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Zampedri 3rd in Monza and Porsche Supercup Champion. Huisman wins, Horion 2nd Where the beautiful track of Monza was the scene for the last race of the season in 2004, this year it is the second last. Next week in Monza the Porsche Michelin...

Zampedri 3rd in Monza and Porsche Supercup Champion.

Huisman wins, Horion 2nd

Where the beautiful track of Monza was the scene for the last race of the season in 2004, this year it is the second last. Next week in Monza the Porsche Michelin Supercup will race at the last event of the season in Belgium. The Lechner racing School teams 1 & 2 were coming to Monza knowing that 2 drivers are still able to take the championship back to Austria. For Alessandro Zampedri this chance was bigger than for 4 times champion Patrick Huisman, but both were very much dedicated to win and to win the title. And Zampedri won it. His direct opponent David Saelens from Belgium had to retire, which made it possible for Alex to win the championship here in Monza. Patrick Huisman won the race, by overtaking pole-sitter Saelens before the first corner and keeping that position throughout the race.


Belgian driver David Saelens put the quickest time on the clocks during Qualifying. Patrick grabbed second, while teammate Alessandro Zampedri put his Porsche GT3 on third position. While the sun was burning at 28 degrees, Zampedri had to see how Patrick Huisman was 2 hundreds of a second faster.

Patrick Huisman (second fastest): "I am very annoyed - some of the backmarkers really don't look in their mirrors. On both sets of tyres I was held up by a slow driver, even though the marshals were frantically waving the blue flags. Something must be done about this. For tomorrow's race it will be absolutely crucial to handle the tyres sensibly. I'm sure those who attack to wildly in the beginning won't see the flag."

Alessandro Zampedri (third fastest): "On my first set of tyres my lap wasn't perfect. So I changed one little thing in the set-up, but then I noticed understeer in Lesmo and Parabolica. An improvement wasn't possible. Still, I'm happy with how things are. My wish for tomorrow: a clean, good, fair race."


But it wasn't an easy Sunday. As Alessandro said directly after the race:"It was the toughest race of the season but I am so happy to be champion."

The whole field was packed together in the beginning of the race, making the Porsche Supercup race in Monza an exiting one. Saelens chased Patrick very closely. In lap 4, at the exit of a chicane, Saelens suddenly went off his gas, causing Alessandro who was following him in third position to run into him. "I was lucky that my car kept on driving. My cooler broke down so I didn't know if I could finish the race. I think Saelens had a problem with his engine. Otherwise I can't see any reason to go off the gas at the exit of a chicane.

Alessandro couldn't take it easy this race. Heavily chased by Horion, who was able to overtake him and later by Walfish, Bergmeister and Alzen in Lap 10. The German driver pushed very very hard and eliminated himself almost taking Alessandro with him in the final lap. Alessandro managed to stay on track.

Alessandro Zampedri (champion): "This championship belongs to our entire team. Patrick and I motivated the boys over the season with the results we achieved. Walter Lechner and his squad put absolutely immaculate Porsches on the starting line for us. We were enormously competitive right from the start and that gave us huge confidence. Still, when you reach this late stage of the championship season you feel slightly exhausted - no other makes cup series is as competitive as the Porsche Michelin Supercup. Today it is extraordinary and wonderful for me to win the championship with a podium here at Monza. As far as the race was concerned, it was not easy. I punctured my radiator when I hit Saelen's car in lap four, when he slowed down abruptly in front of me and pulled out of the race. For the last five laps I just prayed to see the chequered flag."

Patrick took a comfortable 6 second lead over teammate Geofroy Horion who finished second. And won the race. Huisman, winning four races this season, is going to Spa, Belgium next week with only one point lead over David Saelens. So Patrick wil be battling voor the vice-championship title.

Geofrey: "It is my first podium in the Supercup. Maybe a little bit late in the season but I am very happy to be up here" said Geoffrey who also set the fastest lap in lap 2.

A full Lechner podium and a Lechner Racing School Team Champion makes the Monza race 2005 a memorable one.


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