Lefthander Chassis continues KLMS Award Scholarship

Salem, IN (December 9, 2001) & ...

Salem, IN (December 9, 2001) – Lefthander Chassis will once again sponsor the Lefthander Challenge for drivers competing with the Kendall Late Model Series in 2002. This will be the fifth consecutive year that Lefthander Chassis has sponsored the award that was won by Jim Crabtree Jr. this past season.

The Lefthander Challenge awards a bare offset Lefthander Chassis to the Kendall Series driver who is in the top fifteen in final season points that advanced the most positions in series events during the season. Brain Ross won the first two Lefthander Challenge Awards in 1998 and 1999, with Scott Hantz claiming the award in 2000.

Lefthander Chassis builds chassis’s for championship winning teams all over the United States from its shop located in Roscoe, Illinois. Call 815-389-9999 to get more information about Lefthander Chassis.


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