lee Freestone Lancia Delta N4 69 Juan Howland/Voirrey Howland Peugeot 205 GTI N2 70 Richard Batey/Michael Batey Peugeot 205 N3 71 Saab Owners Club Peter Lumsden/Richard Burden Saab 96 V4 H16 72 Kevin Vondy/Paul Sayers Vauxhall Nova B10 73 Stuart Comish/Darren Corlett Ford Escort Mk2 B11 74 Mark Kiernan/Chris Boyde Ford Sierra Cosw B12 75 Dave Boden/Andy Parkhurst Mazda 323 4x4 N4 76 Stephen Dobson/Marie Bass Skoda Favorit N1 77 Charles Lewin/Gavin Clague Ford Escort Cosw N4 78 Tony Parker/Vicki Lahmers Ford Sierra Cosw B12 79 Mark Stokoe/Bob Stokoe Skoda Favorit N1 80 Lyn Dimelow/John Pepperell Peugeot 205 GTI B11 81 John Harrison/Pete Kettle Saab 99 EMS H16 82 James Quirk/Eddie Kennaugh Vauxhall Nova A6 83 Stephen Bell/Elaine Bell Ford Escort N3 85 Jim McEvoy/Carrie McEvoy Ford Escort Mk2 B9 86 Dave Martin/Jerry Lucas Ford Sierra B12 87 James Coulson/David Musgrove Vauxhall Nova B9 88 Shaun Fox/Mike Quayle Vauxhall Nova B9 89 Declan Jackson/Denis Jackson Vauxhall Nova B9 90 Cliff Cowin/Brian Ballard Ford Sierra Cosw B12 91 Andrew Bray/Matthew Carter Toyota Celica N4 92 Robert Kelly/Guy Simpkiss Chrysler Avenger B11 93 Stephen Higgins/Andy McClements Austin Mini H13 94 David Wilson/Shelia Thompson Vauxhall Nova B9 95 Reg Berrie/John Foster Austin Mini H15 96 Brett Hammonds/Mark Wagstaffe Ford Escort B12 97 James Quirk/Gerry Arnold Ford Escort XR3 B11 98 Kevin Whiteway/Stephen Corlett Vauxhall Nova B11 99 Chris Martin/Kevin Martin Talbot Avenger B10 101 Christopher Corrin/Mike Corrin Ford Escort B11 102 Mark Ellison/James McCrory Darrian T9 B12 103 Paul Curphey/Graham Collister Peugeot 205 A7 104 Richard Archer/Brian Cammack Vauxhall Astra N3 95 Starters Results Final at 19:30 on 11 May 96. Results by Tynemouth Computer Services

-- David James

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