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Bailey qualified third behind the Rothmans Audi A4s of Chris Aberdein and Terry Moss for both heats and, although unable to prevent Aberdein claiming two flag-to-flag victories on the day, provided the strongest opposition.

In the first heat Aberdein took the lead followed by Moss and Bailey. On lap four Moss challenged for the lead but went wide into Turn 1. Bailey then dived for the gap, hitting Moss in the process.

Trying to control the sliding Audi, Moss then forced Mike Briggs in the Opel Vectra to brake sharply setting off a chain reaction that saw Grant McCleery (Opel Vectra) run into the back of Briggs with Giniel de Villiers' BP Nissan Sentra running into the back of McCleery. McCleery retired immediately with De Villiers recovering, only to slide off the track later in the lap.

Bailey finished second to Aberdein with Briggs recovering to take third ahead of Duncan Vos in the second BP Nissan Sentra and Hennie Groenewald (Scania Audi 80 quattro)

The first start of the second heat turned into absolute carnage on the start line. Polesitter Aberdein and Audi team mate Terry Moss got away well but Bailey was a little slow in starting.

Two rows behind the Camry the BMW 318i of Shaun van der Linde moved quickly off the line to the left of the Briggs Opel Vectra immediately in front of him. Briggs, in turn, was quicker away than Bailey and also moved left forcing the BMW onto the dirt.

As the cars reached the Dunlop bridge Van der Linde tried to regain the track to avoid the concrete structure, appeared to touch Briggs and sent the Opel into the wall. As the Opel rebounded it collected Duncan Vos' Nissan Sentra, the resulting chain reaction causing damage to several other cars.

At the restart the Audis again got away cleanly with Bailey in hot pursuit, but New Zealander Craig Baird then punted off the BP Nissan Sentra of Giniel de Villiers in a similar position to the first accident. The race, however, continued and Aberdein went away to win with Moss fending off the challenge from Bailey to give Audi the 1-2 victory ahead of the Toyota. Grant McCleery upheld Opel honour to finish fourth ahead of Deon Joubert's Motorplan BMW 318i.

SOUTH AFRICA SUPER TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP, ROUNDS 9 & 10, KILLARNEY, 2x15 LAPS - 98 KM, MAY 25, Heat 1: 1. Chris Aberdein (Audi A4), 19m28,48s, 151 km/h; 2. Julian Bailey (Toyota Camry), 19m32,68s; 3. Mike Briggs (Opel Vectra), 19m38,22s; 4. Duncan Vos (Nissan Sentra), 19m45,99s; 5. Hennie Groenewald (Audi 80), 19m46,18s; 6. Shaun van der Linde (BMW 318i), 19m53,24s; 7. Anthony Taylor (Toyota Camry), 19m58,48s; 8. Heinrich Lategan (Class B BMW 318i), - 1 lap; 9. Charl Wilken (Class B Toyota Sprinter); 10. Jesse Huggett (Class B VW Jetta).

Heat 2: 1. Chris Aberdein (Audi A4), 19m29,16s, 151 km/h; 2. Terry Moss (Audi A4), 19m29,35; 3. Julian Bailey (Toyota Camry), 19m30,32s; 4. Grant McCleery (Opel Vectra), 19m33,00s; 5. Deon Joubert (BMW 318i), 19m34,71s; 6. Craig Baird (BMW 318i), 19m52,71s; 7. Shaun van der Linde (BMW 318i), 19m55,41s; 8. Heinrich Lategan (Class B BMW 318i), - 1 lap; 9. George Bezuidenhout (Class B Nissan Sentra); 10. Nico van Rensburg (Class B Nissan Sentra).

New lap record: Chris Aberdein (Audi A4) 1m16,625s

Championship Points: 1. Chris Aberdein 56 points; 2. Terry Moss 54; 3. Mike Briggs/Grant McCleery 30; 5. Shaun van der Linde 22; 6. Julian Bailey 15; 7. Deon Joubert 13; 8. Craig Baird/Duncan Vos 10.

Manufacturers: 1. BMW 108 points; 2. Audi 97; 3. Opel 81; 4. Toyota 78; 5. Nissan 48; 6. Volkswagen 23

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