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*********************************************************** Colin Windell <> CyberRace Inc (c) 1995. All rights reserved ************************************************************ KYALAMI RESULTS - colin...

*********************************************************** Colin Windell <> CyberRace Inc (c) 1995. All rights reserved ************************************************************

KYALAMI RESULTS - colin windell ============================================================

Deon Joubert made it his day at Kyalami on Saturday for the final two races in the 1995 AA Fleetcare Super Touring Championship, dominating both races with flag-to-flag victories in his BMW 318i BP Envirocar to secure his position as second overall in the series - Mike Briggs having clinched the title some time ago.

In the first race Joubert sped away from the line with British driver Julian Bailey in the Minolta Toyota Camry in hot pursuit, the pair a little way ahead of the Opel Vectra of Grant McCleery. Within a lap the leaders had opened up a sizeable gap on the rest of field lead by Sarel van der Merwe in the Sasol Ford Mondeo.

Van der Merwe was obviously holding the rest of field up and Terry Moss in the Rothmans Audi quattro made good use of the opportunity to storm through the field from ninth on the grid at the start to be in a position to challenge Van der Merwe by lap five. Also desperately trying to find a way around the Mondeo at this point were Mike Briggs (Opel Vectra), Anthony Taylor (Castrol Toyota Camry) and Nic de Waal in the BP Nissan Sentra, De Waal recovering from a spin in the Esses after being hit by team mate Giniel de Villiers.

Moss found his way through on lap eight but then the pressure behind Van der Merwe began to grow with Taylor the first casualty with a punctured right front tyre after a touch in the melee. Briggs then got in behind the Mondeo for a lap before being passed by Nissan driver Giniel de Villiers. Finally, on lap 11 Van der Merwe slowed and retired after being hit by Shaun van der Linde (BMW Envirocar), the Mondeo crippled with a broken rear wheel hub.

Joubert, meanwhile continued to pull away and Bailey had to be content to drive through to second place on the road with McCleery third. However, a 30 second penalty for jumping the start immediately demoted Bailey to ninth overall, moving McCleery to second followed by Moss, De Villiers and Briggs.

The second race followed the pattern set in the first with Joubert simply running away from the field, chased this time by Grant McCleery. Chris Aberdein in the second Rothmans Audi quattro made a brilliant start to slot into third place - having been forced out of the first race with a broken sideshaft in the early laps.

Behind Aberdein came Julian Bailey who managed to close up on the Audi a couple of times during the race but never enough to be a serious threat. Van der Merwe again made a good start and kept the Mondeo in fifth place until the final lap when Terry Moss, who had a bad start and ended up behind the Steve Wyndham Sasol Ford Mondeo for several laps, forced his way through to claim the position.

Brigg's final championship outing for the season ended ignominiously in the sand trap on the first corner when he, Joubert and Van der Linde all tried to claim the same piece of road. The two BMWs escaped unscathed but Briggs put a wheel on the grass and spun off into the sand.

"We found the first gear setup on the sequential gearboxes just too long to get the full advantage of our four-wheel drive setup off the strartline," said Andre van der Watt, manager of Audi Sport. "But we are very pleased with the results achieved by both drivers - I only wish we could have the right choice of tyre and sequential gearboxes from the start of the season."

In Class B Hein Lategan in the Beeld Volkswagen Jetta won overall for the day after two tremendous battle with Leon Mare (Bankfin Toyota Sprinter) and Nico van Rensburg's BMW.



1. Deon Joubert (BMW328i), 21m42,41s, 88,47 mph; 2. Grant McCleery (Opel Vectra), 21m49,41s; 3. Terry Moss (Audi Quattro), 21m54,41s; 4. Giniel de Villiers (Nissan Sentra), 22m08,18s; 5. Mike Briggs (Opel Vectra), 22m08,22s 6. Steve Wyndham (Ford Mondeo), 22m11,73s; 7. Nic de Waal (Nissan Sentra), 22m12,21s; 8. Shaun van der Linde (BMW 318i), 22m15,05s; 9. Julian Bailey (Toyota Camry), 22m18,17s; 10. Sabine Reck (BMW 318i), 22m29,3s

Fastest lap: Joubert, 1m46,71s 89,98 mph


1.   Deon Joubert (BMW328i), 21m43,59s, 88,39 mph; 2.   Grant 
McCleery (Opel Vectra), 21m45,58s; 3.    Chris Aberdein (Audi 
Quattro),  21m50,07s; 4.   Julian Bailey (Toyota Camry), 21m52,90s; 
5.   Terry Moss (Audi Quattro), 22m03,15s
6.   Giniel de Villiers (Nissan Sentra), 22m07,71s; 7.   Anthony 
Taylor (Toyota Camry), 22m11,17s; 8.   Sabine Reck (BMW 318i), 
22m12,97s; 9.   Sarel van der Merwe (Ford Mondeo), 22m35,22s

Fastest lap: Joubert, 1m477,56s 89,26 mph

Championship Positions: 1. Briggs 111 pts; 2. Joubert 100; 3. McCleery 95; 4. Van der Linde 40; 5. Moss 39; 6. Taylor 28; 7. Wyndham 21; 8. White 20; 9. Van der Merwe/Aberdein/De Villiers 16; 10. Watson-Smith/Bailey 15.


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