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GUSS, JR. IN O'REILLY'S, BERCK IN CNCTA WINS AT STATE FAIR by Bob Mays LINCOLN, NE-August 29, 2000-Ray Guss Jr. and Kyle Berck were the big winners as the O'Reilly's All Star Series and the Central Nebraska Circle Track Association visited...

by Bob Mays LINCOLN, NE-August 29, 2000-Ray Guss Jr. and Kyle Berck were the big winners as the O'Reilly's All Star Series and the Central Nebraska Circle Track Association visited State Fair Park Raceway, in Lincoln, on Tuesday night. Guss Jr. sped away from his outside front row starting spot, to win the 50 lap O'Reilly's All Star A Feature, as that group made their first ever visit to the 3/8 mile dirt oval. Pole sitter, Joe Kosiski took up the chase, but was no match for Guss Jr. Through the first half of the race, Kosiski had his hands full defending his runner-up spot from Darren Miller who put up repeated challenges until pulling off the race track at the halfway point. This put O'Reilly's point leader, Steve Boley in third, while Gary Webb ran fourth. the real battle of the night, was between Terry Neal and Kyle Berck for fifth, as they put on a great driving exhibition through lapped traffic over the last half of the race. Berck finally worked his way past coming around for the white flag, to claim the 5th spot. At the end it was Guss Jr., J. Kosiski, Boley, Webb and Berck, with the second ten consisting of Neal, Ace Ihm, John Hampel, Steve Kosiski, and Kurt Kile. In the 25 lap CNCTA main, Berck took off from his pole position ahead of Tommy Rowe and proceeded to open a sizable gap. Lap 10 saw the leaders enter lapped traffic Rowe immediately closed the gap, and on lap 15, nearly pulled even with the leader. Berck, however, was able to pick his way though traffic and won by two car lengths over Rowe. Kurt Franklin ran a strong race to finish third, while Jason Friesen and Dwight Wrich rounded out the top five. Fifth through tenth consisted of Billy Murphy, Mike Wiarda, Marc Peters, Harold Shiner and Al Humphrey. O'Reilly's preliminaries were won by, Miller, Boley and J. Kosiski. The Last Chance Qualifier was taken by Dirk Kirk. CNCTA heats were claimed by, Berck, Wiarda, Shriner and Rowe. The Pole Dash went to Berck and the Position Dash was won by Friesen. Rusty Glosser won the B main. In attendance were Nebraska governor Mike Johanns, and his wife Stephanie. When Stephanie was asked by race director Tony Glenn if she would like to take to the flagstand for the CNCTA B Feature to flag the start, she quickly accepted. Instead of giving way to regular flagman after waving the green over the field for the start, the first lady of the Commonwealth of Nebraska stayed in the stand and handled the flags for the entire race, which included several spins, which nessitated Mrs. Johanns grabbing the yellow, and handling restarts, which she did quite well, to the delight of those in attendance. The governor, not to be out done, then took to the flagstand himself and flagged the entire A Feature for the CNCTA Late Models, which went non-stop. The Governor handled the moveover flags with ease, and both the Governor and the First Lady were thrilled to take an active roll in the racing program, with Stephanie last seen lobbying for the flagging duties to be given to her on a permanent basis! <pre> Results: O'Reilly's All Star Tour Late Models

1st heat-1. Darren Miller; 2. Jason Friesen; 3. Steve Kosiski; 4. Ace Ihm. 2nd heat-1. Steve Boley; 2. Gary Webb; 3. Dave Eckrich; 4. Kyle Berck. 3rd heat-1. Joe Kosiski; 2. Terry Neal; 3. Ray Guss, Jr.; 4. Bob Dominaki. Last Chance Qualifier-1. Dirk Kirk; 2. Tom Svoboda; 3. Kevin Kile; 4. Rusty Zook. A Feature-(50 Laps)-1. Guss, Jr.; 2. J. Kosiski; 3. Boley; 4. Webb; 5. Berck; 6. Terry Neal; 7. Ihm; 8. John Hampel; 9. S. Kosiski; 10. Kurt Kile; 11. Eckrich; 12. Friesen; 13. Ed Kosiski; 14. Dominaki; 15. Kevin Kile; 16. Svoboda; 17. Davey Nall; 18. Dale Zeitner; 19. Zook; 20. Kirk; 21. Bill Martin; 22. Lee Seydel; 23. Jason Humphrey; 24. Sonny Findling; 25. Miller; 26. Scott Kosovich.

Central Nebraska Circle Track Association IMCA Late Models 1st heat-1. Kyle Berck; 2. Kurt Franklin; 3. Jason Friesen; 4. Dean Neighbors. 2nd heat-1. Mike Wiarda; 2. Marc Peters; 3. Kim McDonald; 4. Dwight Wrich. 3rd heat-1. Harold Shriner; 2. Al Humphrey; 3. Reggie Roth; 4. Steve Hanson. 4th heat-1. Tommy Rowe; 2. Billy Murphy; 3. Steve Kempt; 4. Allen Primrose. Pole Dash-1. Berck; 2. Franklin; 3. Rowe; 4. Wiarda. Position Dash-1. Friesen; 2. R. Roth; 3. Wrich; 4. Kempt. B Feature-1. Rusty Glosser; 2. Marc Henery; 3. Bo Egge; 4. Dennis Swanson. A Feature-(25 Laps)-1. Berck; 2. Rowe; 3. Franklin; 4. Friesen; 5. Wrich; 6. Mruphy; 7. Wiarda; 8. Marc Peters; 9. Shriner; 10. A. Humphrey; 11. Glosser; 12. R. Roth; 13. Henery; 14. Swanson; 15. Kempt; 16. Primrose; 17. McDonald; 18. Egge; 19. Randy Sadd; 20. Hanson; 21. Neighbors; 22. George Murdock.

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