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BMW DOMINATES KYALAMI INTERNATIONAL KYALAMI <COLIN WINDELL>: The Schnitzer BMW 318iS shared between 'Smoking' Jo Winkelhock and Shaun van der Linde completely dominated the four-heat AA Fleetcare Super Touring international at Kyalami...


KYALAMI <COLIN WINDELL>: The Schnitzer BMW 318iS shared between 'Smoking' Jo Winkelhock and Shaun van der Linde completely dominated the four-heat AA Fleetcare Super Touring international at Kyalami on Saturday, the 1996 spec car totally outperforming the 1995 spec variants run in the local championship.

In the first of the four 10-lap sprints Winkelhock ran home an untroubled winner over the Rothmans Audi A4 of Terry Moss who put in a sterling drive to come from the back end of the grid to second, the lowly grid placing the result of a shunt in official practice. New Zealander Craig Baird had to concede second in the closing laps and accept third place for the Envirocar BMW 318iS with British driver Anthony Reid finishing a creditable fourth in the BP Nissan Primera. An engine blowup in warmup left the team just more than an hour to complete the exchange in time for the start. Kris Nissen in the Abt Sportsline Audi A4 took fifth place.

Although Dutchman Peter Kox won on the road in the Schnitzer BMW he was sharing with Baird, clutch problems on the startline saw him creep to a 30 second penalty, handing victory to Shaun van der Linde who ran second throughout the 10 laps ahead of Christian Abt (Abt Sportsline Audi A4) with Chris Aberdein in the Rothmans Audi A4 he shared with Jean-Francois Hemroulle in third place. Grant McCleery was fourth in the Opel Vectra - some consolation after Mike Briggs was forced to retire the car in the first heat when he went off into the gravel. The Nissan Primera, this time driven by Giniel de Villiers finished fifth.

For Winkelhock his next outing was the same as the first and an easy cruise to the flag with Jen-Francois Hemroulle doing the chasing for second place some 10 seconds behind the leader and nearly a second ahead of Kris Nissen. Craig Baird claimed fourth with Shaun Watson-Smith in the second Opel Vectra fifth.

In the final race of the day Shaun van der Linde squeaked home 0,29 seconds ahead of Peter Kox with Christian Abt winning the Audi battle by finishing third ahead of Chris Aberdein. Opels claimed the next two places with McCleery in front of Roddy Turner.


Race 1; 1, Jo Winkelhock (BMW 318iS), 18m15,59s, 142 km/h; 2, Terry Moss (Audi A4), 18m18,64s; 3, Craig Baird (BMW 318iS), 18m25,11s; 4, Anthony Reid (Nissan Primera), 18m25,41s; 5, Kris Nissen (Audi A4), 18m27,68s; 6, Deon Joubert (BMW 318iS), 18m35,54s; 7, Duncan Vos (Nissan Sentra), 18m37,09s; 8, Jean-Francois Hemroulle (Audi A4), 18m40,24s; 9, Shaun Watson-Smith (Opel Vectra), 18m41,84s; 10, Barry Ingle (BMW 318i), 18m50,60s.

Race 2; 1, Shaun van der Linde (BMW 318iS), 18m08,47s 142 km/h 2, Christian Abt (Audi A4), 18m16,79s; 3, Chris Aberdein (Audi A4), 18m17,35s; 4, Grant McCleery (Opel Vectra), 18m18,07s; 5, Giniel de Villiers (Nissan Primera), 18m25,95s; 6, Marco Werner (AM Holzer Opel Vectra), 18m27,72s; 7, Sascha Maasen (Nissan Sentra), 1834,20s; 8, Roddy Turner (Opel Vectra), 18m35,27s; 9, Tamara Vidali (Audi A4), 18m37,26; 10, Peter Kox (BMW 318iS), 18m38,28s.

Race 3; 1, Jo Winkelhock (BMW 318iS), 18m14,84s, 141,9 km/h; 2, Jean- Francois Hemroulle (Audi A4), 18m25,49s; 3, Kris Nissen (Audi A4), 18m26,33s; 4, Craig Baird (BMW 318iS), 18m26,43s; 5, Shaun Watson-Smith (Opel Vectra), 18m31,38s; 6, Barry Ingle (BMW 318i), 18m34,41s; 7, Deon Joubert (BMW 318iS), 18m37,20s; 8, Ronny Melkus (AM Holzer Opel Vectra), 18m45,52s; 9, Andy Gossman (Nissan Sentra), -1 lap; 10, Peter Lanz (Opel Astra).

Race 4; 1, Shaun van der Linde (BMW 318iS), 18m12,64s, 141,6 km/h; 2, Peter Kox (BMW 318iS), 18m12,94s; 3, Christian Abt (Audi A4), 18m21,58s; 4, Chris Aberdein (Audi A4), 18m24,87s; 5, Grant McCleery (Opel Vectra), 18m25,95s; 6, Roddy Turner (Opel Vectra), 18m39,78s; 7, Christian Menzel (BMW 318iS), 18m40,62s; 8, Morne Jurgens (BMW 318iS), -1 lap; 9, Lance Stander (Nissan Sentra); 10, Sagren Nair (VW Jetta Cli).

Fastest Lap: Shaun van der Linde 1m47,79 (lap record - revised circuit)

Touring Cars

Agreement among South Africa's manufacturers has been reached and the final regulations for the touring car rules that will replace Super Touring racing in this country are due to be published soon. These same rules will be presented to Johnathan Ashman at a meeting in Paris early in the new year as the possible start of an internationally recognised low cost alternative to Super Touring.

Among the changes envisaged are a restriction on tyre compound and make, rolling starts to reduce stress on the standard gearbox casings, limits to suspension modifications and the removal of wings from the cars.

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